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The 'Good' Friday

His other nickname is "Blender", many died after figuring out why
"You can't cut the moon's reflection on water."

Name: Battler

Real Name: Bateleur W. Friday

Aliases: Magician, Tritonia's White Knight, Blender, Mister Ginsu, Super Fast Guy with Blades

Age: X

Height: 6' 7".

Weight: 362 lbs.

Hair: Brown.

Eyes: Blue.

Place of Birth: Tritonia.

Occupation: Coast Guard.

Affiliation(s): Tritonia.

Origin: Cyborg

Identity: Public.

Family: Senator Cassius Aelius (Father - Died 250 BC). Livilla Aelius (Mother - Died 250 BC).

Bateleur Walter "Magician" Friday is a 'Friday' made to operate within Tritonia and serve at its best interests, currently he is the youngest of the family of four. He does not inherit nor possess the qualities of his predecessors, as he is not an insane unethical scientist like Radix, or an observant sentry like Peregrine nor a battle maniac like Fowler. He is his own person with his own distinct personality.

He is among Quarl Jaega's best pupils in terms of combative prowess and is currently enlisted in Tritonia's Armed Forces, in which he is qualified to join the Finfolk as he has accomplished many achievements at high distinction. He is stationed at the borders of outer Tritonia to handle more persistent invaders. Usually meeting them in direct combat above the seas or on the air. But most of his other missions involve going out to foreign land to help out and provide a new type of hero to improve international relations. He is clever as his great grandfather, strong like his grandfather and unpredictable like his father.

His homeland,Tritonia made him the first line of defense from foreign invasions by the old powers. They simply call him Battler, a humble, clean young man with amazing martial arts abilities and blades that come out of his limbs. Battler's hand-to-hand style is very fast with an arsenal of blade strikes and slashes

He is an expert chef, although Radix is the only one who seems to appreciate his rare delicacies, as Fowler just wants a cheese burger. He is also skilled at IQ puzzles, computers, and household chores, though he gets little to no appreciation from Fowler.


  • Telekineticist Bateleur is designed to be a 'special' breed of tritonian
  • Cutting which the cutter can induce cuts, lacerations and stab wounds. This ability can cause the same sensation and effect as if a subject were being jabbed or sliced by a blade of nearly any sort. This ability is used to loosen weak bonds, draw blood or the like. However, this ability has some drawbacks as the use of blades (the right blade must be used to cut the right size or density of material, hence why the FFP Sabres used by battler is to channel his cutting energies).
  • Lentation, Battler perceives time slower than it actually is, and to adjust the body's speed and reflexes to match this perception of time. One with this ability could perceive those with superhuman speed approaching them, and react to them as though they were moving at the same speed. This ability could be used to evade nearly any attack, by seeing it like it was moving slower, when in fact he is moving faster.


  • Cyborg Martial Artist of an advanced level as he is one of the premier Tritonian Pankratiasts around, but he is also a practitioner of the "Quad Swords Arts" His weapon of choice being four particle charged force field sabres to slice and his dice his foes. Each blade juts out of his cyborg forearms (which can be released at either the wrist or elbow for close quarters combat) or legs (the leg blades can be re-mounted on the each hip, just below the elbows.The Blades themselves have a very wide range of movement from their hinges. The weapons are able to cut through tough Mech armor, executed by flipping out the Sabres and running or flying alongside the enemy). He likes to charges the blades on all four on his limbs with energy and slashes enemies with them.
"You have only one life to live, yet I have more than a million ways to end it"

Bateleur uses many Capoeira-styled attacks in his fights. His 'pankration' style also combines aspects of Aikido, Sumo (He loves to slap, push, trip, and flip his opponents around), Taekwondo (Battler has blades on his legs that allow him to cleave a man in two, or take a killing slice out of a woman's neck, with one neat whip of his leg) and Eritrean Testa (Testa is a fighting technique art that emphasizes headbutting. Its basis is on real hand-to-hand combat techniques, although it is often practiced in the open as a dance. The system as adapted includes kicks, punches, and limited grappling, but the emphasis is on headbutting, with the other techniques being used mainly to set-up headbutts. It is not unusual for Battler to use "dirty techniques" such as eye-gouging and biting. In traditional Testa, there is a sole focus on trapping and headbutting). Battler has been known to kick, stomp, toss, boot, drop kick, karate chop and otherwise humiliate his foes. Fowler achieves this by combining his two forearm blades with his leg blades, which lets him create slicing air blades via kicking, thus giving him the nickname 'Blender' or 'Mister Ginsu'.

