The Spark

Musashi was the name
@Rumble Man

"You are known to a great many people because you shall break those limits doctor, you'll never know how many people truly admire you for what you do. For how true to yourself and the idea of creation that you are. You will change many things but you must always remember that everything out there in the far reaches of existence are all in here as well."

An open palm rested on the chest on of Radix for a minute and let him have a vision of the grand expanse that he searched for, the billions upon billions of limitless strands of reality. These were not even the ones that rested with his own world but the ones that rested with the human soul that belonged to the doctor himself, while no one man was more complex or valued than another Radix had a truly enriched and beautiful soul because of the aspect of creation that he was tied to.

Miyamoto removed his hand and placed both to rest on the handle of the longsword while he continued his speech.

"There will come a time when you know everything out there Radix but the true power to change will always be found right where you started. You've caught the attention of cosmic and celestial beings already, with little more effort you shall have the complete attention of abstract entities that embody more power than you can imagine."

"I am not known yet and I do not wish to be known at the moment because my work isnot complete, i have different sides of admiration some for my hand in creating this utopia and others are shadow governments trying to kill one another. In a sense I am only ' true' because creation is my reason to exist, it is a fundamental characteristic to who I am. I will change things but there are things that I must do first beforehand"
As the man's palm made contact the rad scientist's sensors automatically map the scenery that was bestowed upon him, a great expansion of literally several gigaverses which expand all the way to innumerable probabilities. Visions of himself as ruler of a cosmos, visions of him being a hero, visions of him being a villain, visions of him being a housewife and visions of him surpassing God.
After he removed his hand several flickering images still remain.
"The thing is that I do not really wish to know everything, I just like the process of learning new things and applying them. I am still at a development stage you see. The power of change is nothing compared to the sheer force of curiosity, The five W's and the one H has been my driving force. Whether they are celestial beings or even seagulls I must learn because outcomes are endless in this existence. But the thing is that I want to be able to imagine anything, to do so that nothing will be unfathomable or inconceivable"
Radix was amazed as this recording was sent for many to watch, to share the wisdom so that others can learn. There have been already philosophical debates and discussions being held at sub-worlds located in cyberspace. The man was well of knowledge, who is wise to share his wisdom as an unused well will eventually spoil the water or bring malaria.

The chaos and complexity that can be found in just one hints at some answer to an unknown question. Relatively simple equations bring about infinite patterns and possibilities

Radix has gained the ability to peer into parallel worlds. His form re-designed to open gates to other versions of Earth. He is set to open to its home dimension but can also open on other worlds. When activated Radix unfolds, revealing a dimension portal at its centre. This is large enough for a Mech-sized being to emerge from.

By an extension he can cause time to break down, allowing those in Present to see visions of the past. He can cause planets to eventually become uninhabitable due to this break down of reality.

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