Pet Companion

Shiro the Kameosa

Found the little bugger lurking in a bar
The kameosa is a sake jar that gains the remarkable ability of never running dry. It takes great joy in getting mortals drunk and then further confusing them with a wide variety of pranks and illusions. Some kameosa have the ability to produce any liquid; from the finest sake to the vilest poisons. For many reasons the kameosa may be a mixed blessing to any household due to their influence on emotions by inducing love, hate, infidelity, foolish trust and blind rage.
Kameosa seem to be entirely beneficial, as any liquid store inside them will never run out. It spontaneously produce an inexhaustible supply of rice, sake, wine, water, or possibly any fluid one might put into it.
Who could argue with an infinite supply of sake, beer or scotch?!


Fowler's cohort, driver, partner, underling (and fan), Shiro respects and obeys nobody else. Prone to fits of gloating, he loves to show off. He can also become enraged and lose all perspective of danger.

Shiro's special power is high running speed, which he also uses as his weapon of choice. Shiro can perform a standing jump of about twenty feet with his powerful legs.

Shiro's stone body is highly resistant to physical injury. He can withstand high caliber bullets, falls from great heights, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, and powerful energy blasts without sustaining injury.

Shiro can manipulate the supernatural energy of his body to generate solid force fields around his body.

Shiro possesses the ability to draw upon mass from ectoplasm in order to grow in stature and strength.

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