Weaver - Whirlwind of Death

A type for every 'level'

“All the world will be your enemy
Prince with a thousand enemies
And when they catch you, they will kill you...

But first, they must catch you.




Prince with the swift warning.
Be cunning and full of tricks
And your people shall never be destroyed.”
Watership Down
Mutant Rights Activist

Affinity: Vortex

Name: Flavio Forteana

Age: 40 years

Nationality: Apatride

Problem, Flatscan?

Flavio is a lowly mutie from his mother's side, born and raised in an island where baseline crackers maintain the law with iron fists. Men clad in iron joints patrol the area, food is scarce. Working as a child laborer he wished for the day that he would get back at his baseline oppressors, this was at a time where can only move dust bunnies with tremendous exertion of effort. His mother was stationed in the labor camp brothels, he would often see firsthand the savagery of the baseline apes. Not surprisingly mother went insane shortly after, so being the boy that he is he had to take care of her. Food, shelter, and mental support. That means near 24 hour care of his mother, from getting her dressed, to feeding her, to putting her through grueling physical therapy. This happens every day, like clockwork, in the home shared by Fla and his mother. There have been sacrifices needed because of this.

Bread scraps and ground puddles are his nourishment, his only companion are strings taken from the dead slaves. He trains everyday to move it, sometimes he watches them 'dance'. Life was less than stellar when he is given a number from birth, #132829 but because he is illiterate he just calls himself Avo. It was the time before he develops a form beyond the baseline monkeys, this was the time where he would often get exploited for stupidity and used as a recreational toy by the guards and the slavers alike. His fate was an inheritance from his own race, but the pain reminds him of his goal.

Mother died shortly after and life became empty, with that void Avo focused all the time to himself.

“Like the pain of a bad wound, the effect of a deep shock takes some while to be felt. When a child is told, for the first time in his life, that a person he has known is dead, although he does not disbelieve it, he may well fail to comprehend it and later ask--perhaps more than once--where the dead person is and when he is coming back.”
Watership Down

Training on free time and 'learning' from other slaves whom are mutants from different walks in life. Some are native to the island while others may come from abroad, sometimes the guards are chatty and in-between their slurs there are shards of insight that can be assembled into a large pool of knowledge. He can now 'reinforce' the string and 'connect' them with other strands of thread. His first glow of creativity was to garrote one of the guards to prevent the molestation of a fellow slave younger than he was, Avo was surprised at how well the string went through the neck. The experience brings him more time to try more things in the extermination camp, being useful to avoid suspicion and keeping out an eye for innovation.\





Power [for mid-tier metas and above]

“He fought because he actually felt safer fighting than running.”
Watership Down

Flavio's mental powers include psi blasts, telepathy, mental illusions, strong telekinesis (omega level), mind control, mental force fields, and the ability to drain others' life forces. The full extent of his powers are not truly known. He has used his telepathy to read conscious thoughts as if they were spoken and cast images into the mind. His mental illusions made others almost believe that he was Charlie Chaplin. His telekinesis has been used to choke animals, throw several objects as weapons, disassemble a snowmobile, and even create a small blizzard with fallen snow. Flavio has used his mind control to freeze others in place and even make policemen turn their own weapons against themselves. Flavio's force fields have shielded him on both a full body and molecular level. Finally, he has drained the life force from his own teacher and the bishop who "adopted" him. Weaver can do this by ensnaring his victims within his wires. The more life force he drains, the more he increases his natural strength, endurance, reflexes, and recuperative abilities, while enabling him to disrupt nerve centers to cause pain and paralysis, and sear into the flesh of his victims.

the abilities, tasks, or traits these thought forms are subject to the thoughts of the creator.

