The Doctor Returns and Amy Pond Leaves...

With Series 7 Part 1 just wrapped up, we bid a farewell to the Ponds. Rory and Amy have been travelling with the Doctor since 2010 and during this time they have both become two of the most popular companions ever. They both left us last weekend in the tear-jerking finale with the weeping angels being responsible for their 'deaths'.

What seems strange to me is that less than a week after there departure from the TARDIS, the new Doctor Who ongoing is launched and to my surprise Amy and Rory are the companions, I think this may be a problem when Oswin Oswald takes the regins and prepare to be the latest addition to the Doctor's vast companion gallery. Of course they could easily solve this problem by stating this was set in between Series 5 and 6 or between 6 and 7, but frankly, despite Amy being my favourite companion, I want to see more of Oswin due to her amazing appearance in Asylum of the Daleks. What do you think about the Ponds staying on in Diggle and Buckingham's Doctor Who? And what did you think of Oswin in her early debut in Series 7?

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