Nemesis - Weekend Baddie

The Custodian ~ Blue Mage

A kindhearted fourth grade elementary teacher turned into a psychopathic criminal bent on ultimate power, Inspired by villains in saturday morning cartoons and silver age origins. He is also armed with psychosis-heightened mystic and martial skills - Exists on CVnU

Origins ~ CVnU Intro

CVnU Stats ~ Brief info

Name: Lazar

Nicknames: Mashmangler

Species: Terran

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 42
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Weight: 225
  • Height: 6'3 in
  • Reach: 84 in
  • Chest Normal: 47 in
  • Chest Expanded: 49 in
  • Waist: 37-1/2 in
  • Biceps: 16 in
  • Forearm: 14 in
  • Thigh: 26 in
  • Calf: 17 in
  • Neck: 17-1/2 in
  • Wrist: 7-3/4 in
  • Fist: 13 in
  • Ankle: 10 in
  • Build: Mesomorph
  • Residence: Wherever
  • Occupation: Wizard/Villain
  • Likes: Soda
  • Dislikes: Microwave dinners
  • Hobbies/Talents: Speed Reading
  • Theme: Charles Bernstein - The Entity - Relentless Attack


Meet Milton Blisset Wheatley, your average 42 year family man who works as a beloved 4th Grade homeroom teacher that got exposure from a life changing event when he was watching baseball on a stormy night. Prior to that he demonstrates a love for teaching , forming the desks into a circle to encourage stronger interaction between students. His life transformed through the hazardous rays from an old television set which bathed him in colorful lights after his parabola got struck by ball lightning. The mild mannered christian was irreversibly changed when the ball mysteriously carried carries 'rays' because of this he had suffered frontal lobe damage and become quite irritable and easy to anger.

As Milton 'woke up' after the injury he did not have the ability to express what is wrong with him, he uses every justification to deny his erratic behavior, so far that he becomes embarrassed when he cannot continue on a conversation, work at his previous job, or do the same activities that he used to handle. As a result, he self-isolates, withdraws from the church, friends, family and other activities.

His friends, family and co-workers who see the same external Milton, do not understand why the survivor is so different. Friends stop coming by or asking him to participate in activities. His family was shattered to during break up.

Depression becomes a big problem for Milton who have changed so much and lost so much. Suicide is something that Milton have thought about at one time or another. As he does not have access to medical care or who do not understand what is happening may self-medicate with alcohol and other drugs, particularly those who have previously sought solace with these compounds.

Besides drugs he went for cartoons for escapism to cope with his abused life, and animated shows aimed at youngsters often have more brutality than programmes broadcast for general audiences. Milton copied and identified with fantasy characters more than he would with screen actors.

Due to his serious conduct disorder Milton will engage in a number of unacceptable activities without empathy and no remorse, awareness, or concern that what he is doing is wrong. For example, Milton might bully, threaten, and intimidate others.

Typically, initiate physical fights, sometimes using weapons such as bats, bricks, broken bottles, knives, and guns. Sometimes he deliberately set fires, vandalize, and destroy others' property. Milton shoplifts and break into other people's homes, buildings, or cars for necessities. He also mislead people or systematically lie to obtain goods or favors or to avoid obligations.

After the shock subsided the man began having Clairaudient Dreams. These dreams involve hearing voices or sounds that are extremely distinct and clear. The voices appear from out of no where. He does not know the source of the voice or the sounds. Yet it tells him what to do, and what he 'can' do. He constantly wages unsuccessful battles with the 'little people' inside his head who told him to kill people.

After his isolation Milton fell back on imaginary friends. He told captors: "I used to pretend that I was a great king, and I had all these Little People around me and that they lived in the castle walls. And that I was their eternal hero and was in the newspaper every day and I was on Television every day, their own TV, and that I was super famous. They worship me as a God, you know. It was like I could do no wrong."

When he wanted to entertain his subjects, he would give melodies for them, playing tunes. His favorite, and theirs, was the screams of humans.