Having two inside his arms and two within his legs. By attacking with with four sabres simultaneously makes it extremely hard for the enemy to dodge all of them at once and avoid getting injured. Should the enemy blocks the swords inside his arms Bateleur can use the swords within his legs and if the enemy blocks the sabres within his legs he can attack with those inside his arms. Battler is extremely skilled with these blades and his fighting style which he began adopting since a young age. He can spin in a manner similar to a buzz-saw, or else employing a series of unrelenting attacks switching the locations as well as the blades with which he attack, leaving no opening for even a metahuman to react.

  • Tractor Beam an application of forcefield technology that can pull on material objects at a distance ranging from feet to miles.
  • Pressor Beam an application of forcefield technology that can push on material objects at a distance ranging from feet to miles.

which can "tear the guts out" of enemy ships

  • Gravitic Sword
    This is on of Battler's secret weapons. Battler creates the Sword by bringing his two "hands" together, then parting them with the Sword materializing in between. This is one Battler's special sword that does not have a discernable shape. Two gravitational planes appear, acting as the sword's blade. Those that come in contact with these two opposing gravity planes will be cleaved in two by the forces of gravity. A one-handed, formless sword imbued with the PSI property that can derange the enemy's mind. It can also harness his cutting energy.
  • High Jump Capability just slightly behind Fowler
  • High Acrobatic and Reflex Capability where the former is slightly less but the latter is vastly more than his predecessor


  • Shining Wizard - The opponent must be kneeling down on one knee. The other leg must be placed foot first on the ground, so it is angled slightly. This provides a step for Battler to initiate the move. When the opponent is in this position, Battler will charge forward. As he comes within a few steps of the opponent, Battler will lurch his body forward before stepping on the opponent’s angled leg. With him now half-balanced on the opponent’s leg, he will use his other leg and swing it towards the opponent’s face. Battler's knee will connect with the opponent’s face, in turn knocking them down to the ground or decapitating them with the FFP Sabre.
  • Enziguiri - The opponent must stand upright. With the opponent in sight, the Battler will then charge forward. Battler's right/left foot will partially balance off the standing target’s leg, or the Battler will ‘step-up’ to an imaginary platform out of thin air. Once in this position, Battler is then able to lift his free leg and begin to swing it upwards. When the move hits, the wrestler’s swung leg will hit the opponent square in the back of the head. As Battler rolls away, the opponent will fall.
  • Pele Kick - Battler’s back must be towards the opponent. Battler will first duck an incoming attack attempt from the opponent, and wait for them to turn around. Now with the Battler's back towards the opponent, he will swing his arms to hit a backflip manoeuvre similar to a Standing Moonsault. Battler will flick out one of their legs so that it is within distance to kick the opponent on top of the head. Battler will also go all the way over onto their stomach, as he does not need his hands to balance the kick. This will then allow the foot to connect with the opponent’s head, which will drop them to the floor.
  • Battler Kick - It has traditionally consisted of a flying side kick and is used against the opponent after it has been weakened from fighting with Battler. His Coup de Grace.

