T.R. Windsor

Fencing with the fists

Beer, Beef & Boxing

Tom Richmond W.

Also known as "Sunrise" and "No.12"
  • Classification: Genegineered Guardian

Combination of a Cambion from a succubus and a druid combined with her majesty's DNA

  • Homeland: UK
  • Age: 16
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 198 lbs
  • Blood Type: O
  • Occupation: Boxer
  • Likes: Training
  • Trademark Techniques: Uppercut, Left hook, Livershot
  • Favorite Food: Steak, shepherd's pie, fish and chips
  • Least Favorite Food: anchovy, shrimp
  • Favorite Music: Jazz
  • Fighting Style: BKB

Tom is an excellent boxer who possesses great strength. His boxing training resulted in his proficiency in hand-to-hand combat, and ability to take and give a huge amount of physical punishment. He has superhuman physical prowess. He sports a left hook that is both lightning fast, and powerful.

He first learnt to fight from an early age at school by having to defend himself and others from the school bullies. He is a fighter at heart and won't refuse a challenge.

He was the second fighter to be knighted after Sir Dan Donnelly, champion of Ireland around 1815.


"Tom's attacking forte is in punching"

Tom Richmond's defining psychological characteristic is stubbornness: and it appears that the more stubborn he gets, the stronger he gets. The times when Tom shows the greatest strength are when either the psychological restraints are reduced or when he believes that thousands of lives depend on him (Similar to the Hulk's anger). He increases his strength in response to stress.

'Hot Blood' , representing the his passion to win and succeed no matter what.

Kinda like that


  • Surge Punches - Tom can infuse his attacks with mystical energy.
  • Surge Upper - Tom can fire blasts of mystical energy through uppercuts.

He was stripped of his title for his brutal metods of punishing opponents. Because he accidentally killed a man during a boxing match. Even when being depowered by others, Tom Richmond is quite a skilled,brutal and agile fighter with his BKB style.

Tom would absorb magic with his left arm, and fire them with his right arm.


"shadow to Excalibur's light"

Tom Richmond is capable of performing a special type of photosynthesis, which he absorbs from the Sun's UV rays, rendering his own personal gravity field and generating nearly-perpetual energy/ His body is even capable of generating geomagnetic storms and solar winds, and even induce solar flares.

When at normal power, Tom can withstand the molten heat at the Earth's core, destroy entire spaceships by dashing through them at intense speeds, and level entire city blocks. He is also able to survive in the vacuum of space by simply not breathing, and he does not require food or drink to survive, although he enjoys both.


Magical properties from Sir Gawain' solar affinities are combined with his own supernatural bloodline, however in the usage of magic Tom is unlike his parents who prefer long range assault. The child focuses more on 'Buffs' and thus applies it similar to that of 'Captain Marvel' or 'Juggernaut', thus granting; Superhuman strength, Invulnerability, Superhuman stamina, Superhuman speed, Superhuman senses, longevity, Force-fields and concussive energy blasts. Tom over time will steadily increase in power

Spellsay: Sōl mātūtīnus sum. 'I am the morning sun'

His mystical spellsay ignores any and all forms of physical defense, the only adequate defense is that of magical means. It will bypass conventional guards and in most cases it serves to increase his physical parameters, because his attacks have a magical affinity to them. Besides the spell say his means of casting is derived from ritualistic dance, which is modified into Kata as seen in martial arts. The catch is that it must be done within battle, although combat stances may also apply.

He takes in a 'useless' method of casting and hybridized it with his skills to create a dynamic form, with his own body at the risk. Other mages prefer works but his interpretation is through the language of combat. 20% used in offense and 80% used in 'dance', yet it pays off by tremendously boosting his power parameters.


Strips of paper which are pre-set with spells and ready to use at any given moment, although Tom Richmond has to create them firsthand (usually at home). He makes a thousand of these at one go, and keeps a hundred with him at all times. They may look like blank pieces of paper, yet they are etched with intricate designs that will illuminate like invisible ink under UV light when they are called upon. The trade off is that each 'effect' has a limited duration and is 'one-off' yet he can chain them into rapid fire spells, spending them like machine gun ammunition.

This is used as means to 'Buff' up, by stacking ten or more in one go. Upon the activation and duration of the spell they will 'burn up' and fade away, eventually self destructing yet this is the only way for these Loaders to vanish. Alternatively he can send them inside his own body to 'absorb' the spells and power up, inversely he can insert them into a target body.

In terms of characteristics and atomic attributes the paper possesses an Identical concept to silver, thus carries the anti-undead properties as well. His strikes can be fueled with pieces of mystical silver for concentrated strikes or light/white magic to enhance melee combat. He can use a loader's razor edges to cut through objects, or to encase an opponent with his paper.


Buff is the term generically used to describe a positive status effect that affects mainly player or enemy statistics (the spellsay he uses within loaders). Examples of buffs include:

  • Increase the movement speed of the target.
  • Increase the attack speed of the target.
  • Increase the vitality of the target.
  • Increase target's perception.
  • Increase target's physical defense.
  • Heal the target over time for a period of time.
  • Boost the damage output of the target.


Debuffs are effects that may negatively impact a target in some way other than reducing their vitality. Some examples of debuffs are:

  • Reduce the movement speed of the target.
  • Reduce the attack speed of the target.
  • Decrease the resistance of the target to various elements or forms of attack.
  • Reduce the stats of the target.
  • Cripple target's perception.
  • Lower target's physical defense.
  • Drain target's health.

There are countless other debuffs, which all depend on the Spell-said. Though, all share the same concept; to make a certain target less powerful in one or more aspects.

He can alternatively cast spells by scribbling a symbol, usually using a notebook and pencil he carries with him.


  • Total Inability to kick (superman syndrome) - something that cannot be changed by external forces (reality warping and omnipotents too)

Every attempt for kicking will ultimately result in failure

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