His other specialization is Thought-forms/Tulpas. A thought-form is a clump of psychic energy that is programmed by its creator to perform a specific act or carry specific information which can then act upon the psychic field of others. They go by various names, such as psiballs or constructs but they are all basically the same thing. These thought-forms can affect others mentally or physically, but they are quite resistant to force directed against them. His thought-forms has the ability to turn their body into an strong psicrystal substance (much like that of diamonds). In this form, they are almost impossible to harm. When psicrystallized, they can also absorb energy without harm and increase its intensity, or deflect hostile energy blasts. Weaver could read the minds of Tulpas and control them, and could for a limited duration transform two species into a singular mutant with the greatest strengths of the two species it came from. In any case, the substance can be made as flexible or as rigid as he so desires. The substance is presumably as durable as the strongest man-made metals in existence. In combative situations, Weaver will fashion his Thought-forms into swords, shields and/or a protective suit of armour that fully encases his body. When fashioned into armour, the Tulpa retains its durability despite the fact that it doesn’t constrict or hamper his movement at all. The armour in itself has astounding properties, the least of which is that it acts as a second skin, with a senses of touch similar to Weaver' own flesh. He can also do partial transformations, such as covering his entire body in the psicrystal chainsaw chains.

Bilocation, the ability of an individual to be present in two different places at the same time. He can be present in more than two places at a given time. Multilocation is used to describe this feat of endurance. Bilocation is a physical, rather than spiritual, phenomenon, and a person experiencing it is supposedly able to interact with their surroundings as normal, including being able to experience sensations and to manipulate physical objects exactly as if they had arrived through natural means

Demo-optical perception ("bio-introscopy"), the paranormal ability to see with the skin, often demonstrated by reading print or perceiving pictorial images or colors with the tips of the fingers shielded from vision, with their noses, or even with their feet.

He has also used his powers to create a "cutting" effect by refining the force of the wind. Compressing the air enough to slice through objects like rock or metal, also being able to create a vacuum suction that draws nearby objects ( attracts). Generate a vortex of wind, on par the power of a gravitational vortex.

Psicrystal variations [for strong humanoids]

Psicrystal is a type of crystal made by Flavio, both as a building material and as a form of computer system. The Psicrystals are activated upon exposure to psionics, whereby they begin growing, sometimes forming structures. They may also take on the properties of other stones near them at the time they begin growing. It is self-replicating and architecturally programmable.

  • Amethyst: The purple psicrystal can help anyone who wants to open up their psychic powers as it activates psychic ability, enhances intuition and opens up spiritual awareness. Amethyst also contains powerful, protective properties and can help to protect a person from psychic attack.
  • Clear quartz: This psicrystal is known for its powerful healing properties, and its ability to amplify thoughts and energy. For this reason, it can help to enhance both your psychic and healing abilities.
  • Flourite: Flourite has a reputation for opening up psychic abilities rapidly, it needs to be used with respect and caution. This psicrystal can help to cleanse and strengthen the aura and neutralize negative energy.
  • Obsidian: This powerful black psicrystal is strongly protective and able to provide a shield to deflect negativity and psychic attack. It helps to open the mind to new possibilities and encourages the development of strength and compassion.

He employs a number of hovering Psicrystal-drones to keep his face from being photographed and to ward off enemies. The drones can link together into larger objects, fire laser blasts, and respond to his mental commands. They were capable of independent action as long as Weavers powers was active, and had built-in image inducers. Flavio can possess up to ten drones.

Psicrystal Servitor [for abominations]



76 meters


41,000 tons

Besides an array of swift physical attacks, some of his special abilities include shooting telekinetic beams from his 'third eye' and breathing ice and wind. He can fire Psicrystal shards from his tail, has incredible agility, and attacks with incredible ferocity. He fires a powerful Prism Beam from his mouth, but his most devastating attack is the ability to overload his heart and cause a huge shock-wave that blasts everything around him, dealing incredible damage.

  • Agile, an incredible jumper/leaper
  • Can run extremely fast on all four legs
  • Fires the Cracker Stream, a barrage of exploding psicrystals, from mouth
  • Shoots Energy Spheres from tail
  • Has an adverse effect on the fabric of reality and the energy flow of his surroundings

Rygar also has Tactile Telekinesis which is the ability to use telekinesis to enhance strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes, stamina and combat skills simulate Superman-level evels. This can also be used to manipulate objects that are on the same surface as the user (such as the ground) or to fly by pushing their own body through the air (this usually requires effort though). The tactile TK field also lets Rygar break free of an opponent's grip by pushing the field outward to force the opponent away. Other creative uses include rendering an opponent immobile by extending the TK field as long as they are both standing on the same ground.