    • Flying Side Kick (aka Flying Kick or Jump Kick) - A standard flying kick. Battler either jumps or flips towards the target and finishes with a side kick. This is the most commonly-used kicking style for a Battler Kick.
    • Flying Front Kick (aka Jumping Front Kick, Bicycle Kick or Push Kick) - Battler normally leaps forward and is facing the monster while performing multiple front kicks while one leg is tucked in a bicycle fashion.
    • Drop Kick - Battler will leap into the air and then drop down onto the target, kicking it with both feet together. It has several variations, a front drop kick, a side dropkick, and a heel dropkick (which closely resembles an axe kick variation).
    • Corkscrew Kick (aka Screw Kick, Drill Kick or Spiral Kick) - Similar to any flying kick variants such as Flying Side Kick or Drop Kick, but Battler will spin while executing the attack.
    • Axe Kick - Battler jumps up and the kick strikes downward with the heel of the foot at the adversary. Sometimes a Battler may flip and strike with his toes (variation).
    • Scissor Kick (or Leg Scissors) - Battler either jumps or flips towards the monster and will finish with a scissor kick or headscissors.
    • Flying Knee Kick - An attack which Battler jumps and strikes his enemy knee-first.
    • Side Kick - An attack which Battler runs/walks/stands and turn 90 degrees before making a single side step towards enemy and kick with the nearest foot.
    • Roundhouse Kick - The attack where Battler attacks the foe with a forward spinning round kick.
    • Jumping Roundhouse Kick - Same with roundhouse kick, but Battler will jump before doing a mid-air "side bicycle roundhouse" kick.
    • Tornado Kick (aka Cyclone Kick, 540 Spin Kick, or Flying Inward Crescent) - A variant of a flying roundhouse kick; however, the area of impact varies (ie instep, heel, arc, etc).
    • Spinning Heel Kick - A kick where Battler turns their body 360 degrees before landing the heel or the ball of the foot to the target. Battler may also do it in mid-air.
    • Slide Kick - A kick where Battler slides toward an enemy then kicks with the foot on the top side.

Coup de Grace

  • Sawing A Woman in Half - his version aims for hemicorporectomy
  • Zig-zag Girl - A being is placed into this black cabinet (forcefield), and then two blades are forced through the cabinet from front to back. The section in the middle is forced to the side and the being appears to have been dismembered in three sections.
  • Sword Cabinet - Imagine the reactions of his foes when he traps heir leader's body into the black box (forcefield), seal the sides into place and then begin to impale real FFS Sabres into the black box. he magician then proceeds to thrust swords through every conceivable angle, leaving no apparent room to hide. Once the swords are all in place, he reveals that he has made the head of the leader vanish! No head, no crime! Was it really murder?

For his tricks Battles uses a deployable forcefield , from the inside It is impossible to pass through it without disabling it first but from the outside ot bears the important distinction of being semi permeable to prevent contents from escaping. because it is permeable - outside objects can pass through it.



  • "God Speed" Acceleration Mode which taps into the Speed Force, allowing him to move at superhuman speeds. Acceleration mofr can steal speed, store information, and project holograms.
"That is probably an alien"

He is a citizen who does almost everything at super speeds.

  • Rumble Ball which allows him to morph into a small metallic sphere. While in this mode Samus can easily roll through small openings not normally accessible and attack. (he can jump when in this form)
  • Xam to split his body apart at the joints, and have each segment act independently, able to fly about apparently unaided. He utters the command "Scindo" to separate, and must say "Contraho" to join the parts back together again. He can even split off individual finger segments.

Because of this Battler is capable of wielding blades FSS Sabres in his arms and in his knees, after detaching the shin and forearm. As Battle's sword arms (his cyborg arms conceal swords) become more powerful as he uses them. The cyborg fist that is in place of his forearms is capable of launching itself along with the wrist from the arm to punch/grab enemies at a distance before returning via flight or simply teleporting back. Battler is capable of straightening hiss fingers and then rapidly spinning his hand, transforming it into a deadly, rotating saw.


  • Monofilament wire is a strand of filament microscopically thin, created from a single unbroken chain of molecules.They possess high tensile strength (higher level than diamond) and are very nearly impossible to break. They are still as more supple and flexible than a copper wire. They are always extremely thin, microscopically invisible (literally a single molecule wide.)

