Harper Row?

I really want to know whether Harper will end up in the Bat Family and who she will end up as? I have my thoughts but there are really quite a few options, some more likely than others tell me what you think.

Harper Row, who is she?

1. Oracle

Could Harper be the next Barbara?

Why? Because Harper knows a lot about computing, electronics and she has already proved that she is a great hacker. But there are lots reasons she couldn't be 'traditional' Oracle. Firstly, she isn't disabled and that is the only reason Barbara became Oracle was because she wasn't able to be Batgirl any more. Yet maybe she doesn't have to be, but that could upset fans of Barbara's run on Oracle. Harper also seems a bit young to become Oracle, she is a little bit juvenile and Barbara was far from it. But they could easily disable Harper and thanks to this experience she become more mature. Lots of people seem to think she might become Oracle, but there are some issues with this. I still think she make a kick-ass Oracle though.

Maybe, maybe not?

2. Spoiler

Harper and Stephanie's personality are quite similar and I think Harper would rock the Spoiler outfit. It doesn't take anything special to be Spoiler and it was really Stephanie's quirkiness and fun-loving personality that made her a fan-favourite. Harper could easily take up the role due to her being a teenager with similar traits and well I'd love to see Spoiler again in pages of Batman titles.

Dick, Jason, Tim, Stephanie, Damian, Harper?

3. Robin

This one is unlikely, yet Harper could be a pretty cool Robin and for those of you who think Robin must be a guy Stephanie Brown (formerly Spoiler and later Batgirl) and Carrie Kelly (Dark Knight Returns) were both Robins. I know Damian is currently Robin, he is my favourite Robin of all time, will probably stay around for ages so that's why I doubt she'll become Robin. Yet she could be a brilliant Robin for a short length of time, long-term probably wouldn't work.

4. Huntress

Harper could take on Huntress's fiery personality and well I just think Huntress and Harper are really alike. If she got longer hair and became more mature but still keep her attitude, we would get an epic Huntress. This one is again less likely due to Helena Wayne from Earth 2 currently using the Huntress identity, but if she ever wants to return to Earth 2, then Harper could make an awesome replacement.

Which idea do you like the best and would you like to see any of the characters return to the DC Universe? Comment!

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Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I think Harper Row will be.... Harper Row

Posted by r3d_rob1n

If Harper becomes Spoiler while Steph is still absent from the New 52 I will be very sad

Posted by russia599

@r3d_rob1n: Same, i really miss her but Dan Dido commented on some twitter post that "Stephanie Brown does not exist... yet?"

Posted by SupBatz

I'd rather she just get a new alias (if she does indeed take one on) then she adopt someone's old one. I'm content with Damian as Robin for the time being. I think/hope/desperately pray Babs will go back to Oracle at some point. And I don't like the idea of Row being called Spoiler if Stephanie Brown was not said to exist as Spoiler in this new universe before her.

Posted by russia599

@SupBatz: I agree, she should take up her own identity, that would be awesome. But the point of this blog post was to suggest if she was to take up an identity that had been used before which one. Yet I would love Harper to create her own superhero identity.

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Agreed Red RObin! Where's Steph? I liked her as the new Batgilr,,, why cant DC be a little more like marvel and maintain continuity at all costs???

!!!just read the last issue of batman new 52..

u can see Harper Row is Harper Row...

and id like her that way!

Posted by Mediumflyer7

She will replace Damian as Robin after Batman Inc #8

Posted by Avenger85

Crapper Row.

Posted by batshrine

I would prefer to see her as Oracle, but she could be a good fit for the new Robin. Should be interesting to see a Robin with a little brother.

Posted by russia599

@Mediumflyer7: Agreed, maybe not immediately. But I reckon it's only a matter of time before she take up the role of Robin :)

@Avenger85: You're obviously not a Harper Row fan and still angry about Robin's recent death, but aren't we all.

@batshrine: Same, I think she'd fit Oracle perfectly minus the wheelchair, but Robin seems more likely ;)