98 meters


78,000 tons


  • Has an adverse effect on the fabric of reality and the energy flow of his surroundings

Psicrystal Pyramid [team oriented stuff]

Personal experience reveals several unique and beneficial qualities that may be derived from Pyramid Meditation. Flavio Forteana relate profound results in his quest for expanded awareness. He felt that psychic powers are stimulated or heighten by the use of pyramids. Psychics who use pyramids in that fashion have achieved an altered state of consciousness more rapidly than the more rapidly than they would have otherwise. Many users claim increased memory recall, visions of past incarnations, telepathic communication and an expansion of awareness.

A pyramid is a natural psychic amplifier. Any mental energy put into it will be amplified and sent out. That is why this fact makes the pyramid an excellent device for projection. Its projection is very simple. It can be used to to project an effect onto someone or something. Pyramid energy is so powerful and strong that it alters the hydrogen bond in water. For sharpening razor blades and cutlery, the Pyramid Generator is being used for thirty years. Worldwide research and reports reveal that after a few hours exposure, the pyramid also preserves and enhances the quality of foods. It neutralizes bitter tastes.

The flavor of stale orange juice and other liquids is refreshed. It increases the natural healing potential of the body. Moreover, enhances the ability of subconscious mind to heal the body. Place a glass of wine inside a pyramid and another glass in a separate room. Wait 40 to 70 minutes and see. You can taste a difference in the two. It has been proved that it re-stimulate the fermentation process. In this way, you can turn cheaper wine to more expensive tasting wine.

Phlogizein: Bane of Gods [for cosmics]

Last Resort

Unit type: mecha

Armament: ???

Pilot: Flavio Forteana

The Phlogizein is made up entirely of Psicrystals, nanite-like particles that can reproduce, repair themselves, generate energy and even gain sentience in large quantities. Because of this, the mecha constantly generates its own power without any fuel requirements. Its Quantum Pulse Engine simply harnesses the waves of energy that the crystals constantly radiate. The Phlogizein can also repair itself when damaged, due to the crystals' reproductive nature, but despite this property, the unit itself cannot be mass-produced. A restraint device on the Psicrystal prevents the Phlogizein from reproducing itself more than four times.

The mech appears to need a direct connection to the mind of the operator as when Weaver starts it up, two rods are drilled into his head, removing themselves when the mech is not in use. The pilot can "feel" what the mech is doing. It is said that the suit can be operated in full darkness, by a skilled driver, by "feel" alone. Its main armament are two 203mm autocannons attached to its arms.

is infinitely-programmable and configurable, allowing it to modify itself into whatever shape and size (of course limited by the quantity of "Psi-energy" present) the user desires, as well as integrating foreign substances and materials into its infrastructure (such as "Warpstone"). It can also self-repair itself: constantly regenerating lost portions of its "Psicrystal" exterior at frightening speeds, and replacing it with consistently more durable versions. Its durability was sufficient to force a"Space God" to use a full-power blast of macrocosm burner to destroy a major portion of the mech.

Independent Operation - The mecha is capable of operating without a pilot, generally due to a built-in AI.
Repair - The mech is equipped with the supplies to perform quick and dirty repairs to other units in battle.
Refuel - The mech is equipped with the supplies and equipment to quickly resupply another unit's ammunition and batteries.
Combine - This mecha may combine with another mecha to form another, generally dramatically superior unit.
Separate - The natural opposite to Combine; the mecha that has Separate is comprised of several different smaller mecha, and it is possible for the combined unit to split up into these smaller units at will.
Will Field - The mecha possesses a special Will-fueled, often reality-warping barrier and attack-modification system, such as the Arbalest's Lambda Driver or Gurren-Lagann's Spiral shield.
Beam Coat - The mecha is coated in a substance which nullifies some of the force of Beam-type attacks.
Impact Coat - The mecha is coated in some form of reactive armor or substance, which drains energy in return for reducing the amount of damage suffered from ordinary physical attacks and impacts.
Gravity Barrier - The mecha is equipped with a barrier field generated by the warping of gravitational forces, making it especially powerful in resisting gravity-based attacks.
Pilot-Powered Field - The mecha is equipped with a barrier field system which is generated by some power inherent to the pilot him or herself. Only a pilot with a certain trait is able to fuel the systems which generate this field, and more powerful pilots are able to generate more powerful fields.
Barrier - The mecha is equipped with a barrier field generator system. This particular barrier type has no bias to it; it stops damage no matter the type or source. However, because it is unspecialized, it consumes far more energy than other types of barrier.
Absolute Defense Barrier - The mech is equipped with a special, all-or-nothing type of barrier system.
Double Image - This mech possesses some means of fooling enemy sensors or pilots into aiming poorly. Perhaps the unit is so fast it leaves behind misleading illusions, or perhaps it possesses an advanced optical camouflage system, or possibly the pilot is simply a ninja.
HP Recovery - The mech possesses some means of regenerating damage done to it constantly over the course of a battle - such as Dark Gundam Cells or Machine Cells.
EN Recovery - The mech's internal energy batteries are constantly regenerating significant amounts of power, far in excess of the usual, trivial recharge that every mech is capable of over time.