He was not always in a happy mood: "When I get mad I would blow some of them up. I have this push-button thing, part of the [chair], and I like get mad and blow out part of the castle walls and a lot of them would die. But the people would still forgive me for that, and, you know, everything got back to normal. Thats a fantasy I had for many years."


Milton is immersed in his vivid imagination to the point that his five senses succumb to his own machinations, the man has convinced himself that he is in a castle isolated in a rural area. His ears did not receive the screams in real-life as he battered a man to death with a crowbar , his ears are white as they can only focus on his 'world', his view is not narrow. It is focalized to a point where he is living in a solipsist's wet dream, the crowd yelled for more and the king gave them what they want. A wet spray of liquid red, the drips taste like iron as some of them made it towards his face. He had just killed a coach for an athletic swim team, they originally went to train for an interstate competition yet Milton had other plans for them. Or at least one particular member of the team.

The little people told Milton that that teenager is actually a 'super' by the identity of Hydrogen, a post human with the basic capability to manipulate quantities of water. The adolescent only limits himself to the small scales, said one of the king's consorts. Water orbs the size of basketballs to knock out street burglars. These voices compel the king to expand the kingdom, whereas he does his best to please the people. It was a late afternoon where the crazed man has trapped a dozen kids behind locked gymnasium doors. Moving away from their dead coach to grab the nearest pre-teen to demonstrate that futility is here and they are all about to die. He did not have any powers yet, but he has a good reach for a man his age and that crowbar he is swinging had just taken down a man younger and healthier than he is.

- Intermezzo -

Even though Milton was removed out of school faculty for illegally murdering the entire competing athletics team for the swimming event, after the incident he went around declaring himself as the 'Blue mage' which might be because of his acquisition of water. Also in JRPG's Blue Mages may learn special abilities used by the monsters that they, or their allies, defeat. The monster must attempt to use the ability ("The monster readies <Spell>.") in order for it to be learned. Milton then went on a journey to Prague, stayed in a hostel in Prague, befriended some rabbis descended from Loeb 'The Exalted One', learned how to create Golems (and made his first) with their guidance, and went into a quest of self discovery while learning across europe from states to acquire more esoteric knowledge. Although the rabbis played this pivotal role in his origin, Milton has never demonstrated any particular affinity for Judaism. He chose Prague because the 'little people' knew the lore of 'The Golem of Prague' and that Prague was home to many Jewish scholars and mystics back then.

In his mind he treats himself like a vain king who is apathetic towards everything, his 'little people' are no more than swindlers who promise him the finest, best lifestyle of excess from a logic invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position or "dumb". The King cannot see the logic itself, but acts that he can for fear of appearing unfit for his position.


Something snapped inside Milton Wheatley's head. The unmitigated sense of rage and betrayal made him erect walls around his psyche that are almost impenetrable and screw with any and all emotions. Now The murderous self-mutilating hit man called Milton swims ceaselessly through the carnage and violence of combat because he suspects that if he stops he'll sink in his own pestilent, festering rage. Milton inflicts bloody self-mutilation when he gets 'inside'. He tends to wear clothes that not only accentuate his physique, but that are fairly practical when it comes to slaughtering his targets. He has too many scars to count, some from fights, others from self mutilation and drug abuse.


"A man can't stand, he can't fight."

"A man can't breathe, he can't fight."

"A man can't see, he can't fight."

> Combat Experience - Demon Hand

(compare to leveling up monk class in video game)

Milton possesses no formal style of Martial Arts relying solely on street fighting methods. Regardless of this, he has shown repeatedly that he has a natural talent for Martial Arts (uses his own customized version of Boxing and Karate for street fights to strike with superhuman strength and speed for devastating results). He incorpates a number of different techniques, including strikes, ground fighting, personnel control, restraint escape, and weapons application in close quarters combat. He uses lethal strikes to the eyes, groin, throat, etc (Some blows were designed to deliver instant kills). as well as disarming opponents with guns, knives, sticks, ropes and finish them. ANY kind of skill that involves self-defense a subset of a street fight. Gunplay, brawling, skillful driving, knife-work, aerial-combat, submarine warfare, they’re all street fight in of themselves.

