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What I didn't like was :

Aquaman making jokes, I don't see him that way

Superman is so pretentious ! And I didn't like the way it happened with Wonder Woman, he pushed it, it seemed like a one way thing

Batman is too much himself, this time it was too much, don't get me wrong I'm a fanboy but this time it's just way too much.

Superman's "Atlanteans, retreat" was so bad compared to the one in comics...

Otherwise the movie was good, 3 stars is okay.

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Day 1 purchase.


Count me in !

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Jessica Jones and Lemond Bishop without a doubt

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I felt like the “ easter egg “ if I can call it that was a bit too forced, yes I'm talking about the Madame De Pompadour one, anyway @bladewolf you should totally do what lagozzino told you to. That's exactly what I did, not only did I love it, but look at me now, a true Whovian. While waiting for the eighth season I watched the series since the beginning, I mean the 2005 beginning. I just hated the first season. Mr. Eccleston has nothing to do with Matt Smith who is definitely my Doctor + in the whole season I only liked the episodes that first featured Jack Harness. Coincidence ? These episodes were written by Stephen Moffat. I truly believe Moffat is the best. I also watch Sherlock maybe that's why. As for the Tenth Doctor there's nothing to say Tennant is a man but still not the man. Matt Smith all the way.


Clara however wasn't too terrible this episode. I think she had believable reasons for acting the way she did. And her exchange with Vastra where she asks "when did you stop wearing your veil?" Was great stuff.

Totally agree with that. As I said earlier, Matt Smith was without a doubt The Doctor, and his last scene in The Time Of The Doctor was just grandiose. So the first ten minutes of Deep Breath I was very skeptical about Peter Capaldi. Just as Clara. So I don't think the fact that Clara “ has become the voice of the viewer that just started watching the show “ is a bad thing. I totally recognized myself in her and the phone call helped me just as it helped Clara accepting Capaldi. Know what I mean ?

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Just after the movie came out ? Unfair fight I think, I'll vote when I've seen the movie anyway :p

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@aros001 said:

Spoilers: at the end of The time of the Doctor, the other time lords gave him some more energy so he could regenerate to save himself (that's all I can say without spoiling everything so I recommend you watch it).

Also, while you are free to have your own opinion mr. i_dont_like_comics, but Matt Smith was awesome!

Oh boy he sure was, even though I only watched the last 3 Doctors, Matt Smith is and always will be The Doctor. But don't forget that Steven Moffat made him awesome. Just like Sherlock ;)

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Universal morality doesn't exist.

That's not what Kant thinks, Kant says that an act is immoral if it's an exception, let's say if I kill someone, if I think it's a moral act then if someone else want to kill me, I have to let him. I know it's not a great example but that's all I got right now. So for the deontologist there actually is a universal morality

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But seriously. Some people are just born messed up and show it before they hit 10.

Unfortunately there are many examples that show how right you are

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Thanks, everybody, but I think that there is a difference between the right/wrong of the society we live in, and it depends a lot on the place, for exemple, I'm half French and half Russian, racism is totally normal in Russia while it is morally wrong, even though people born deep inside the Russian culture can from themselves understand why it is wrong. So I think (so would Clark and Steve Rogers) that if you raise someone on "Earth 3" this someone would anyway be able to see what is wrong and what is right. At least I hope so.

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That Kid Flash costume ? Please..

Who is the guy in the upper left side of the Justice League cover ? Is that supposed to be Captain Cold ?

And the Red Hood's Helmet.. bwaah