The Phlogizein's most incredible feature is its ability to change its shape, depending on the nature of its opponents. It can take on a relatively small form, in order to challenge the human sized antagonists. This shapeshifting process, however, takes a lot of time to complete and cannot be done at will.

Its secondary form of offense is a barrage of huge crystal missiles, sufficient to wipe out entire cities within moments of the bombardment, a laser-guided warhead, a stun device,an automatic rifle, a grenade launcher, as well as an optional flamethrower. From there, the Phlogizein relies on a particularly dangerous attribute of "Psicrystal": its ability to manipulate matter in the surronding environment, genetically altering the "foreign" material on an atomic scale and converting it into further "Psicrystal" constructs, usually in the form of either a field of crystalline stalagmites or that of ground vehicles and/or "mecha". It uses its Psicrystals to absorb its victims, using their mass to increase its own. These additional units are controlled by a command-broadcast device, which takes the form of a "small but dense knot of circuitry near the mech's hub". The whole vessel is manipulated by the "pilot" in the hub (a small, open space in the center of the ship), with the "pilot" connected to the Phlogizein through "Psicrystal implants" around the body, and seemingly operates through their thought-process.

  • Has an adverse effect on the fabric of reality and the energy flow of his surroundings

Phlogizein is unique to the multiverse. While Phlogizein is highly powered to guard Weaver, he cannot directly affect it in any way.

Ability [for everyone]

Flavio's weapon of choice is his thin neutronium monofilament wires, which he keeps hidden on a spool within his fingertips. It's almost invisible to the naked eye, and he uses it to tie people up, strangle them, hang them, grab weapons, knock weapons away from people, etc. He uses the wires to create a parameter, which can be used to detect enemies who cross through them. They can also be formed into melee weapons and constructs which Weaver can use, such as a spear that can be used to impale enemies. The wires can also be wrapped around his body as armor.

His wire can also form as the medium for the thought-forms to take shape, but it's still the actual thought-form. He can create psionic thought-forms using wires. He can elongate, shape and harden it at will into objects such as wings or a battering ram, and is also capable of rendering it transparent.

The Weaver's mind is like a top-notch organic computer, able to recall virtually anything he's seen, read or heard, perform complex mathematics unaided and accurately calculate how certain events will turn out. His predictions are often foiled by human unpredictability, or "the x-factor"

Weapon [for mid-tier metas and above]

Cut a piece of thread about 10 inches long. Tie a wide object to it, like a needle, a toothpick, or a short piece of a wooden rod. Hang the string so that you can sit comfortably in front of the hanging object. Sit far enough away from the string so that you know you aren't making the object spin with your breathing. Let the object come to a complete stop, not turning at all in midair.

A superstrong 'optical' fibre made of neutronium, neutronium is a type of matter found in neutron stars. It is incredibly dense (hundreds of millions of metric tons per cubic centimeter) and consists of neutrons sitting right next to each other. Neutronium could withstand massive forces and temperatures, making it suitable for starship armor on vessels that where able to fly though the outer portions of the stars themselves.

The wire is used to strangle one's opponent or cut (capable of slicing between atoms) into the flesh (never loses its sharp edge, even if it is used to cut through diamonds all day long for a thousand years), slicing through the arteries. Because it is easily concealable, silent, and deadly, it is often used for assassinations in situations when a gun is a not suitable option.

Flavio's monofilament wires are capable of cutting "between the photons of light," meaning that others can feel some attacks while desolid (phased). He can also emulate the effects of a Sherman Crab. The wires are also used to produce an instantaneous thought-form with psionics that attacks the enemy while having the ability to transform itself into numerous shapes.

