Man Without fear writer: David Liss Interview!

David Liss
Black Panther: Man Without Fear
It’s no secret that I’m a huge Black Panther fan! While some wander in and out of T’challas life Ive been a cash tossing middle ground holder for over 20 years, I buy everything that has the black Panther in it! Love it or hate it! Now granted T’challa has moved on from Wakanda and taken up shop, no pun intended, in Hell’s Kitchen I was wary. But potential is rich in the soil of this premise and the seeds scattered by David Liss are bound to bear interesting fruit with a shade of everyone’s favorite “Priest action”. The opening arc is through and now I get to but heads with the new man at the helm of T’challa‘s tales David Liss. Enjoy!
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Exclusive Fred Van Lente Interview


Fred Van Lente is one of those writers who’s consistency has caught my attention over the years. As a New York times best selling author with an exclusive contract with Marvel comics and a range of writing credits which include Cowboys & Aliens, Marvel Zombies 3 and  Incredible Hercules among others. I wanted to take a sneak peek inside the mind of this celebrity writer  before the new Alpha flight series debuts and the new Power man and iron fist series ended.

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Jonathan Maberry Interview- Doomwar?! All questions answered!!

It’s no secret that I adored Doomwar while it was lambasted by the mainstream press and I must tell you guys Jonathan Maberry is easily my favorite celebrity personality of 2010. The interview flowed like gravy, I could talk to him until next year and it would never get old When we’re  done you’ll finally understand where Wakanda stands in the new marvel Universe, why Doomwar was a must read event and how Shuri and T’challa are very different Black Panthers! 

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Free Comics online!!!!

I don't know if you guys have realized but online comic site WOWIO 
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Happy Birthday

I'm always here on the vine so I decided to share my daughters B-day with my second family :) 
Her Name is Haley and today she is 3 (even though its an old pic :P )

Happy birthday to my angel :)

Dread and Alive #1 Preview

It all starts here!  Nicholas Da Silva's Dread and Alive series is out!

First issue of this series can be viewed for free online here
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