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SUNMAN said:
"Captain Planet said:
"SUNMAN said:
"I loved this when I was 4.

Here is toad vs. Wolverine.

what is this from?"
Pryde of the X-men. I think it came out in 1989. I have the VHS. I am not sure but it may have been a pilot for a possible X-men tv show, it just never happened.   This came out around the same time as the old Spiderman cartoon, not the 90's one but before that.
yes it was a pilot for a x-men show that never got picked up sadly, I also have a Vhs copy
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pixelized said:
"He already dated Amanda."
Amanda Sefton?  yeah but they didnt have a kid and she only did it to keep track of him for her mother.....however Belasco has a resemblance to Kurt and a fascination with illyanna so it would tie up some hinted at loose ends :)
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Same idea only Deadpool and She-Hulk for their similar sense of humor and the fact that they are the 2 marvel chars that break the fourth wall!

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I dunno if anyone suggested this But I would like to see Nightcrawler and Magik so that they could have a kid that becomes Belasco, besides it would add even more of a family feel to Kurt and Peter, the best X-men eva!

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What about FLATMAN?

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The Scorpion (pre venomization) or really almost any one of the lame villains out of Spider-man's rogues gallery (such as the Vulture) and does the now dead mutant Cypher(Doug Ramsey) count?  I'll think of more soon im sure lol

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I agree Decept-o.  If the 'big two' don't focus more on kid friendly comics then in ten years they will no longer have new readers as many of us older readers either sell off our collections or simply (lord forbid) die off.  I have been buying back many collections from wives of older readers who have sadly passed on and have kids with no interest in comics.  I however applaud them at the movie attempts they have been making to keep the interest in their properties high even if the movies have not been that great.  Maybe they should hire comic book readers to help with at least the visuals.  I could handle them twisting the great stories of my youth if it at least looked right.  I mean the Daredevil story was amazing, however the only two characters they got right were Ben Urich and Foggy Nelson, the rest were horrible.  I love Frank Millers writing but the visual for Daredevil was the worst understanding I have seen in my life (followed closley by Ghost Rider which had an even weaker story adaptation but was more impressive visually)  However there is a whole line of comics that Marvel puts out called Marvel Adventures and Marvel two in one.  The line includes a milder version of Spiderman, the Avengers, X-men, Fantastic Four, Franklin Richards, Hulk and a few others that I'm probably forgetting.  DC doesn't have many but they do have Tiny Titans and a few other I'm sure.  Bongo and Archie put out kid friendly titles pretty much across the board, as a matter of fact Sonic the hedgehog is often in the top 20 selling books.  They also have titles such as a few lines of the Simpson's, and the cartoon network line with often features shows like Ben 10, Powerpuff girls, Scooby Doo, and many other popular kids shows.  So there are many kids titles out there but most of us are unfamilliar with them as most comic book stores do not have a kids section (we however do).  Because most stores cater to people like us and don't have much walk in traffic, most stores don't carry these lines.   So go to your local store and suggest that they have a kids section and promote walk in customers with kids.

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I believe that Magneto can control the magnetic fields around Thor's hammer to "lift/throw" it.   Also I'm not sure that Mjolner's rules apply in the UMU.

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Or even She-hulk with the current lesbian

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Ok guys not to sound condescending but I run a comic book store in Ontario, Canada, and the schools here actually have a budget for comics and graphic novels.  Now I agree that maybe the librarian should be watching what the rating on the book that is checked out to see if its appropriate for the age of the child borrowing it, but I feel that this is largely a mistake of the Comic Book Store that sold the school the books.  Here the librarians are in total control of what they get from us as stores when we run comic sales at the schools (Which we make sure all the books we take are age appropriate) where they get a share of the profits in books for their libraries.  Now having said that the owner of the store should have taken the time to explain to the librarian the rating system on the graphics and try to encourage the librarian to get graphic novels that would be appropriate for all of the students in their school.  And if they still insisted on getting books for the more mature students in their school then ask them to make sure that the rating system is enforced.  So yet again comics get a bad name from someone who was ill-informed and thought that all comics are for all ages, or someone who just didn't care.