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Hazard is not only a more “ asymmetric” version of Superman but a much darker version. If a mere mortal messes with Hazard then this mortal can expect instant death. Gods do not suffer disrespectful mortals.
What a nice guy
The very absurdity of Supermen using their vast powers to stop bank robbers and dealing with the symptoms of human suffering rather than the causes of human material suffering if not existential suffering.
  • Action Junkie: Hazard loves dramatic entrances and exciting fight sequences, so much that he’s willing to put on a good show for his own entertainment. Even if it means that being a little flashy puts him in a whole lot of danger, Hazard considers the consequences to be too small to be a real threat. His entire costume is designed to give a rather dramatic effect and he easily translates this mentality to his personal dialogue, fighting style and even his everyday interactions. Hazard lives for action and in a way gets an adrenaline high. The more exciting the fight is, the bigger the explosion, the more satisfied Hazard is and considers this all in a good day’s work.
  • Willing to die: Unlike most, Hazard has no qualm, no hesitation, no question about dying for his friends, his loved ones or his people. He was raised to fight and he is more than willing to do so if the need arose. This it not to say he is suicidal, but rather he will lay his life down for the good of others if needed.
  • Friendly and upbeat: Hazard is a friendly and upbeat person who cares about his friends and those he sees as his family. He will not hesitate to start a conversation with anyone even the newer members of his group. He even goes out of his way to converse with the members of the team, even if the conversations are short. He is very friendly with everyone, even allies he hasn’t met before.
Super heroes do not kill! That is what makes them heroes and not warriors.
  • Trustworthy and distrusting: Hazard is trustworthy and very trusting of those who have gained his trust. It is easy to gain his trust, however if you break his trust or betray him, gaining his trust back isn’t an easy thing to do but it’s not impossible, it just depends on how badly you have betrayed him or if you even meant for it to happen. Hazard isn’t distrusting of anyone except for his enemies and those who have hurt or harmed his friends and teammates.
  • Teamwork and leadership: Hazard can easily work as a team with anyone and can easily follow orders as well as give out orders and be a confident leader. Hazard has showed his leadership abilities time and time again. Personally Hazard prefers to work with one of his teammates rather than by himself, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t work solo when he has to.
  • Diplomacy: Self-trained at a young age, Hazard is a skilled diplomat. He moves through most high level social situations with a natural grace and ease. He can negotiate, act as an advocate, and bring people together and do it all with a benevolent air. He is also adept at reading the needs of her people and being a voice for them. He is a natural at diplomacy, a gift complimented by his development.
Hazard asks the question whether or not super heroes should use their powers more directly to shape the social and political landscape.
  • Hazard is generally intelligent, cautious and quite pragmatic ; he doesn't normally get caught up in the whole melodramatic super-villain behaviour. He tends to just kill her opponents and be done with it. To 'minion' npc's
  • Restless: Hazard just does not do 'idle' well. If he has nothing to do, he'll find something to do. He'll make something up. Even vacation and 'time off' for him (as rare as it is) consists of being active in some way. In his limited leisure time he travels or explores or parties or something, or most often just does pending work. Anything but just sit there.
  • Creative: Flexible of body, flexible of mind, Hazard is not one to be constrained by 'the box' in which most people think. He's very good at using the surroundings, personal information, some tidbit he watched on new media, or even something he learned in a open sandbox game to help him get through a problem. For this reason he's also eager to learn and do new things, because one just never knows when some apparently trivial thing will become useful in the future.
  • Calculating: Hazard is always thinking and always calculating. He continues to think of new ways to improve his own plans and devices, and in a combative situation that requires tactics, his mind is constantly looking at a thousand different scenarios and calculating the best option. Combat is a thinking game, just as life is. Each choice and move you make in combat has the possibility of taking our your opponent, or leaving yourself open for attack, such is life. Hazard understands this perfectly, and because of this he is always thinking ahead. He is always picturing how the 'game' will resolve if he moves one way, envisioning all possible scenarios and picking the action which is most likely to result in the scenario he most wants to see.
The civic consciousness and political consciousness of the Supermen. Supermen could take over the government rather than using their cosmic level powers to combat petty street crime. Supermen could effect the causes of crime i.e. social causes but chooses not to.
  • Courageous: It takes a lot of courage to go against the likes of galactic and universal threats, but Hazard does so without batting an eye. If he has to face death in order to help others, he will do it. If he has to face a whole army of beings almost as strong as him in order to help save his allies, he'll do that as well. He doesn't believe in running away from things, unless there's a strategic reason for it. He would never run away from something if it would put his allies in harm, though.
  • Perceptive: Hazard watches people and situations very carefully, always weighing and judging and calculating what's present and what's needed, always taking mental notes on abilities and wants and personalities and tendencies. There're always comparisons and contrasts and cross-references and judgment calls going on in his head, and as a result, he's always on top of things, able to predict likelihoods in tense circumstances and unstable relations. It's part of what makes him a good leader, and it's part of what makes him able to pinpoint just what needs to be said or done, and when.
