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Review: Thor #611 0

 After the catastrophic events of Siege, the cursed Valkyrie of Bor begin their invasion.As much as I like the recent events in Thor, I really struggled to get into this issue.  It is a very exciting and eventful time for the Asgardians.  We, the readers, really benefit from this.  I like when stories contain an A plot and a B plot, especially when they seamlessly flow into one.  Unfortunately this one falls just short of achieving that.  Overall it feels hastened.  This mig...

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Review: The Rage of Thor 0

The Rage of Thor, a followup to last years Trial of Thor, is a 32-page one-shot detailing the aftermath of Thor's prosecution for killing innocents.  The title and cover may have you salivating over gruesome combat but that is not entirely the case.  The main focal point of this issue brings to light the emotional toll the betrayal had on Thor.  Specifically, he cannot seem to forgive his father, Odin.  One of the themes I noticed in this issue was the father/son relationship b...

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