Batman Villains in the New 52: Catwoman

Batman Villains in the New 52: Catwoman

Catwoman? Is she a villain? Well it's debatable and Catwoman is one of the only 'villains' to be currently in her own series. The series is popular and I'm going to how it has affected our beloved Selina Kyle. Mr. Freeze will be tomorrow's villain so stay tuned for that!

Selina's return


The Cat and The Bat

Selina Kyle, Batman's earliest female villain and certainly one of the most well known rouges. Her comic series has been one of the most successful New 52 Batman titles. Selina's personality hasn't changed that much yet she has found herself back to her prostitute origins and for some reason she has forgotten Batman's secret identity, which seems a huge waste character development. But any way the stories she has been in have been quite good, but I hate that she is currently have a romantic relationship with her partner in crime, Spark. This sucks because she and Batman had a major hook-up in one of the earlier issues, pity it didn't work out. She hasn't appeared in many other titles the only other one I know of is Detective comics eight, where she has been poisoned by Scarecrow's gas and Batman mentions that things have been awkward lately between the both of them. I would recommend the her series and I think the New 52 have treated her kindly.

Catwoman, along with Starfire and Harley Quinn, has been in many news articles due to her zip being rather low and her sex scene with Batman. I didn't think it was that bad but it caused a out roar from many news station stating that it was technically 'porn'. The costume is pretty much the same as recent incarcerations with the cat-eye goggles, leather tight suit and black hair, but her hair is short this time and 'I believe' this is not normal. I like the design a lot and I didn't mind the 'scene' to much.

In verdict, Selina has made a come-back and to be fair she isn't that different from her post-flashpoint self. Yet, I have enjoyed reading the series and I would recommend it to most Catwoman and Gotham City Sirens fans.

Reboot Rating: B

Recommended Reading: Catwoman: Issues #1- #12

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Batman Villains in the New 52: Two Face

Batman Villains in the New 52: Two-Face

I know I said I'd do Scarecrow but I'm gonna wait for the Dark Knight storyline to wrap up, but until then I will be doing villains such as Two-Face, who is the villain of part three. Catwoman will be the next villain so if that tickles your fancy then tune in for part four. But today we will see if Two-Face has done well with his own back story and various cameos.

Is it a little dark in there?


Someone's been working out!

Harvey Dent has been a popular recurring villain since his first appearance in 1942 where his was once Gotham's district attorney but a bottle acid that destroyed half of his face unleashed a violent multiple personality that relied on a coin to make his decisions, most of which ended with someone's life on the line. The New 52 have given this main Batman rouge many minor appearances in comics such as Batman: The Dark Knight and Batman, as well as a tedious back story where Two-Face has some connection to gang warfare and the story portrayed him as boring, strange and overly violent, I came to this conclusion thanks to him kicking down a door on top of some guy's girlfriend. The story is less than mediocre and I kinda wish it wasn't therein the first place. In Batman he was pretty awesome, but in Batman: The Dark Knight he is all buffed up and insists on Batman calling him 'One-Face' I don't know why.

In Batman, Greg Capullo drew him amazingly and especially the skin hanging loose off of his face, but sadly a week later he emerged a steroid-pumped Two-Face emerged in the pages of Batman: The Dark Knight and the design was awful and I hope we never have to see a Two-Face like this again. In Detective Comics, Kudranski drew Two-Face well, but Daniel's awful storyline put me off the back story all together.

In verdict Two-Face hasn't appeared that much during the New 52, but out of his around 7 appearances my favourite has been his small cameo in Batman. I have never been a Two-Face fan yet I find myself hating him even more thanks to the writing 'talents' of Tony Daniel and Paul Jenkins.

Reboot Rating: D+

Recommended Reading: None


Harper Row?

I really want to know whether Harper will end up in the Bat Family and who she will end up as? I have my thoughts but there are really quite a few options, some more likely than others tell me what you think.

Harper Row, who is she?

1. Oracle

Could Harper be the next Barbara?

Why? Because Harper knows a lot about computing, electronics and she has already proved that she is a great hacker. But there are lots reasons she couldn't be 'traditional' Oracle. Firstly, she isn't disabled and that is the only reason Barbara became Oracle was because she wasn't able to be Batgirl any more. Yet maybe she doesn't have to be, but that could upset fans of Barbara's run on Oracle. Harper also seems a bit young to become Oracle, she is a little bit juvenile and Barbara was far from it. But they could easily disable Harper and thanks to this experience she become more mature. Lots of people seem to think she might become Oracle, but there are some issues with this. I still think she make a kick-ass Oracle though.

Maybe, maybe not?

