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It was one of the first Batman comics I've read and I liked it.

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@anjales Didn't he also ask for Batwing's help and not just Kate's? And I don't know man but even Damian can beat the hell out Croc, Batman made Bane crap on his pants in the same series and he pretty much destroyed that cult which ruled Gotham for hundreds of years in a few weeks. Not lowballing Kate but not sure she can handle threats like Joker or Riddler. Gotham as a city is lot more dangerous than vampires and werewolves. Also, didn't she get equipments from her organization to beat those guys?

At the time I wrote this it was coming off the recent issue of B&R, and in that, The Robins were shown talking to Batwoman not Batwing (at least that's how I remember it) but in the recent issue of Robin Rises Alpha, Alfred mentioned that Batwing and Batwoman were doing well. And while Gotham is known as Batman's city, if you really thinking about it, Batman doesn't protect it all on his own. You have Robin, Batgirl, Batwoman, Batwing, Catwoman (pre-BE), Bluebird, and in Pre-New 52 you had Black Bat, Spoiler, Onyx, Huntress and the rest of the Birds of Prey, plus occasional visits from Red Hood, Nightwing (pre-Grayson) and Red Robin, and that's not even counting Corrigan and his "Gotham by Midnight" task force + the GCPD. In the case of Robin Rises, Batwing and Batwoman were handling all of Gotham on their own, and according to Alfred, they did a very good job.

While Croc has been portrayed as a jobber, fact is, she beat a well known Batman rogue, and to be fair, this was even a mutated and more powerful version of Croc (in that story there was some surreal mumbo jumbo that made Croc more reptilian, he was known as King Croc or something and had some fictional supernatural stuff backing him up). And are we really lowballing Bane just because of one low-end feat? Come on.. Bane being a formidable Batman villain is well documented, even post-Knightfall. Beating him is an impressive feat. A whole one-shot issue was dedicated to a fight between the two (recently in FE: Aftermath Batman vs Bane).

The cult I was speaking of was the one from Batman The Cult, the one led by Blackfire where Batman is horribly tortured, driven insane and almost killed. But the Court of Owls is another good example, Yes he beat them (I wouldn't say "destroyed" them since they are still around), but it was with extreme difficulty, and in "just a few weeks" doesn't make it more impressive. If it does, then Batwoman has outright destroyed cults in much less than that (and those guys pack some surreal elements, things that Bats rarely deals with).

Riddler and Joker are top tier Batman villains. Since we're using low end feats, Catwoman has beaten and humiliated Riddle many times. Even the Falcones made him crap his pants. Also, if Batman isn't around, Joker just wouldn't care to threaten Gotham, since he usually does this to attract Batman. We've seen Joker adopt different identities when Batman is assumed dead, as seen in Going Sane and during Grayson's tenure as Batman. And let's not pretend that Batman cakewalks all over these guys. And the ones he does, I honestly believe that Kate is capable of taking down Scarecrow, Clayface, Man-Bat, Zsazz (she did), Freeze, Ivy, Hatter, and Two-Face.

And finally, yes, she obtained some of her gear from the DEO, which gave her state of the art tech that rivals Batman's, and they became part of her standard gear which she continued to use during most of her series. And besides she was already doing fine against those guys before she obtained this tech. She was facing this type of villains way before the DEO.

First of all Batman rarely works with his allies, they are mostly occupied with their own things most of the time, also it took a lot of time to build relationship these allies and most of them are new, Batman has managed Gotham on his own for a long time and he still does. Secondly nothing major happened during Batman's leave from Gotham so it's not a big deal, even Robin watches over Gotham when Batman is with the JL. I'm not lowballing Bane, I'm just pointing out that the writer lowballed Bane, he was taken out quite easily by both Batwoman and Batman under the same writer, a regular Bane would wreck Batwoman.

On Joker I agree but now you are lowballing Batman and Riddler big time, you are using feats from 25 years ago when both were much less powerful and Riddler was basically wuss in Loeb's run, both of them have evolved beyond that, Riddler took over Gotham with little problem, and at that time Batman didn't have costume allies, I don't see Batwoman saving Gotham from that, specially when I don't know if she'll get any help from Fox and Gordon.

But yeah she can possibly replace Batman just like many other characters can, I still doubt she(or anyone else) will be as effective as Bruce though.

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Either Dick and Damian, he cares for Damian most though.

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Either Year One or TDKR.

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HellBat is my favorite right now.

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@scouterv said:

@rustyroy: You missed my point. Bruce has probably been everyone's Batman at one point, and obviously the majority of people care about him.

People who don't like Batman though, probably don't like Bruce Wayne. I would say, given the choice between No Batman period and Terry there would be a good deal of people who'd pick Terry.

Now, you're right. Bruce will probably always be Batman...except for when Terry is and in my opinion, as an overall character Bruce will never be as interesting as Terry. Hell, I could go so far as to proclaim him the best Batman. That's just me and that's a minority opinion so take it anyway you want, since my idea of Batman is probably starkly different from most people.

But the thing is people who don't like Batman are in the minority, and they mostly don't like Batman not because he's Bruce but because he outshines many other character, if Terry's Batman starts to appear as much as Bruce's Batman some people whine that why Batman appears so much and why their favorite character's aren't treated well. In fact if Terry becomes Batman it might even affect Batman's popularity in a bad way, because the majority of fans like Bruce as Batman and no one else, that's why even Dick wasn't Batman for long or Terry hasn't been a big thing like Harley has become.

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What @sqalleon said.

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They are both good looking but Lois' personality is more sexy.

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Batman/Bruce Wayne with any attractive female character from any company.

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Might be a bit unconventional but I am very hopeful they will deliver big time.