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I have a listing up on eBay right now for a lot of six comics, right here.

It contains two THOR one-shots (Ages of Thunder & Reign of Blood) which are both great reads, as well as issues 2 - 5 of the NEW ULTIMATES (Thor Reborn). 100% of the final price will go to the ASPCA. So if you're interested, please bid! Thanks. :)

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THOR Collection | Version 1.0

I'm going to be using blogs here to track and maintain my Thor comic collection, paperback and hardcovers only. I'm not trying to show off - not that my collection is very impressive - it's just a tool I feel is easy to use. Plus, it's a comic site so it's fitting. If it's on this list, I own it, indicated with a check mark.

THOR (1966)

272 - 278 | Ragnarok

283 - 291 | Eternals Saga Vol. 1

292 - 301 | Eternals Saga Vol. 2

337 - 348 | Visionaries (Walter Simonson) Vol. 1

491 - 494 + 498 - 502 | Visionaries (Mike Deodato Jr.)

THOR (1998)

51 - 58 | Gods on Earth

59 - 67 | Spiral

80 - 85 | Avengers Disassembled

THOR (2007)

1 - 6 | Thor Vol. 1

7 - 12 + 600 | Thor Vol. 2

601 - 603 + Giant-Size Finale | Thor Vol. 3

604 - 606 | Thor: Latverian Prometheus

607 - 610 | Thor: Siege

615 - 621 | Thor: The World Eaters

The Mighty Thor (2011)

1 - 6 | Vol. 1

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THOR-tober (and witty November/December quip)

I just noticed I'm still quite far from completing the blog quest, so I've decided to start blogging more.  Most of these will probably suck and no one will read them, but whatever.  :P  The first of these blogs is about who else - Thor.  It's been a busy few months for the son of Odin and it doesn't look like it will be letting up.  I've amassed a list of his featured comics from the current month (October) and the next two.  Enjoy!

10/13 | Thor #616

Wolves of the North #1

10/20 | Thor: First Thunder #2

11/03 | Chaos War #3

11/03 | Chaos War: Thor #1

11/03 | Iron Man/Thor #1

11/03 | Thor: For Asgard #4

11/03 | Ultimate Thor #2

11/10 | Thor #617

11/17 | Thor: First Thunder #3

11/24 | Astonishing Thor #1

First Thunder #3

12/01 | Thor: For Asgard #5

12/01 | Thor: Wolves of the North #1

12/01 | Ultimate Thor #3

12/08 | Chaos War #4

12/08 | Thor #618

12/15 | Chaos War: Thor #2

12/15 | Thor: First Thunder #4

Whew.. big list.  And I'm sure I missed something in there.  The funniest part is I didn't even include the issue I'm looking forward to the most - New Ultimates #5, which will hit shelves early 2011.  Anyway, looks like Marvel is really trying to hype next years Thor movie.  For fans like me, this is awesome.  Unfortunately not for my wallet.

Things I'm Looking Forward To | September & October 2010

The Holidays are coming (yeah, face it consumer, it's coming) and that's usually when all the goodies are released.  But the next two months are shaping up to be pretty damn sweet - for me at least.  Take a look at what I'm looking forward to.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Season Six

The best comedy sitcom of all time returns September 16th for a sixth season.  If you haven't gotten into Sunny.. shame on you.  For the rests of us.. C'MON ALREADY - ONLY A FEW WEEKS TO GO.  Aside from a few promos here and there, not much is known about what kind of funky shit the gang gets into.  Apparently Dee will get pregnant.  Also, season five will hit stores two days earlier, on the 14th.

Eastbound & Down | Season Two

Kenny Powers is back, finally.  After what has seemed like an eternity, HBO's superb comedy show is back for another season.  Premiering September 26th, the wait is over after a LOST-caliber cliffhanger in the first season.  Check this show out if you haven't.  It's easy to get into and a total riot.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

This will more than likely be the first movie I see in 3D in the theaters.  I admit I haven't kept up with the games but I was a HUGE fan of the first two on the Playstation.  The movies however, I've kept up with just fine and I love them.  They may not follow the story of the games that well and they may have become more Matrix than Dawn of the Dead, but they are still highly entertaining.  September 10th is the date.  Get the popcorn ready. 

Iron Man 2 on Blu-Ray

I'm sure we all saw this movie.  And I'm sure we all loved it.  The Iron Man movies have been some of the best Marvel movies ever made.  You could argue this one was the best ever.  It hits stores on DVD and Blu-ray on September 28th.

Dead Rising 2

Zombie killing time is almost here!  September 28th (yeah, the same day as Iron Man 2), it's the return of Dead Rising.  Set five years after the events of the first Dead Rising, this one drops the mall setting and replaces it with a Vegas style city.  It's gory, it's over the top, it's a total blast.  Capcom is also releasing a small Xbox 360-exclusive download title called Case Zero.  It will be released on August 31st and help bridge the events between the first and second game.  There's incentive to pick it up as your stuff will carry over into Dead Rising 2.

The Walking Dead

Sticking with the zombie theme, we have The Walking Dead.  I'll be honest - I don't know much about this.  I have been checking out all the pictures and articles about it and I'm really excited.  Set to air on AMC in October, the show is based on a comic by the same name.  I dig zombies, and a TV show about them seems pretty awesome.
Some honorable mentions go out to the return of Metalocalypse on September 26th and all the upcoming Thor titles (#613, #614, #615), First Thunder, and For Asgard.