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@donfelipe said:

I always wanted to check out the Hellboy/B.P.R.D. universe. Pretty much all the characters in it are quite unique and weird in someway.

What mini series (solo and team) would be a good starting point?

For Hellboy - going back to the start is probably your best bet - the first trade Seed of Destruction is a great read and it just gets better from there. The good thing about Hellboy is that most of the trades are fairly self-contained so you can pick any one up and still enjoy it.

There are a whole lot of BPRD trades and it may seem daunting at first, but just jump in and pretty soon you'll be as hooked as the rest of us. I found BPRD: Being Human to be a great intro to the characters.

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Looks like this could be a really cool series - going to have to check it out!

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Well done!

I'm not too familiar with many of the characters, but you got me interested enough to do a bit of googling so that's a plus I guess. I thought as a first issue it worked really well, and it's definitely got me interested to see where it's going.

Keep up the good work.

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I absolutely can't wait! He's one of my favourite characters and a science-fiction/espionage/comedy would be awesome!

My thoughts: Nathan Fillion and Ultron being made in the post-credits scene.

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There's a Skottie Young overload and I'm loving it!

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@feargalr: Agree with everything here - esp #2 - it was really great to see everyone in their own fights, doing what they do best.

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Just saw in last night like just about every Australian... I don't think I'm overstating it here when I say that this could be the best movie ever made!

Ok maybe not, but it was the bee's knees of comic book movies. Every character got their chances to shine, and it's not just a movie for comic nerds like us, there's something in it for everyone. Bring your girlfriend, your little cousin, your grandparents and your dog too! I may be still on a high from the sheer level of awesomeness contained in this one movie, but seriously, you won't be disappointed.

It turned me into a Hulk fan, and that's saying something.

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never been so excited for the news before!

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Hey no problem... I can only speak for Hellboy but I can safely say that they are amazing and definitely worth reading. Hellboy isn't really an ongoing series, just a continuous bunch of awesome mini series. You could probably jump on at any one of the trades without too much trouble, but I recommend Seed of Destruction (the first one) mainly because that's where I started and chances are if you end up liking Hellboy you'll probably want to buy that one anyway.

I haven't read all of BPRD (which spins off from Hellboy after the Conqueror Worm trade) but I think if you pick up Hellboy and enjoy it, you'll probably love BPRD too. There are a pretty intimidating number of BPRD trades, but they're generally self contained and great reads.

I'm sure someone else will chime in with some more info, but good luck with your search and hopefully this information is helpful!

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that's awesome news! can't wait!