He has no problem defeating any formal martial artists. In addition to his fighting prowess, he is extremely intelligent and analytical during battle and is a brilliant strategist. According to spectators, Milton has great potential and fists of the demon. During his stay in the house of rehabilitation, Milton focused on training karate and combatives from a fellow patient. Through repeated practice (breaking) he has toughened all the striking surfaces of his body, especially his hands, which are covered with thick callus. Milton soon discovered that he could punch through solid stone and not even skin his knuckles. Without artificial aids he can split wood, cinderblock, or even solid metal (such as swords or even steel gates, if he hit the lock) with a blow of his hand.

Not only can he use it to punch or grip with superhuman strength he can also run, dodge, strike, etc. at super speed - His ability to punch or kick multiple opponents all around him at the same time, and his general alacrity and nimbleness, seem to be superhuman. This abnormal alacrity makes him very hard to hit with ranged attacks, often to the surprise of the shooter. This means that he can and does mow down groups of supers in short order and is capable of, for example, by striking at the weakest points, beheading bulletproof opponents with little trouble. By combining his natural gifts and his mastery of his style, he can man-handle most human opponents with ease. In combat he prefers to batter his foes with his fists, hit them with objects or to wrestle them. Milton is very lively and has a good technique when it comes to kicks, blows with fists and ground fighting (submission and etc..). Because the training at all times, it becomes better and better gradually.

“How many times do I have to kill before I get a name in the paper or some national attention?”

A former Street fighter, before Milton became a 4th grade homeroom teacher (based on former math teacher and UFC champion Rich Franklin) and after an electric accident screwed up his personality, he enters the fight scene again after singlehandedly massacring everybody in the hospital where he was rehabilitated (killed between 60 and 70 patients and staff). After word gets around, Authorities started to hunt him down, which then forces him to start fighting again. He begins to retrain in various places run by old associates met across the world and begins conditioning. Milton mastered his own style 'Dog Fighting' and would sometimes 'kills' his training parters due to the brutality of the training. His training had a very specific focus; smashing super beings. Normal people punching him in the mouth or lower face can easily hurt their hand, and he’s strong enough to tear throats with his teeth. Fighters have compared hitting Milton to striking granite.

He had tougher skin for two reasons: (1) he didn’t use headgear, and (2) he’d bathe his face in brine. His skin got to be real leathery. Others may use a sort of pickling solution with which they pickle the hands, face and neck, in order that a blow will not cut the skin so readily. To the hands, however, too much attention cannot be paid, and he has found nothing better than corned beef brine. This does not smell very nice and is applied three times a day after eating. Put camphor ice on his skinned knuckles before he goes to bed. In a few weeks his knuckles will become calloused, and he’ll have no more trouble with them. He was raised in USA and initially had trains to be a competitive body builder (hobby). However he began to take up martial arts training and then got heavily into street fighting. this in mind, one should not be surprised by the fact that while Milton is a deadly hand to hand combatant for any mortal opponent, his ability to maim and/or obliterate super opponents is without equal.

His fights are unsanctioned, mostly illegal, hand-to-hand fighting in public places, between individuals or groups of people. Unlike sport fighting, it might involve weapons, multiple opponents or revenge and has no rules. Milton started to fight for his living and used all imaginable dirty tricks to defeat his enemy. With every thrust, chop, punch or kick, Milton drives his powerful limbs directly through his targets leaving broken and crippled opponents behind. Ambushing gang members in dark alleys to perfect his fighting skill as well as working as a male prostitute. The venue is usually a public place, e.g. a street, and the fight often results in a serious injury and death. He fought without holding any punches despite his great strength, and would even fleetingly consider killing some opponents. He is also an enthusiast "dojo busting," in which a challenger will sit in on lessons or stand outside yelling profanities and challenge the sensei or top student to a match, as an excuse to completely ransack the dojo, maim everyone inside, and steal a memento of his victory.