It is also an ultrasonic/sonic driller/corer (USDC) able for acquiring samples from various planets or small bodies (e.g., asteroid and comets). The tip (drill bit) not does require sharpening, it can be made to operate at cryogenic and high temperatures, non-round cross section cores can be created and it can be used to probe the ground as well as deliver in-situ sensing down the borehole.

Ultrasonic and sonic vibrations are responsible for the drilling action. Piezoelectric stack actuator in the upper section excites ultrasonic vibrations that are transformed into sonic hammering action. The drill bit is forced to go up and down but it does not rotate. The impact of the bit into the rock performs the drilling.

Quarkonium (Quark Matter) wires - TBA

Weaver's wire is a psionic weapon capable of transforming into a wide variety of different weapons.

  • Mental Commands: The wire obeys the mental commands of the Weaver. When inactive it will link to itself in a spool so that it can be retracted to Weaver's finger compartment. When the Weaver wills it to do so it separates to form a multipurpose weapon.
  • Variable Length: The wire is capable of psionically extending to greater lengths, it's upper limits are unknown.
  • Flail: The wire's basic use is in the form of a flail whereby the monofilament edge is whipped around to strike targets at variable range.
  • Lasso: With the wire held at one end, the other can be used to ensnare a target in a manner similar to a lasso.
  • Fletcher: The wire is capable of separating into its component parts, which then each morph into needle-like blades. These then reform back into the normal strand and merge back into the chain.
  • Staff: The parts in the wire can be stiffened, so that it in effect becomes a staff.
  • Saw: Weaver can spin the wire at incredible speeds, essentially creating a saw capable of cutting through virtually any material.
  • Net: It launches a web of his wire powerful enough to propel a target to the floor/wall and pin them there, viciously cutting through the flesh.

    If the target tries to struggle the damage increases, and this keeps up until the subject is released or is killed.

Equipment [for mid-tier metas and above]

His powers are further enhanced by his cyber trans-suit. The suit helps o focus his power and enhance it ten times it’s normal levels. He also carries wires which he can use to focus his Psychokinesis into deadly force threads. By focusing his power through the armor he also gains superhuman strength. He also employs his powers to make protective shields.

The fingertip forms the control-weight end of this monofilament whip, while the spool of monofilament is stored just behind and inside the fingertip. The fingertip weight also provides a handy piece to hold on to, and the cybercontrolled spool can release a vast length of monofilament for far-range cutting work. Simply loop the length of monofilament around the object to be sliced and pull.

Weaver wears a suit of flexible armor which he can reshape according to his needs, even disguising it as normal clothing. The armor also emits a force field, and can release electric shocks from its gloves. Armor uses an x ray system to view through solid materials. It can detect infrared signatures within a half mile range. This armor can tie into government tracking systems to follow a target with seemingly unlimited range, or it can simply work alone, spotting significant airborne targets within a fifty mile range.The armor can identify a specific target by appearance alone, as long as it is within line of sight, even if the pilot has not yet identified him / her / it. This also has a one half mile range. The armor can track a target by his voice print, with an approximate ten mile range (it has tracked a single target through the city of Victoria).

It is a skintight bodysuit controlled by micro-circuitry and cybernetically responsive to the wearers thought waves. The psi-powered turbo jets on the wrists and ankles which provide most of the suit's abilities can either be smoothly retracted into the cuffs of the spinnerets (boots and gloves) or extend into their active circular fan modes. When wearing the armor, Weaver gets a boost of Class 200 strength, has superhuman reflexes, and can fly over mach 5000. Channeling the power of the suit through his spinneret can amplify the amount of force he delivers with a blow, creating "hyperstrikes" equivalent to Class 100+ strength. Focusing the power through his leg turbines allows him to stamp the ground hard enough to trigger shockwaves in his immediate radius. The turbines in his wrists can also be directed to fire compressed streams of air outwards, exceeding mach 100.

Weaver is equipped with a belt that enables him to generate energy for various uses; primarily superhuman strength (punches) and flight.

TK used to emulate gravitics to stabilize the wires.


  • Hobbies include making string figures and wire figures
  • His favorite warmup involves the jump ropes
  • Cold-spots appear in his presence
  • uses captive bolt pistols for mercy killing sapes


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