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If he has prep time Lobo wins he killed off his entire race something that was supposed to be impossible since they were immortal but found a way to kill them.

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Funny how people are always bitching they do the same old things with the characters so they do something different with them (WW/Supes are only ever together in the elseworlds titles and stuff never in the mainstream one) so they do that with these two and so many people bitch about it and rather have him with lois. Can't have it both ways people. WW and Supes is refreshing to me and a perfect match always has been. I'll always prefer supes with some one other then Lois. WW or Maxima are one of the only two I think fit with him.

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Well at the start of the new 52 we can assume they are half sistersbut we recently its alluded to that she is wonder woman's neice

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So when does this show come back just got caught up on all the episodes today

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From what I remember Omniman saying their DNA is so dominant it makes anything they breed with become pure dna like theirs. That is why even though Mark is a hybrid half human half viltruimite (probably hacked that bad) He will eventually be like just like most of his kind because the dna he has is so strong, same with oliver

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@VampireSelektor: Seen it again today, after paying close attention they aren't controlling the flying craft with their hands it is connected to their shoulders and chest which makes the whole hands clenched or not invalid.

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@VampireSelektor: Guy fighting in a flying suit of armor a 90 year old man who survived perfectly preserved snow and ice, a scientist who thanks to gama radiation can turn into a giant green monster, and your question is about Black widow jamming blades into an aliens arm and simply pushing on his arms to make him go left or right is the one thing you questioned? Is some one trolling here?

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@BoyWander: True, but who says it has to be cannon? Why can't it be a different earth it is on. I've been thinking it would be cool to do a specifically earth three (i believe that is the one with the roles reversed as Supes is Ultraman, Bats is owlman, Wonderwoman is superwoman) comics highlighting how they first came around came into power and all of that

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It is fine for an arm tattoo but for a full on back or chest piece hell to the NAY!

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Reading the title I thought of something he takes the role similar to silver surfer. Galactus comes to devour krypton as it is dying already. Jor-El pleads with him to not only to spare his world but to save it. He offers Kal-El to him who is still a baby, Galactus excepts this and takes the boy raising him and making him a herald for him. It isn't until he arrives on earth where he discovers his own humanity and falls for a female on earth. Due to this love he refuses to let Galactus eat this world, Galactus strips the power cosmic from him and tells him for his faithful service before this he will spare earth for now but for betraying him his home world is doomed. Galactus devours kyrpton. Superman now looking like a normal human and his normal self must get used to life on earth as a mere human but powers begin to manifest in him and he begins life as a super hero of earth.