Tritonian Specialties

Manna Zaffre

The stronger version of Ambrosia

Manna Zaffre is a special strain of nanite (microscopic machines on scales as small as nanometers) virus which are programmed to turn the target into a cyborg, the host will keep their personality but will have an effect on their 'soul'. In the case when they lose their souls they are still able to function. Most will be completely unaware of this fact until the late stages of machine progression where the obvious symptoms will show. In essence it converts any living material into technology, ultimately transforming its carrier. Once they colonize to the blood stream, the nano probes takes hold of the organism and form the first implants.The metamorphosed continues to survive and live on, but will ultimately denounce some of their previous ways while accepting new ones (like Aleph). The virus has currently no known antidote, It may be kept at bay with certain metahuman powers (such as psychokinesis). Unlike Ambrosia however the Manna Zaffre also has the ability to re-animate the dead to life. The morphed can also approximate any organic form as well appearing 'back' when necessary. Their physiology is also able to survive within the vacuum of space. Alternatively, they can absorb pure energy, like electricity from an outlet. They have combat computers, which allow them to compensate for surprising events (say, the arrival of police cars) faster than normal humans.

Mana Zaffre can combine a bio-lifeform with that of their own programming, allowing the nanites to takeover a living organism (this is done only if the subject is 'rejected').


"The first application was a grenade, the second application was special missiles designed to carry nanite plagues. This plague makes each victim a subservient soldier of Tritonia. If the infection takes over the entire planet, it becomes a new world in the Tritonian empire."
- Radix

In the event of an all out war Tritonia will be forced to launch entire volleys of nanite MIRV's (multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle) quickly and efficiently, dispersing a cloud of powerful nano-virus that propagate through enemy states and do a large amount of conversion over time. It contains a highly effective gas which target biotic life forms.

The gass is harmless against Tritonians and structures making it ideal force forcing biotics to flee from cover. Manna Zeffra can also be used to create a techno organic abomination comprised of protoplasm and nanites. Nanites which will form the microorganism, continually expanding and take over everything which is on its path thus initiating a 'grey goo' effect. The monster created from the nanites will begin absorbing and assimilating debris, gradually growing larger and larger

Its size is very large, able to assimilate humans whole within seconds. After fusing, it was dissolve and absorb information from its victims and transmit it back to its launching unit. Once functions are ceased, the launcher will transmit the information back to Tritonia.

Thanagarian Composite Steel - Salvaged from other worlds

It is native to Thanagar, among the unusual properties of Nth metal is the ability to negate gravity, allowing a person wearing an object, such as a belt, made of Nth Metal to fly. In addition, Nth metal also protects the wearer from the elements and speeds the healing of wounds, increases their strength, and protects them from extremes in temperature. It has many other properties that have yet to be revealed in full. It has been implied that the apparently "magical" abilities , all stem from his unique mastery of the properties of Nth metal.

Nth metal is transuranic iron with an atomic number of 676, possesses innate anti-magical properties, is hyperconductive and is able to invert mesons and gravitons.Which can drive off Lovecraftian entities. Also, it can be used to deflect spells from 'sorcerer supreme' types, and her mace was the only weapon that could put down a rampaging 'majestic' that was under the influence of chaos magic.

Ghosts can be touched by this metal.

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