Both palms with monofilament wires stored within each finger (He stores them around his forearms and he also keeps some around his calves to use if his hands are immobilized), which he uses to tightly grasp or lacerate his opponents. He can also manipulate them with enough skill to pick objects up without cutting them.

  • Medi-palm simply place it over a victim's bare chest, and specialized sensors in the glove's fingertips relay vital signs such as pulse rate, core body temperature, blood-oxygen level, heart rate variability, and blood pressure to a connecting computer (Bateleur).
  • Force-talon Should the need arise, Battler can detach one of its fingers. Once detached, the finger will have a mind of its own and can be used for various missions. Every individual finger is also equipped with a force-claw, able to slash through any substance.


  • Structural Integrity Fields are force fields designed to be integrated and work with normal matter, in order to greatly strengthen and reinforce the latter. The force field conforms itself over the surface of the object, helping it retain its shape, and for difficult situations it can permeate the quantum structure of the object itself, reinforcing it on a subatomic level. It allows Bateleur to withstand some truly astounding damage, such as survive a near-hit with a nuclear bomb without shields, or even while being hit by the mountain-shattering blows of Fowler.

It takes skill and finesse it would take to integrate force fields with matter without seriously deforming or damaging the latter.

  • Siphoning Force Fields which completely absorb and retain all energy that hits them. Because they can absorb all energy they encounter, including light, his blades or his SIF can appear to be made of of utter darkness. This system also had the downside of completely blinding most sensors and blocking all communication when on.

This is an approach to invisibility, namely absolute blackness (only useful against dark backgrounds or at night). It can also generate a wave of energy which simulates the effects of total darkness. This can be used distract opponents or obfuscate her own movements, enabling him to defeat them with greater efficiency.

  • Reflective Shield Hardener would increase Shield resistances, but it would also emit an EM field that would create electromagnetic focused rays that would reach the foes that has 'lock-on' on Battler. This smart magnetic field would have some limited radius (not more than 8 kilometers). This would look like soft rays of light that follow foes (the ones that have a lock) orbiting the ship that has activated this Reflective Shield Hardener.
Sword x Shield

Whenever an enemy fires a weapon upon the Battler, there will be a random chance for the Reflective Shield hardener to “return the attack” by emitting a shockwave (pretty much like a voltaic arc or lightning) that would damage the a foe if it’s in range. The range of that shockwave would also be pretty random, but the shockwave itself will be aimed to the Foes with the help of the magnetic field.

It will take some time for the shockwave(s) to charge on the shield surface and after 1.5 seconds there will be a blast aimed to the aggressing target. The damage of these shockwaves will be mostly EM and Thermal. The Reflective Shield Hardener itself will become ineffective if the ship has no shields left.

The device would preserve Battler's Fields, but the shockwave emitted would be rather ineffective and it will only scratch the foe (if it is in range). Sometimes the shockwave itself will not be emitted at all or if it is emitted it may be too short to reach the aggressing ship. The shields will be pretty damaged, but the shockwave emitted would have the best range (up to the maximum of 8 kilometers) and it would apply lots of damage to the aggressing ship(s).

This is how the effects of “returning attacks” can vary. The Reflective Shield Hardener will behave pretty much randomly and will be able to absorb up to 50% of the incoming damage (also adding the current resistances to the shield) and will emit a weak and short shockwave, or it will increase the incoming damage up to 100% but it would emit a strong shockwave, plus every other value between these two extreme options.

Simply said – strong resistance (absorbing damage) with weak shockwaves, or weak resistance (increased damage) with powerful shockwaves. Actually the resistances that the Reflective Shield Hardener can apply may remain unchanged. The effect of absorbing or increasing the incoming damage is a separate thing.