  • Improvised Fighting Arts - Vitruvian Sphere

A defensive technique that involves controlling the entire radius within one's arm length, creating a spherical shield around oneself that measures 7.08 feet. Using the Virtruvian sphere Milton feel the shape and movement of anything entering his circle. The so-called "Vitruvian Sohere" looks like an aura, which allows for a good counterattack. Offensively the sphere makes use of his speed to enter inside the enemy range, where the enemy is unable to retaliate. Its weakness however was that an opponent could attack a blind spot if Milton overlooked protecting a specific part of his body.

  • Improvised Fighting Arts - Firebreak Fist

He can charge his fist so that it strikes with incredible force. This power has limits, as his fist will break as they discharge on impact. He can release it explosively around him, to a degree where such a blow can demolish a large building. Rubbing alcohol into the hands was another way in which some of the past fighters hardened their hands. Milton for this technique used a mixture of Gunpowder and whiskey onto his hands and face. (For his explosive punching from).

SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content. 1 Shooter: This form of combat concentrates on using an opponent's strength against him, and is typical of oriental- anglo forms such as judo and karate. The practitioner of this type of combat can Stun or Slam an opponent regardless of their comparative Strengths and Endurances. 2 Shooter: This form of combat is keyed on offense and inflicting damage in short, quick bursts, and includes such disciplines as boxing. The practitioner of this form gains a boost to Fighting ability when engaged in unarmed combat. 3 Shooter: This form of combat concentrates on holds and escapes. The practitioner of this form gains a boost to his Strength for Grappling attacks (including damage), a boost to Strength for Escaping and a boost to Agility for purposes of Dodging. 4 Shooter: This meditative form of combat searches out the weak spots of the opponent's defenses and strikes against them. The practitioner of this form of attack ignores the effects of Body Armor (even force fields) for determining Stun and Slam results. The disadvantage is that the target of this attack must be studied for two posts before the effects may be brought into play. The character with this Talent does not have to attack the character, only watch him in battle for two posts previous to attacking. 5 Shooter: This form of combat encourages quick striking to catch the opponent off-guard. 6 Shooter- This form of combat concentrates on hitting the pressure points in melee. 7 Shooter- This form of combat concentrates on a strong defense. 8 Shooter -This form of combat encourages speed though assessing the opponent. The disadvantage is that the target for this attack must be studied for one post before the effects may be brought into play. The hero with this talent does not have to attack the character, only watch him/her in battle for one post before attacking. 9 Shooter - This form of combat focuses on hardening the body to resist damage. Milton gains a boost to Endurance when recovering health, rest is not needed. 10 Shooter- This form of martial arts focuses on using the hero's Intuition more than Intelligence. The hero is able by this form of martial arts able to wait until all actions are made before making his actions.

Long/Medium Range: Long and medium often refers specifically to the furthest that the hands and feet can reach for the attack. Expect attacks in this range to be used to keep opponents at a distance.

Close Range: The idea of close range is often confined to the use of fists and feet in a way that balance is maintained, and an opponent can’t penetrate the defense. It’s also where often the shorter ranged weapons of the elbows, knees and head can be utilized.

Grappling: The grappling range occurs when one is too close for strikes, thus resulting in the need for throws, locks, and submission-based moves.

Usual outcomes

Note: Milton's skill set combined with his unique power makes him a very dangerous opponent for anyone that uses their power as their crutch, he has killed several 'Omega' types this way a reason the descendant's of Loew are willing to teach him the arts is that he saved them from an anti-semite reality warper masquerading as a demon. The corpse is still up on display, a withering body with a twisted neck.

> Superhuman stamina

Milton can often go for long periods of time without rest or even sleep. Being six times as strong as an elite human athlete and is far stronger and faster than most humans of his relative age and size.

