Batman Villains in the New 52: The Penguin

Penguin, he may have become more of a businessman than a villain, but the New 52 proved that he is still an established crook and he is generally bad to the bone. How has his appearance changed, which comics has he appeared in so far and where does his alliance lie. This will be today's topic. Mr. Freeze has been delayed till next weekend but I will be uploading other villains till then such as Killer Croc, Bane and Talia al Ghul.

Emperor Penguin, WTF?

The Penguin

Oswald Copplepot is one of Batman's more ridiculous rouges, a gang leader/businessman going by the identity of Penguin due to his bird-like appearance. He has been appearing in lots of the Bat-Family titles since the New 52 kicked off (Detective Comics, Batwing, Catwoman and he got his own mini-series Penguin: Pain and Prejudice) and I have only read one of his story-arcs so far, that being Detective Comics which was absolutely awful and P:P&P was meant to be quite good, but I wouldn't know that for certain. His personality seems to have remained as the high-class owner of the Iceberg Lounge and Casino. I have never liked Penguin and his overly frequent appearances are just boring me and with a whole new storyline approaching ,which some how ties in with Poison Ivy and Penguin, it looks like we just can't get rid of him.

Bat versus Bird

His appearance is much the same as it has always been, maybe the have exaggerated the bird features a little. But Penguin is the same Penguin he started off as.There is not much to say about the fat, pale-skinned, criminal the Penguin, but I do believe the New 52 have kept his appearance pretty much the same, which is a safe move from DC because in some characters case's a redesign is good, like Poison Ivy, but in other cases ,Harley Quinn, redesigns are extremely bad ideas and it can mean the end of the character's fan base, so I think they've handled Penguin very well in this department, yet there are other issues.

In verdict, I think if they just stop using him as much then he could get B+ at the very highest, but they have used him too much in such a short space of time, this has unfortunately affected his rating. Detective Comics was awful, another thing that prevented him from getting an A, yet I'm exited to see Layman take over and fingers-crossed he will be able to write Penguin better than Daniel did.

Reboot Rating: C

Recommended Reading: Penguin: Pain and Prejudice: Issues #1- #5

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