  • Force Field Pendulum Sabre When turned off, the force field blade seems like an empty tonfa, much like a deactivated laser blade. When activated, however, the force field generator within the limbs creates a force field shaped like a sword’s blade (typically two feet to five meters long). The edge of this force field blade can be made far sharper than even the keenest molecular edge, tapering down even smaller than individual atoms, and the blade itself is frictionless or nearly so. This would allow the weapon to slice through almost any matter with ease. The force field blade may or may not be visible to the human eye, depending on its design.
Back then it was light tonfas

The nature of the force field used may affect how the weapon handles and the type of damage it does. For example, electron-based force fields may also deliver an electrical shock to its target even as its slicing through it.

  • Force Field Pendulum Sabre: 'Exotic Particles' A deflective barrier of energy, the blade contains particles that causes matter to disintegrate on contact. The particles making up the blade’s field is a type that would either incinerate (basic setting) or disintegrate (for difficult situations) most types of matter on contact. Anti-gluons, the antimatter version of the theoretical particles that hold atomic nuclei together are used, this would be accompanied by a brief flash of neutronic radiation as the atomic nuclei in the targets they cut fly apart.

He could also use them as a shield in some cases, though mainly to deflect projectiles. The blades could be re-positioned on the side providing more control so that the blade could be spun on its tan axis. The angled configurations help provide a smooth and stable cutting experience.

Additional Utility

They could not only focus his elemental flame powers, but also combine to form a Saberboard. They can reach high speeds and attain altitudes of more than a hundred feet. They can hover.


Kruptos Shield

Battler displayed a unique form form of telekinetic sword arts; having the ability to wield six or more FSS (Flight, Swift, Strike) Sabres in combat, holding each of them aloft with his PSI, and having them fight with a will of their own. Some telekinetic sword arts techniques, like the 'Flying Sabre', were offensive, while others were defensive. A defensive technique, called the 'Sabre Sphere', was used by practitioners of Quad Sword Arts. It consisted in having the FSS Sabres whirl in a circle around the practitioner, thus creating a defensive, but deadly, wall.

Stored on the Kruptos Shield are six FSS Sabre Hilts ( which appears to be made by simple plastic) , of which there are 3 different types. The 2 X Hilts are long hilts which are usable as separate homing projectiles or as hand-held swords. The Y Bits perform in the same manner, but possess the ability to generate a beam saber (A beam surrounds the Swords when a switch is activated. It can also change it's temperature as needed, such as Ice beam which freezes anything it touches & Heat beam which melts anything it touches respectively. It can also unfreeze those who were frozen and be used as a force field against heat-omitting weapons. The Z Hilts are similar in function to the X Hilts, but are half the size of the latter. They have hidden handles that enable them to function as hand-held swords. He can use them to throw like daggers at his opponent or combine them into one large double-ended sword (He can throw this weapon like a javelin to disable an enemy). They also possess many attacking roles in Battler's arsenal such as attacking individually or forming up as a whole set with the FFP Sabres to become a Scythe Saber.

In addition to offense, the bits can also create a "Ultimata Shield" when positioned together in a circular pattern and aid in defense by grouping into a spherical, barrier-like defense, using a thick saturation of Exotic Particles as a Force Field. This force field rotates its component particles through their volume, at very high rates. Even though the fields seem to be static glowing walls, in these sources they are more akin to rapidly flowing rivers of energy particles, constantly looping back on themselves. The shield itself is an accelerator that whizzes exotic particles to tremendous velocities. However, unlike conventional versions of such fields, the fields extend a "core", shaping the beam to loop back on barrel even after it leaves the formation. The particle stream forms a tight ‘sphere’, constantly feeding back onto itself. Its glow would come from the ionization effect that most charged particle beams form in an atmosphere. In a vacuum, however, this may mean the blade of a particle fountain forcefield would be invisible.

When in use, a “FSS Sabres” emits a glowing blue-etched force field shaped like a blade with a mathematically perfect edge and point which can cut through anything except another FFP/FSS Sabre (Blocking with a physical weapon would be nigh-impossible as it slices through all matter, only an Battler's fields can stop it.). The base of the hilt houses the energy core. He is even capable of employing his swords effectively using his feet, by wielding their hilts between his big toe and second toe. He can use them to throw like deadly frisbees as they slice through anything in their path.

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