2. Spoiler

Harper and Stephanie's personality are quite similar and I think Harper would rock the Spoiler outfit. It doesn't take anything special to be Spoiler and it was really Stephanie's quirkiness and fun-loving personality that made her a fan-favourite. Harper could easily take up the role due to her being a teenager with similar traits and well I'd love to see Spoiler again in pages of Batman titles.

Dick, Jason, Tim, Stephanie, Damian, Harper?

3. Robin

This one is unlikely, yet Harper could be a pretty cool Robin and for those of you who think Robin must be a guy Stephanie Brown (formerly Spoiler and later Batgirl) and Carrie Kelly (Dark Knight Returns) were both Robins. I know Damian is currently Robin, he is my favourite Robin of all time, will probably stay around for ages so that's why I doubt she'll become Robin. Yet she could be a brilliant Robin for a short length of time, long-term probably wouldn't work.

4. Huntress

Harper could take on Huntress's fiery personality and well I just think Huntress and Harper are really alike. If she got longer hair and became more mature but still keep her attitude, we would get an epic Huntress. This one is again less likely due to Helena Wayne from Earth 2 currently using the Huntress identity, but if she ever wants to return to Earth 2, then Harper could make an awesome replacement.

Which idea do you like the best and would you like to see any of the characters return to the DC Universe? Comment!


Batman Villains in the New 52: Harley Quinn

Batman Villains in the New 52: Harley Quinn

I'm gonna talk about a fan-favourite who's reputation has been destroyed by the New 52, Harley Quinn. I hope you leave comments and agree and disagree on my views and rating. Next time I'm gonna do Scarecrow. Enjoy!


Harley's new look

Harley Quinn

Harley used to be the Joker's smitten assistant who had become a fan favourite after her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series. Sadly the New 52 have turned her into a slutty psycho working with Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad. I know I'm in the minority here but I do like the more crazy Harley, yet the only storyline where I've seen the old Harley was in 'The Hunt for Harley Quinn' where she wanted vengeance for the 'death' of the Joker. Even though she completely betrayed the team for some reason she is till on the team, why?. Anyway it seems she will be staying on the team for quite a while but that might change in issue 14 where Joker interrupts a funeral for Deadshot and that issue is a tie in with the 'Death of The Family' so Harley may be returning to the Batman titles.

Harley and the other members of the squad

Her costume has changed drastically since her first costume which has been around for twenty years. The new one is not a jester outfit it is more of corset and very small mini shorts, she also has one side of her hair bleached red and the other black. I hate that her skin is now permanently white and the the cause of her insanity is thanks to being dropped into a vat of chemicals, the same one as the Joker. I hope she leaves the squad soon because it's destroying both Harley and her reputation, I wish DC would stop placing her in groups and let her back together with the Joker instead of teaming up with the Sirens, Secret Six and now the Suicide Squad.

In verdict, I'm not at all happy with her being placed in the Suicide Squad and I hate her new heavily slutty personality and why did she make out with Deadshot, I thought she only had eyes for Joker! Even though I hate so much about her rebooted version I'm still reading Suicide Squad. Anyway I ain't happy about Harley and she better be joining her 'puddin' soon.

Reboot Rating: D-

Recommended Reading: Suicide Squad: The Hunt for Harley Quinn (Issues #6- #8)


Batman Villains in the New 52

Batman Villains in the New 52: Poison Ivy

I wanted to start with my favourite villain Poison Ivy and how the New 52 have changed her. I hope you enjoy this and please share your thoughts on Ivy's change and I'd love to know if you like or not. Next time I'll be covering Harley Quinn, so if that sounds good to you don't miss it.

Ivy tangling with Batman in Detective Comics

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy has been one of Batman's most prominent rouges since 1966 and over the years she has become a plant-obsessed eco-terrorist, but before Flashpoint she became more obsessed with destroying Batman and the New 52 has returned her to roots , no pun intended. Even though she joined the Birds of Prey, an all-female superhero group, and became more of an anti-hero than a villain, she recently returned to her state of villainy when she poisoned the member of her team and forced them into helping her kill those destroying the planet. That story arc hasn't wrapped up yet and it will be interesting to see how her betrayal affects the other members of the Birds of Prey. She also will be playing a major part in Rotworld and it looks as if she will be returning to challenge the Dark Knight in Layman's Detective Comics.

