osp - Story #2

Full Assault

FInally the organizations are sick and tired of his unruly actions and decided to gun him down, end his life permanently. Thus in that course of action they exerted more dangerous forces in the form of a re-conditioned warpers, a different flavor to the one which nearly blipped Hazard out of existence. Yet the cyborg manages to kill the warper before he completely vanishes. Sending legions and droves of their killers each with specific tasks, men and women of their special MK program which includes excessive tinkering with the mind and soul.

Another battle which was waged on yet an alternate universe, which extended later to planes where conventional laws of science are distorted beyond recognition. A realm without dark matter, a realm without the concept of atoms, a realm without linear time and ad infinitum. Space moved as violent as the stormy seas, abominations rose as monsters of the deep black and it quickly became a free for all in which it took Hazard over one month in terms of terran time. The realm dilates time where one earthen day would pass as a century.

As the fight span to a range of several multiverses Hazard stumbles into a Phenomena that became one and of his own, a requirement* that he would later need for the Cosmic Gladitorial combatives. He did not use it as he went on to tear out their ranks, striking them so hard that their personalities are naught. Stopping them at their thinking process before the time it takes for their neurons to send out electron signals. While simultaneously send out invisible nanoforms that act as pathogens.

Every strike packing kill-power and the over-enthusiasm to apply it liberally, calculating vulnerabilities. Still 'human' fragments which became soft targets as well as environmental hazards in the form of abomination, whom he had also fought in no-G environments. Flushing them in event horizons, which worked wonders towards the lesser ones and exhibiting tremendous outputs for stronger ones. Radiation, toxins, biotics and sleights became kill factors in his wake.

Eventually earning the attention of the recruiters of the Cosmic Gladiatorial events, as with his capacity to best those seemingly able to warp their own bodies as their forms are susceptible to his body that has bathed in their blood, attacking them in multiple planes at once. He does not possess the 'twist' in which they operate, yet he does possess the 'fist' to fight them. the recruiter simply reversed causality to revert the events so that it can observe in the dark.

Then he was recruited after seeing different scenarios for 1024 times; it extended a hand and proceeded to welcome Hazard into the new plains of combat. An aeons old tradition that stretches back several years before existence. Where combat is the optimum value and everything converges into one point to be the strongest, Gods, Abominations, Ascendants and at last they have one angry Cyborg.



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