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Kinda disagree with the Man of Steel script, I loved the movie, but seriously that line about him being kind of 'hot', was cringe worthy...

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Gotham City Sirens pop to mind, but also Gotham Underground somehow recriminates... They've featured in groups like the Injustice League and others

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@black_arrow: Again I'm not saying that they should ditch the Joker all together, I'm saying they might go a different route with him in these next Batman movies, letting him play a more minor role than the main villain again... maybe give Harley a go, she's proving to be quite the cash cow for DC at the moment, but it's more likely we'll see Harley appearing in the rumored Suicide Squad movie.

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@thebhramabull: Yeh, i wasn't certain about his involvement with the movie, but he might have ties to it! But the information seems a bit 'unreliable' but just a hunch.

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@black_claw: Reeve's last Superman movie had been in '87, Returns was already in production before Reeve died. This is different, I'm defiantly not saying that Joker should be given a permanent cinematic break! But Ledger redefined the role completely and I just think that this New Batman universe, featuring an older Batman, doesn't really require the Joker, maybe just the memory of him. But people seem to forget Batman has other villains that need to be further flushed out, leaving time for another Joker in the next film incarnation of Batman

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I think personally the Joker shouldn't appear in this new shared DC Cinematic Universe. This isn't because I have anything against Joker, he is undoubtedly the greatest comic book villain of all time, but mainly as I feel it would be a disservice to Heath Ledger's iconic performance and to it's legacy, also let's face it whoever takes up the role next is going to be able to escape the shadow of Ledger's performance.

So how can DC have Batman without the Joker? Well DC might already be considering a tweet that I read not so long ago, it was tweeted by a Warner Bros. producer,Daniel Alter, who is likely involved in the production of the Man of Steel follow-up, this tweets stated:

"Can't wait for #BatmanVsSuperman.. #batfleck semi-retired/not speaking to Robin anymore..."

This could allude to not just Nightwing appearing, but maybe just possibly there is something which has pushed Bruce to his breaking point, causing him to give up the cowl. This could have been Joker's death which, just like his creation, could have been partially, or maybe fully, responsible for his arch-nemesis's death. This would give backstory and more experience to Affleck's Batman. This would also allow for fan-favorite henchwoman, Harley Quinn, to be finally introduced into DC's cinematic universe. She would take over from the Joker and it gives her more of a motive in the new Batman movies.

I'm certain that many of you will doubt Harley's capability to be one of Batman's main rogues, but she defiantly is and if you need proof of this then just look towards Arkham City's DLC: Harley Quinn's Revenge or the recent DC New 52 comics, where Harley is most certainly not a push over.

I think this is a perfect opportunity for Snyder and his screenwriters to add to Batman's cinematic history and give an opportunity for more villains later on, like Poison Ivy,Mr. Freeze and Riddler.

Anyway what do you think would you like to see Harley appear in the upcoming Batman movies? Do you think Joker should appear anytime soon? And who would you like to see cast as Harley and other Batman villains to come?


I may not have made this clear, but many are suggesting what I meant was that Joker should be permanently removed from Batman Cinematic lore just because of Heath Ledger's death, this is not what I meant. I just meant to say that I think Snyder's Batman has lost Joker by this point in his career, he still play an important role in his backstory, but just isn't seen as the film's overarching villain.

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There's no doubt Ivy is amazing

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@lamenoire: just wondering where you found the variant, i couldn't find it anywhere???

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From this I can Scarecrow, who's already been confirmed, Blockbuster, who again has already been confirmed, Copperhead, I believe he looks too snake like to be Killer Croc, Mister Freeze, which hasn't popped up at all and the mysterious leader.