Rifle Device shoots a stream of steel needles. Very practical when fighting bus sized Bug Eyed Monsters. The rifle comes with tunable laser sight. The output was set high in the UV and they had to wear EV-helmet with retinal-focused visors to see the beam. It spat high-velocity bursts of eighteen-grain needles, as many as three thousand per minute. Simply point the beam at your target and pulled the trigger. The needle burst would tear holes in a steel door. You can slice a man in half with a 280.


Landmines with legs. Wandering mines, you took them out on the edge of the desert, set them down and activated them, like in a sandy wash. And they settled down in the sand and rock, burying themselves, until sand covered them. And then you went away, and the enemy entered the area. And after a preset time, if nothing had crossed them, they dug themselves up, scuttled across the Kalahari on their crab legs, found a new place and buried themselves again. You could preset the range, bury a beacon to keep them fairly close - but the beacon could alert the enemy, so mostly they were set at random, set so as not to wander more then a couple of hundred meters from where they were first buried.

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