Ivy working with Swamp Thing against the Rot

Her costume had changed a lot. It's gone from a sexy one-piece swimsuit made from leaves to a black and green leotard that can sprout plants. I know I make the redesign sound like a bad thing but I actually really like it, it proves that Ivy can still be sexy without showing skin and frankly I love how they have tied Ivy so deeply in with the Green which is something that has been mentioned in the earlier comics but not to this extent. her costume in Swamp Thing looks completely different to the bio-suit in Birds of Prey and Detective Comics, it looks more like the old suit yet instead of being made from leaves its made from wood and Ivy's arm looks as if the Rot has attacked it, but I'm not sure.

In verdict, I love what they've done to Ivy including the eco-terrorist gimmick that Ivy is currently using and the new costume. Yet, I'm still slightly sad Ivy didn't start off as a villain but her time with the Birds of Prey has assured me that Ivy is still bad to the bone. I can't wait to read Layman's upcoming Detective Comics to find out how Ivy fits into it and to also read the conclusion to Ivy's time with the Birds of Prey.

Reboot Rating: A

Recommended Reading: Birds of Prey: Issues #1- #12


New 52 Batman Villains: Part 2

New 52 Batman Villains: Part 2

Hi guys, this is the second part of my blog about the latest members of batman rouges gallery and whether I like them or not, so here are three more from the pages of Batgirl and Detective Comics.

4. Dollmaker

Detective Comics

Dollmaker is the son of the flesh eating cannibal, Wesley Mathis, and after his father was shot down by a young Commissioner Gordon, he helped Joker remove his face, tricking many of his supporters into thinking he was dead including Harley Quinn, and he captured the Commissioner as an act of revenge with the help of his grotesque family. Eventually Batman saved Gordon, but Dollmaker escaped with his most loyal family member, Matilda.

I personally like Dollmaker and thought that he provided a good opening storyline and his plot could be continued. I know a lot of people aren't enjoying Tony Daniel's work on the Detective Comics, but I think that Daniel isn't writing at his best and is saving it for the Joker storyline, that better hurry up and happen.

5. Mr. Toxic

Detective Comics

Mr. Toxic may have started off an unimportant minor villain placing his money in the hands of Penguin and being beaten up badly by Batman, but he has recently got his own storyline where he is seen defeating Batman and it seems that Charlotte Rivers is a likely target for Mr. Toxic, but we'll have to wait and see. I don't really like him and I think Daniel is expanding on minor villains too much.

6. Gretel


Lisly Bonner was a journalist who had been working on infiltrating the Whittaker Mob, when discover she was shot twice in the stomach and once in the head. She survived and found she could no longer feel pain and had hypnotic suggestion over men. She went about killing whole of the Whittaker Mob and when she came overconfident she attempted to assassinate Bruce Wayne at a public event. She was stopped by Batgirl and apprehended and taken away by the police

I liked Gretel, but I wasn't so keen on her stealing Poison Ivy's gimmick, and I thought that the way they made her look with the changing colour of hair during each encounter was excellent.

If you disagree with any of my opinions let me know in the comments, next blog will be the final New 52 new villains, but I will be continuing with the rebooted Batman Rouges Gallery.

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New 52 Batman Villains: Part 1

New Batman villains that have emerged during the New 52 part 1

Hi guys, I thought that I would start off the blog with new villains that have come about since September.

White Rabbit

1. White Rabbit

Batman: The Dark Knight

This new villain seems to take on the appearance of a playboy bunny and she also seems to be obsessed with Lewis Caroll's 'Alice in Wonderland', which seems to be quite popular among many Batman villains these days . I don't really see the point of her, but i guess she has her own thing going on and (WARNING: THIS IS A SPOILER) in issue seven of Batman: The Dark Knight it is revealed that Bruce Wayne's girlfriend is leading a double life, quite literally, as White Rabbit.

2. Court of The Owls and The Talons


This group of villains came about in Scott Synder's Batman and since then they have appeared in every current Batman Family comic. They are defiantly my favourite new group of villains because with their intelligence, Mr Freeze's formula and an army of undead assassins on a mission to wipe out Gotham's most important such as Bruce Wayne, Lincoln March etc, they are almost unstoppable.

3. NoBody

Batman and Robin

NoBody is the son of Henri Ducard, the trainer of Bruce Wayne whilst he was training to be Batman, and he was on a mission to turn Damian Wayne against his father in Batman and Robin. He is a genrally good villain and i enjoyed reading the comics and he almost convinced Robin to kill his father, but unfortunately for him Robin has a mind of his own and he kill Nobody before he can cause anymore damage.

I know this is not all the villains and I will update later on today or tomorrow with Dollmaker, Mr. Toxic and others.

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Batman Villains in the New 52

I will be doing a blog post soon about how all of the different members of the Batman Rouges Gallery have changed during the reboot. I will be doing each villain individuality, so stay tuned if that seems like something you might enjoy!

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