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Standard for a "mook," but still useful in a fight. Can Raiden Cloak? Can he track a cloaked opponent? Can he track a cloaked opponent who can telelport? What about 4 independently cloaked and teleporting opponents at the same time who have trained for years together?

you might need to refer to the mgs experts

Raiden chose them for a reason.

They are merely chess pieces in his strategies against Kahn, and some of them died

Contrary to popular belief, even fighters like Jax, Sonya, and even Stryker, character's thought to rely solely on tech and guns, are highly skilled martial artists who have studied and mastered their inner energies to do extraordinary things.

Claim to masted but does not show

Both the Cyborgs armor and Jax's arms are made from a high-grade titanium alloy iirc.

might as well wrap beancurd skin over their flesh

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@shackle: I am an alfred DR

and he beats him because he raised batgod

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Duplication and magic spam

here is a quote from Tvtropes

Loki, from The Mighty Thor, when you think about it. He's only a Squishy Wizard by Asgardian standards (note: in Asgard, the kids are all as strong as Spider-man, for comparison). So, in addition to vast magical power (he is only listed as surpassed by Odin and perhaps Karnilla, another Thor character, so his exact magical abilites are unknown in comparison to someone like Dr. Strange or the Scarlet Witch), Loki is also super strong, super durable, experienced in combat, a genius (though this aspect is limited by his Inferiority Superiority Complex, Unfavorite-ness, and need to defeat Thor no matter what), and is so much of Consummate Liar that he has tricked Mephisto (aka the devil), Norman Osborn, Doctor Doom, Odin, and the heroes of Earth several times over. At least some of these traits need nerfing to keep the story alive.

Edit: lady battle!

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Calcs and stats based on his performance against high caliber weapons put him high at hypersonic

Teleportation is nice for dodging, has anyone in MK ever been remotely shown to do the same move?

Cyborgs in MGS can also cloak, standard feature of MGR mook plus his blade is electrified

Not all MK fighters possess the same fighting skills, some have powers to rely on.

Saying Jax is as skilled as Scorpion is laughable, also MK is not noticeable for its 'fluid' combat (jerky, direct, and predictable)

What is JAX's arms made of?

What is MK cyborg armor made of?

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@shackle said:

Batman is DC's Squirrel Girl.

that is Alfred

@a88378438 said:

You just cant beat a crazy fanboys,like thor fanboys,who belive thor stronger than superman

Forge them through stomp/spite, re-education, banhammerime, and good old cyber social pressure

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@BlackReaper: I am convinced that she is the ancestor of Karate Kid in the 30th century

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Dick Dragon

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Welcome to Comicvine, where we hunt down fanboys and trolls

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story yes

but does she bring the same amount of skill/badassery?

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