  • Temperamental: His anger may drive him, but at the same time it is also very easily sparked. He's very easily angered and sometimes can be irked by the littlest things. Although he may have her calm and collected days, he is very prone to totally blowing up and completely demolishing whatever it is that has brought upon him such rage.
The actions of the Supermen are absurd. Superman literally saves cats while watching the world burn.
  • Warrior: Hazard developed to be a fine warrior. Not only is he gifted with the skill, but he also has the mindset of one as well. Headstrong, willing, and courageous, Hazard will go into battles with the pure intention of victory. He has a very strong mindset and is extremely determined and persistent. He is a fine warrior physically and mentally as well.
  • Direct: Hazard is very direct, if you have a question, expect an answer, and if it's one you don't like, then you probably shouldn't have asked in him first place. He'll say whatever is on her mind and will not hesitate to make a comment, even if it is totally unnecessary. He treats life the same way he does on the field, heading into it without fear or hesitation.
  • Aggressive: Held back by absolutely no moral code or rules, Hazard is not afraid to rip someone's head off, or even a little bloodshed. He's vicious and will claw her way through hoards of enemies to get to whatever he wants. Rather than waiting for the action to come to her, Hazard will run straight to it, and attempt to demolish it. When enraged
  • Fun-loving: Sure, Hazard is an psychopathic sort who destroys, but he also enjoys having a good time and living life to its fullest. After all, what point is there in destruction if one isn't willing to live their own life to the fullest? When time permits, Hazard enjoys playing music, participating in combative sports games, watching the latest movies or just heading out and hitting some of the local clubs. After all, all work and no play...
  • Helpful: Even when he's not actively serving as a destroyer, Hazard is quick to aid those who might need some help, such as assisting a neighbor move some heavy furniture, holding the door open for a disabled man, or giving directions to someone who's lost. This isn't to say that Nathan will allow someone to take advantage of his helpfulness - if someone is trying to get Nathan to do all their heavy lifting for them when they're just as capable of pulling half the load; he isn't going to fall for it.
During pro-reg Hazard is later acquitted of the death of a super-villain by a court of law. Presumably, the jury realizes the absurdity of trying to imprison someone like the metabeing who will not stay imprisoned.
  • Loyal: Hazard is incredibly loyal to those who join the ranks of his friends and loved ones. Not one to betray a trust, or to go back on his word, he will use everything at his disposal to aid his friends, from giving them a shoulder to cry on to taking a bullet for them. His loyalty to his teammates and family exceeds even that; if needed he would give his life or his soul to protect them.
  • Man of his word: Hazard is a reliable sort of person, as they say a 'man of his word'. If he says he'll be somewhere, that he'll do something, that something will happen, rest assured that will be the case unless it's impossible to get done and even then Hazard will give it his best shot at making it happen. The only time Hazard makes promises is when he knows he can keep them, and so far in his life there have been very few promises he's been unable to keep.
  • Intuitive: Hazard has an uncanny ability to see something out of the ordinary or out of place in what should be an otherwise perfectly normal scenario. His natural instinct is almost always right. He will not rely on luck and instinct solely, of course, but when two possibilities seem equally likely from a logical point of view (or even, considering the nature of his usual foes, when one scenario seems vastly more likely than another), a burst of intuition will typically help him find the right answer to a given problem. Part of his intuition is his ability to look at a situation or person and determine things that are normally not seen. He can judge a person's expression, their body language, and tell whether they are lying, and even tell what move they will make next.
Hazard is thinks of itself not as a rogue super hero but rather as a super hero that has decided to rebel against its absurdist role and are sane in an insane world.
  • Versatile: Hazard is one of the most combatively skilled people alive. He has abilities ranging from extraordinary martial arts prowess, survival and agility with thrown weapons, to stealth, assassination, and tactical leadership. In any combat situation he is never without advantage, always seeing ways to attack, to use his environment, to set up his opponent for the death blow three moves away.
  • Open Minded: Being able to accept people for who they are, regardless of their quirks, regardless of their problems, requires one to be open-minded, and such is a fairly good description of Hazard. Given his rather abruptly-changing life, Hazard has had to be open-minded, especially given his abilities.
Like anti-heroes, anti-villains are morally ambiguous. Sometimes, anti-villains will behave in ways that are altogether kind, principled, or benevolent compared to traditional villains. Stories may delve extensively into these redeeming qualities, even as the anti-villain continues his role as the story's antagonist.
In fact, anti-villains often elicit sympathy because the audience is made to feel that they are "scapegoats" of sorts; that is, the anti-villain doesn't "deserve" to be cast as a villain, but is consigned rather arbitrarily to this post by the conventions of storytelling.
The main difference between anti-villains and anti-heroes is in their intentions. Despite pursuing aims that can be considered noble and/or heroic, anti-villains are still considered the antagonists of the story due to their ruthless and evil actions, despite the sympathetic qualities or good intentions that they possess.
Anti-heroes may exhibit qualities that are more selfish or ruthless than anti-villains, but they remain in the "hero" category because they are considered (in theory, at least) to have a goal that is admirable. Anti-villains and anti-heroes may sometimes overlap, depending on what their ultimate objectives are considered to be.



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