February: JLA, Constantine, Cyclops and Fearless Defenders!!!!

February could very well be one of the biggest months for comics in recent years as we get lots of new exciting news flowing in about whats planned.


What do D.C have to offer on this cold, wintery month

  1. JLA. This could be an awesome new Justice League because I like lots of the new characters and I think Green Arrow, Baz ( the new Green Lantern), Stargirl and Martian Manhunter will be awesome and add a lot of depth to the storylines. But I'm frankly not excited about Catwoman, Vibe and Hawkman should not be here, since they are either outdated (Vibe), a previous thief (Catwoman) or just has a currently dreadful title (Hawkman). I will be picking this up and I suggest you join me because this acutely might be better than the current Justice League title.
  2. Death of the Family Conclusion. Issue 13 was the best comic I've read all year and I think that the finale will just be too awesome to handle. I trust Scott Synder to do an amazing job on this and I think he will.
  3. Katana and Vibe. Yes, I know I mentioned that I wanted nothing to do with JLA's Vibe earlier, but the character is getting his own title for gods sake, so there must be some hype about Vibe. Katana, who was the most boring of the Birds of Prey series that is still currently going on, is getting her own series. Of course this is to do with her joining JLA, but that means she'll be appearing in three titles every month, thats quite a lot for this C-list hero. I will definitely get Katana because of my love for the Birds of Prey series, but I would be lying if I said I wanted to read Vibe, but again I will consider.
  4. Constantine: My favourite from JLD is getting his own new 52 title, despite me not seeing anything wrong with the old Vertigo one. I'll still get the first storyline or two because of my love for Justice League Dark and Hellblazer.


I loved all that D.C news, but can Marvel live up too that

Marvel Now. More Marvel Now will be quenching my thirst for a Marvel Birds of Prey team and we have finally got one, the Fearless Defenders. You have no idea how psyched I am about this, I love Valkyrie so much and Misty Knight is one of the best female Marvel characters right now. Of course we will also get Guardians of the Galaxy comic, to try and hype up the movie heading for a 2014 release date, and Secret Avengers, a reboot of the reasonably new franchise which has been doing quite well. Uncanny X-Men is set to return with Bendis at the helm and Cyclops is now leading again?!?!

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