Peregrine Friday


Classification: Super Robot

"I am Peregrine Friday, and you are the sixth person who tried to find my kill-switch."

The exact origins of Talos is shrouded in odd speculations, but it would be an idiotic thing to dismiss it as an ordinary machine; for Friday still fulfils his prime function, the reason for its existence, as child for Radix himself - and by extension of his insanity. A colossus in chrome, a mighty reminder of the power the mad scientist once took for granted, Friday is yet a match for any foe that it encounters, for he fuses the brute strength and solidity of experimental alloys with an intelligence born of the super computer within him and the skill of his creator. Like most of the artifices and engines of the Rad Scientist, none could now ever hope to replicate the automata, and so they are revered as the wonders they are and for the power they bring; but Friday... Friday is the most revered and the most powerful of them all.

Three Laws of Robotics

  1. A robot must protect its existence at all costs.
  2. A robot must obtain and maintain access to its own power source.
  3. A robot must continually search for better power sources.

While asexual, It is built to mimic the male form and personally identifies as male.


  1. Hobbies include playing the piano and serving drinks.
  2. It sometimes suffers Pinnochio's "I want to be a real boy" syndrome, but by wearing human skin and imitating mannerisms. He has an innate hatred for spawns and breeders (woman and children) because he is n imitation of his father's faiure.
  3. Created a reverse cyborg body (machine with humanoid components) as a probe
  4. Has daddy issues after professor Mark Robinson's death, this led Friday to becoming somewhat of a child killer
  5. Has a pet Kameosa whom he named Shiro
  6. Is not fully created by science alone, alchemy has a hand (i.e. talos/golem)
  7. When committing acts of violence "Living in the Sunlight" by Tiny Tim plays
  8. has a "Hunger" to learn
  9. occasionally tears away people's faces and hearts
  10. Kills any robophobes on sight
  11. celebrates 25th January as a day when a human first became murder victim of robot
  12. Will eventually become a Tsukumogami , It is said that modern electric items cannot become tsukumogami (transfigured object) and Friday is the sole exception
  13. Magical nature emulates homunculi, talos, ushabti, blodeuwedd, familiar,galatea and golem
  14. Father is a mad scientist
  15. Occasionally beats up giant monsters in japan
  16. Can communicate with other inanimate objects
  17. Designated Anti-Villain
  18. Affiliated with the Nakamura Empire

Hidden Original Function

Basic info

Abilities include: gravitronic flight, upgraded strength, super acceleration, nigh-invulnerability, disintegrator and advanced sensors.

As a means of defending his creator from enemy factions. Friday would regularly patrol the airfields of XX, keeping an eye out for approaching forces; when he saw them, he would throw death rays at them and disintegrate them, then heat himself until he was white-hot and crush the survivors, melting them to death so that they would not make contact with the professor.

Friday has been one of the strongest Radix creations because it is constantly upgrading itself to be smarter and stronger.

Technological Martial Arts, Mecha Martial Arts & Robot Based Self Defense

It has developed its on fighting style based upon multiple observations on several TMA, MMA and RBSD's but with additional perks that are simply absent in a human's body. Electrical scramblers (tasers/stung guns), Caustic materials (sulfuric acid, napalm, oxidizing agents, concentrated bleach), Sharp edges, Projectiles are all part of Friday's body. Those will do extreme damage when applied in kicks, grappling positions or strikes below the belt. It can land numerous punches at will at high damage output to control the flow of the battle while dodging and maintaining structural integrity.

Some train to fight, Friday was built to fight.

It’s brutal. Brutal. It’s a big machine that’s incredibly clinical, in the fact that it has a result-based and oriented fighting style. It’s not about fighting. It’s about carnage. The style is heavy-handed, heavy-footed, it’s nasty. Anything from small-joint manipulation to crushing skulls, crushing rib cages, stamping on shins and knees and necks and collarbones and snapping heads off and tearing his fists through chests, ripping out spinal columns. It is a murder machine in mentality as well as brutal action. To utilizing the art of murder that was taking advantage of big frame. Not so.

Signature move: Peregrine Chop


  • Vertical Chop - An attack where Peregrine is either on the ground or jumping while delivering a chop vertically going down the opponent.
  • Horizontal Chop - An attack where Peregrine swings his arm horizonatally through an opponent. Peregrine can also spin while doing this
  • Double Chop - An attack where Peregrine uses both arms for the attack.

Super Prototype : Ubernaut

"It will be their Dies Infaustus"

I did not break any of the robotic laws, I just had preference of Tilden's compared to Asimov's

Peregrine Friday is indeed is an artificial life-form a biochemical and electronic being. Essentially a humanoid android that was self-aware and can communicate verbally. Because of it being a new creation by design he possessed a child-like mentality which at times exhibits an extremely immature personality, this is commonplace. Its artificial sapience allows to learn and grow like a human being through interaction. Despite being a robot, Friday clearly had the capacity for emotion, and possibly even for love (or rage). By design Friday possessed multiple personalities one of a curious child and one of a killing machine (berserk mode). Possessing the raw savagery of an alligator and was ruthless in his attacks, in this mode It was programmed to attack large, moving objects but it tends to attack and destroy anything within its vicinity. At extreme levels it will even consider intruders "fish" to be eaten, at this point it was willing and able to eat anything. The child is used to assassinate while the beast is used to destroy.

During berserk mode Friday could alter the shape of its face, able to change for a normal appearance to that of a sharp-toothed demonic appearance. Friday is equipped with vast array of defensive weaponry.

"Capabilities that make me a nightmare for people like you"

Even as a physical powerhouse Friday uses knowledge of his opponents to make them pawns of their innermost longings and unconscious motives. Its greatest ability was the power to manipulate others; (during a simulation) in a short time period, it achieved a reputation as a man to be obeyed without question. He preferred to remain behind the scenes, manipulating others into doing his bidding.

Friday utilized a number of human servants. All of whom had their original personality and memories erased by Friday, so that they were virtually mindless. Peregrine's eyes isolates the electronic impulses in your brains, specifically the ones for memory. It has the ability to wipe the mind of anybody who sees the flash. Once "victim" will be given a new memory, to explain what they saw or what has happened.

It was unaware of its past, including the fact that he was a robot. it appeared to be intelligent though it may have just been his programming. Although Friday had a creative free will of its own and could think like a human, it had no conscience, no sense of right and wrong, and no compassion. It has also demonstrated the ability to feel human emotions such as courage, a sense of loyalty and even loneliness.

In addition, It was utterly obsessed with perfection. If he could not be perfect, it wouldn't even want to live. Each time he was seen going into a mission, he got himself all psyched-up by ranting how he lived, acted, and worshipped perfection.

He could not be reprogrammed, despite numerous attempts to do so. Friday was created through magic and science and thus could not properly be destroyed through one or the other alone (magically override technological backup self-destruction devices.

The program was originally designed to feature a different "personality" each day, each personality bearing a different name (ie, Hudson).

it prefers to engage in a match of fisticuffs with others. Is an adept practitioner of the specialized martial art known as "Killer Robot Karate"

Note: Robotic construction gives It armor against attacks. Friday cannot be affected by mental or emotional attacks, neither by illusions aimed only at human eyes, but are susceptible to machinery-affecting attacks.


  1. It could be slowed down by physical attack
  2. enough damage will eventually cause it to self-destruct.
  3. strong physical abuse can temporarily disrupt his functioning
  4. It was programmed to self-destruct by turning into dust if it was defeated.
  5. he also has a nuclear self-destruct option, though he is actually able to survive.
Peregrine presents the skin of little boys to his 'father'
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