Faulkner ~ Artificial Man



Cocky bastard reloads in the middle of combat, relishing his time and taking aim as they attack him. Always giving them a 'free shot' before he guns them down, waiting for the fun moment to strike. Walking across the field of death for him to calmly press his revolver to their temples, smiling as he squeezes the trigger. Chasing them till the ends of the earth, all done so that he can get the perfect shot.

This man keeps a track of a mass quantity of data from the frequency of gunfights he's been in. This information allows him to predict the reactions of opponents along with the trajectories of their shots, which allows him to dodge and counter at the same time. Optimal damage at great efficiency, one on one he is good but against crowds he is a nightmare.

He appears to be of American descent, and doesn't require sleep. Wearing his black trench coat, black vest, cowboy hat, skeleton scarf mask jumps up to cover half of his face and black fingerless gloves.


  • Invulnerability - immune to all forms of injury. Neutralize and/or absorb external force
  • Marksmanship - with a pair of six shooters (carries 6x colt .45 revolvers at a time)
  • Super speed - slow down the reactions of his opponents so that he could outdraw them in a gunfight
  • Tracking - home in his targets current location

At the 'slowest' it takes 0.284 seconds to fire a single shot, basically it takes a quarter at the weakest and anything under half a second would be a 'no-dodge' zone to a normal human. Although having superb skill in the use of guns, he likes dealing with his 'lesser' enemies by shooting them in the back.

He modified his own revolvers which could then strike with accuracy from a mile away.

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