> Superpower manipulation

If I can touch it, I can kill it.

the ability to manipulate superpowers themselves, not "power" such as electrical power or gravitational power. Milton would attract them with his left arm, and repel them with his right arm (to levitate away) both revealing a 'crimson lightning' which affects the abilities of others (A red glow to him and every time he hits, lightning fireworks appear.). It comes with a paralysis effect which forces them to 'freeze in place'. The ability to generate and discharge crimson electricity is limited through conductive media (i.e. he cannot discharge it through air or concrete), the exception being electric eye beams.

The most debilitating aspect of his manipulations does not stem so much from the unrefined ability itself, but rather from the 'radiating properties' that it emits. Exposure to this 'radiation' will greatly weaken a super being, robbing them of their powers. Prolonged exposure proves fatal. Over time, a Super Being may develop a slight immunity to the effects, but ultimately, green it will poison the body's cell structure, resulting in death. It is also deadly to normal humans, but its effects take longer to fully develop.

He used this ability in several ways, including a barrage attack, a machine gun, and to increase the damage from his punches. This power enables Milton to deliver a powerful force through crimson energy that feels like a punch or kick. The power is used in conjunction with a normal, physical attack, so the attack can be parried or dodged by the enemy.

  • Augmentation - Enhance or weaken the powers of others.

The process of developing super-powered agents and soldiers has been a desire of many organizations since World War II, but most experiments of this type have ended in disaster. Milton's augmentation process is the most recent and most successful of these processes. He possesses the ability to bolster another super’s power. He could enhance a super’s abilities ( subject's cells bombarded and enhanced) to occasionally dangerous limits beyond their control (temporarily powering them up at the expense of burning out their bodies). He is a 'super' that would augment the strength of paying individuals to superhuman levels, and conducted experiments on a number of superhuman individuals. Milton Wheatley would have his augmented henchmen act as enforcers and bodyguards for him.

  • The augmentation process modifies the subjects stat parameters (pan-enhancer), increasing each to various degrees according to their normal metabolism. Given normal human test subjects. Milton reassigns of his 'undesireables' by putting them in the underground networks beneath Europe. There may be literally hundreds of augmented individuals in the world at present, and as many failures in the underground below Europe.
  • Bestowal - Bestow powers or jump-start latent powers.
what 'powers' look like in material form

Milton has the ability to activate any latent powers of Supers. He can "partially activate" Supers rather than fully, providing partial access to powers. Milton is also able to 'see' a person's genetic code, reading complex DNA sequences for latent and manifested powers, thereby allowing him to sense 'supers' and, in many cases, understand how their powers work more thoroughly than they themselves do. And after analyzing the DNA of another superhbeing, Milton is able to selectively evolve their existing genetic traits as well as catalyze the untapped genetic potential of latent supers. He also has the ability to deactivate Supers, though only those recently activated

The man known as Milton Wheatley was known in Europe as someone who could grant someone superhuman abilities for a price. He made an exceptionally good lifestyle for himself using the profits of this endeavor, which required no real effort from him, he did not even concentrate on giving any specific powers as he preferred to leave it to chance. Simply by touching someone, Milton gives that person super powers. But, what type of powers manifest and the intesity of them is not under his control.

Milton began surrounding himself with his more loyal creations, having them serve as his own personal bodyguards.

  • Mimicry or absorption - Copy or absorb another's powers or skills.

The bread and butter of catching is hand-eye coordination.

absorb the psyche and abilities of another human being (or members of some sentient alien races) through skin contact. Even to usurp the magical powers of any being, gaining all its skills and power and leaving it powerless in turn. Milton is able to absorb the life energy of other beings through physical contact. Absorbing energy from other super beings and use that energy to enhance his own physical strength and other physical attributes (specifically speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and durability) and also enabling him to fly.He are also able to absorb virtually any other energy form and use it. His power allows him to steal away the powers of ANYBODY within range, and on a PERMANENT basis. Even after he was KO'd or killed, he could keep people de-powered, so they'd have to utilize different means to gain them back. This ability could be used to leave a powerful opponent weak and helpless against their own abilities.

