Batman Villains in the New 52: Two Face

Batman Villains in the New 52: Two-Face

I know I said I'd do Scarecrow but I'm gonna wait for the Dark Knight storyline to wrap up, but until then I will be doing villains such as Two-Face, who is the villain of part three. Catwoman will be the next villain so if that tickles your fancy then tune in for part four. But today we will see if Two-Face has done well with his own back story and various cameos.

Is it a little dark in there?


Someone's been working out!

Harvey Dent has been a popular recurring villain since his first appearance in 1942 where his was once Gotham's district attorney but a bottle acid that destroyed half of his face unleashed a violent multiple personality that relied on a coin to make his decisions, most of which ended with someone's life on the line. The New 52 have given this main Batman rouge many minor appearances in comics such as Batman: The Dark Knight and Batman, as well as a tedious back story where Two-Face has some connection to gang warfare and the story portrayed him as boring, strange and overly violent, I came to this conclusion thanks to him kicking down a door on top of some guy's girlfriend. The story is less than mediocre and I kinda wish it wasn't therein the first place. In Batman he was pretty awesome, but in Batman: The Dark Knight he is all buffed up and insists on Batman calling him 'One-Face' I don't know why.

In Batman, Greg Capullo drew him amazingly and especially the skin hanging loose off of his face, but sadly a week later he emerged a steroid-pumped Two-Face emerged in the pages of Batman: The Dark Knight and the design was awful and I hope we never have to see a Two-Face like this again. In Detective Comics, Kudranski drew Two-Face well, but Daniel's awful storyline put me off the back story all together.

In verdict Two-Face hasn't appeared that much during the New 52, but out of his around 7 appearances my favourite has been his small cameo in Batman. I have never been a Two-Face fan yet I find myself hating him even more thanks to the writing 'talents' of Tony Daniel and Paul Jenkins.

Reboot Rating: D+

Recommended Reading: None

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Posted by SupBatz

I agree with you on all accounts. Batman: The Dark Knight's Two-Face was pretty cringe worthy. The Bane-Two-Face design mix was not very appealing, nor was the writing of the character.