Frank Cho

Frank seriously doesn't get the credit he deserves - I don't know anyone in comics who can draw the female form better than him.

So curvaceous and powerful. Strong, yet feminine and it's not like his male counterparts aren't equally impressive in their artistic merit (I just don't like them in that way).
Why someone like JRJR keeps getting the high profile work and 'fan favourite' tag at Marvel is beyond me - I mean, I love the Avengers - I've picked up almost everything Bendis has had a hand in in that area, but the book that should be my most coveted - the main Avengers since the Heroic Age - I've yet to pick up because of JRJR's awful artwork.
If only Frank's dad had worked at Marvel before him eh?
Posted by teewillis1981

I agree! I just attended an artist workshop that he taught at Big Wow Comic Fest in San Jose and I can definitely attest to the man's artistic abilities. He's insanely talented.