If he desires, he can also take away the powers he gives someone by touching them again. Allowing the people he picks to endow with superpowers know that he can take them away gives him leverage to control his recruits who want to stay superpowered and famous.

you would not believe how much this happens
  • Negation - Cancel the superpowers of others.
pfft Reality Warping

The biggest thing about catching is focus, pure and simple.

His touch disrupts systems, whether they be a living being, a machine, or a field of energy. Milton must physically touch his target in order to affect it. Milton can control the effect so that, in the case of a nervous system, he can cause immobilization, unconsciousness, or seizures. If his victim is a metahuman who possesses powers, Milton can cancel or disrupt the function of those powers, often causing them to go into overdrive, in which they flare up and then burn out for a certain period of time. Milton can dampen or completely suppress, neutralize, and negate for an undetermined amount of time the powers and abilities of any 'supers' touching him. His dampening ability in the beginning was involuntary and uncontrollable, but now his ability appears to be under his conscious control

As a walking Power Nullifier, he can effectively take out a team's most powerful members with a touch, leaving them horrifically vulnerable to further attack. If the negation is temporary or only reduces a power instead of negating it (capable of reducing a powerful foe’s abilities from devastating lightning strikes or inducing realistic illusion to only generating static and creating unconvincing mirages, and the like) and it only suppresses superhuman abilities, not superhuman physical features, it is Power Suppression.

  • Redirection - moving

redirect the effects of non-physical abilities in any direction, including back at the original sender of those effects. This may include the redirection of healing powers onto someone else who was more in need of assistance, or the redirection of a beam of energy back at the foe. This ability could even cause positive effects, meant for the foe's allies, to be redirected back toward the user and his allies instead.

  • Randomization - Shuffling

The ability to psionically exchange the abilities of any multiple subjects at random sometimes even within an undetermined radius, and for an undetermined amount of time. One with this power could randomly give any superhuman any of another’s superhuman abilities. The power randomly switches the abilities of any two or more superpowered beings (except the user), and thus can’t be predicted.

  • Reversal - Inversion

Milton can change any power to its inverse. This can be used to weaken incredibly powerful beings or enhance weaker ones. When a person with an ability has the power reversed, they develop a new power that is almost always the opposite of their current power or at least far removed from their normal power. The process effects everyone with a superpower.

  • Sensing - Sense or recognize superhuman powers.

To sense other supers out to several miles away and track their movements. It can also be considered as "remote viewing" which allows him to telepathically see anywhere on the globe and find anyone he chooses by channeling in front of a small mirror (or recently water/ice reflections). Milton is khown to have a special visual perception that allows him to see and sense life energy and power within a being. Milton can instinctively tell if another has a superhuman ability and to locate others with superhuman abilities. In some cases, one can even discern specifically what abilities a person has, and when a subject is using their powers. This usually entails telepathic detection of abilities, but sometimes it involves the detection of a superhuman aura or simply an intuitive superhuman faculty in which the user “just knows”.

•Another faculty (often included with Power Sensing) is the ability to gauge the strength of a subject’s abilities and/or to what degree they have control over their abilities (called Power Gauging).

Power(s) taken so far - this will be constantly updated with rp's and stuff

  1. Hydro-kinesis: Milton can manipulate gigantic quantities of water in all of its forms (he can project ice, water, or steam in various fashions) or use it as a conduit through which to discharge his crimson electricity. He can create tsunami and freeze them, unleash torrents of super-hard bubbles in water, raise a waterspout that can lift most boats, take control of a plane, etc.His Snare is catching his target into a gigantic fist made of nearby water. Milton could dehydrate others by touching them and could release massive blasts of water from his hands, presumably by gathering ambient moisture from the air. These powers include the ability to manipulate both water temperature, creating ice or scalding steam, and currents, summoning whirlpools, vortices, and tidal waves. At this time, he possesses finer control over his cold-generating powers than his heat-producing ones, allowing him a wider range of ice powers than heat powers. He may use his abilities to sense the presence of water, including water in living bodies. Milton has hard water powers which allow him to turn liquid into solid objects such as weapons. His control is so fine he managed to secrete very potent acids - often an “acid rain” while he sums a cloud like construct. .He stole this power from a 'super' with the ability to telepathically control the shape and physical state of water and take it to new levels, whereas the previous owner can only make high pressure 'hydro-balls' to knock out crooks.

