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Joined Comic Vine on June 6th, 2008.

I was introduced to comics (specifically


) by a friend when I was in elementary school. I quickly fell in love with Spidey and collected all his action figures, cards, and comic books. I started reading other series like




, and the


. I read comics until my mid-teenage years, where I become occupied with other things. Around that time I attempted to sell some of my rare and older issues, only to have them stolen. Hundreds of dollars, maybe more, gone. A bit discouraged to say the least. Now approaching my mid-twenties I've only just started reading them again and I've already fallen back in love. I'm currently hooked on all things


, as well as


, and I still enjoy the occasional Spidey issue. I really dig the big Marvel story arcs too, like

Civil War


World War Hulk

, and most recently,



Here on CV I try to do my part updating older comic pages from my collection, as well as making corrections to some of the horrifying grammar riddled pages on the site. I like to write reviews but they often take me a long time to complete. I also enjoy posting in the forums, though I try to stay away from the Battle section..

Apart from reading, music, and my wonderful dog Roscoe, soccer (football -- futbol -- jalkapallo -- whatever) is my entire life. I am completely absorbed in the sport. I read about it, I watch it on TV, the internet, and at live events. I play it on my Xbox (GT:

Ry Fryy

), I play it outside, and I play it indoors. Like I said.. it's my life.