Milton can control his own drool with amazing accuracy. Milton can stretch his drool out and grab or hold onto objects. Milton can create "drool bubbles" which can hold objects, explode or disorient opponents. Milton can launch his spit at foes and cause them to stick and be drenched in his drool.

SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.Water jet cutting is a process used to cut materials using a jet of pressurized water as high 60,000 pounds per square inch (psi). Often, the water is mixed with an abrasive like garnet that enables more materials to be cut cleanly to close tolerances, squarely and with a good edge finish. Water jets are capable of cutting many industrial materials including stainless steel, Inconel, titanium, aluminium, tool steel, ceramics, granite, and armor plate. This process generates significant noise.

> Magic Specialization ~ Golemancy

A golem is a mystical creature of clay and dust. It is subservient to its creator, though in legend it can become uncontrollable. This clay creature is traditionally in the figure of a man. Golems follow the instructions of their master without question. They are known to be extremely strong and practically indestructable. They're good at carrying out menial tasks and are handy around the house. Golems also make great town defense systems. Golems, according to legend, are traditionally incapable of speech. Because golems are the creation of man and not of God, golems do not have souls. Golems are thought of as genderless but commonly referred to as male.

Golems are useful as mute servants. They follow any command given by their master. Their great strength makes them ideal for lifting tasks as well as for defense. They are incapable of feeling pain. Plus, they are low cost on upkeep. He has even made female golems for use as his concubines, both for personal pleasure and intelligence gathering (plus he can superheat the water to explode, scalding those in immediate contact plus boiling eggs and sausage in the process).

They are warriors made out of clay. Their hands can change into varying shapes like boulder-fists & stone-blades. They are nearly able to regenerate their bodies after being destroyed, their regeneration abilities are advanced to the point that they each can split into two new Golems from the scattered remains.

Also has talent in the creation of homunculi, talos, ushabti, blodeuwedd, familiar and ,Galatea types. Some of his creations will eventually become a Tsukumogami , It is said that modern electric items cannot become tsukumogami (transfigured object).

He redistributes shape shifting & communicating with animals to his golems

> Ace Golem ~ Aurum

This little guy is rarely used for good reasons...

Aurum has the power to absorb energy from anyone and anything it touches and in doing so can take the appearance of the target it has absorbed the energy from, such as absorbing energy from stones will change it into a super being. It could also fuse with physical items such as the floor or a computer terminal.

It is aerokinetic

> Power Application ~ Aqua Regia (Coup de Grace weapon)

Is the name of his large ice blade, it is a large two handed weapon though he uses it occasionally with only one hand. It could channel his elemental powers of water and shoot blasts of 'crimson charged' ice, and it could also be used as an excellent melee weapon as its hardness is superior to that of steel materials. Its main purpose is to aid him in conducting the charge for his acquisition or to smother the opponent for nullification. Because of this, it is designed, not so much to kill the target, but to cover them, no matter how big or small the slash. The design takes inspiration from the two-handed Kriegsmesser (war knife), this weapon is of course relatively top-heavy as opposed to a "normal" long sword. It is also more of a rider weapon than a pure infantry equipment. Like the long sword it has taken a two edged approach with a cruciform hilt providing room for two hands, weighing about 3.8 pounds and a straight edged blade 50 inches long. It is balanced for one handed yet every part is made for combat; pommel for pummeling, broad blade for cutting, narrow and pointy for thrusting and both hands can be used to cleave through armored points.

His blade is Geokinetic , Gravitic and Phase capable. It is in a constant flux from ice-crystal to stone to light--as substance it is never truly resolved, and what is not fully created cannot be properly destroyed. Each of the 'shifts' had differing abilities based on one of these states: Stone, Ice-Crystal, Light. It is not really a 'sword' per se, rather tornado on a stick comprised of several different things in it essentially an egg whisker that spins a mixture of hazardous things.

How he wields it (Cin Drallig)


> Hybrid Arts ~ Superpower cum Magic Forging

Milton can create objects which have special abilities that are otherwise impossible to duplicate with normal means. Such as forging a sword that can cut through magic or rings that render the wearer unable to lie. The possibilities are near limitless, the forger just needs to have the knowledge and capability to create it.

Primary Weapon ~ Book of Kings, God of the Word (Always with him at all times)

This is a very special spell tome or Milton B. Wheatley's own personal logbook gained from his adventures. The book itself holds various pages where he catalogues his index of newly acquired 'powers' in a certain order or any interesting spells encountered along the way in his journeys. With this book he can summon his other weapons or create a shortcut to using his powers. He carries the spell book with him all the time, because it is necessary for him to have the book to cast a spell or initiate a 'power. It does not, tell him which spells he has, the mana and the words needed to cast each spell. Milton knows every single one off the top of his head; they can all be executed quickly, not giving the recipient of his magic any time to evade him. A neat failsafe is the acquisition of 'power' of anyone besides Milton who decides to wield the tome.

By using a holographic access terminal projected from the Tome, he is able to activate a variety of 'magical apps' (powers catalog) for defensive, offensive or intelligence-gathering needs. By using a holographic drop-down menu, he is able to summon up different 'programs with' different abilities. The process as to how this works is unclear, but apparently by making a selection from the holographic drop-down menu initiates the function of the selected program application. The magical app either takes the form of an energy-construct, such as his 'pyrokinetic barrier' and his 'angelic wings', or as physical objects like his Aqua Regia or his wooden gun.

To use one of the indexed abilities, he first conjures Book of Kings and turns to the page of the wanted ability. While using an ability, Milton must turn to the page with the ability on it and the book must remain opened in his right hand; this means he could only have access to one chosen ability at a time. Additionally, an ability vanishes from the book if its former owner dies.

The book has psionic & photokinetic properties


Hidden weapon

Milton carries a futuristic-looking gun on his hip (just for show, it is made from wood) which he uses to keep himself calm at most times, to him the object possesses a sentimental value as it reminded him of his 'life' before he went crazy. The wooden gun has scratches from his time playing alone, imitating the actions of wild west movies. Although the gun is inanimate, Milton often pretends it is alive.

Milton delegates his gun with empathy & luck, which explains also why it keeps him 'sane'


  1. Arrogance - lets the opponent get the first shot, he will always look at himself as the 'superior' at any given moment and he will not 'go for the kill'. It is a 'Villain syndrome' which has made him do stupid decision when he is close to victory, such as making long winded speeches and ignoring common sense. (only when using power manipulation, when he fights a different persona takes over)
  2. Baseline human - needs to eat & sleep just like everyone else (pepper spray hurts like a mother*cker)
  3. Mentally unstable - fights and flees (still wets his bed), very narcissistic
  4. Package deal - whenever he takes a power he absorbs their weaknesses too (hates vampires)
  5. Ticklishness - srs
  6. Emotional bond- powers tied to emotional state


  • Milton Wheatley is a soda junkie. I can’t just drink one soda. If he starts with one, he will have consumed three or four cans back to back. He will testify that it is impossible to give up the fizzy stuff. One reason is that when he consumes something sweet, the taste triggers his brain to release chemicals called opioids which make him crave more pleasurable tastes. His addiction is for carbonation. There is something about bubbles that just makes the drink taste better.
  • Looks: Caesar (Asterix), Race Bannon (Johnny Quest), Brother Blood (Teen Titans Animated), Othon von Salza (Metabarons), Judge Claude Frollo (Hunchback of Notre Dame), Roy Batty (Blade Runner), Bryan Fury (Tekken), Silas (DaVinci Code), Elijah Snow (Planetary), Volgin (MGS3)
  • Voice alternates between TIm Roth or Cristoph Waltz
  • Currently shows zero interest in Triads and Yakuza
  • Can cook chinese cuisine well
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