Fowler: Assassin

League of Shadows

Fowler: A mourning dove flew against the strong mountain winds across the himalayan mountains, through sticky layers of snow and perched itself on an open balcony, on the bird's left lef is a tiny note tied with a strand of red string. There is enough space to write a small sentence. "I would like to join this assembly of assassins, to learn the arts and crafts of murder. But I would like to start as a tier 1 underling and earn my way up through experience"
Jean Luc: The marching sound of devotion resonated as two shadowy clad assassins walked in unison side by side delicately cradling the feathered fascination in their hands. Sweeping open the enormous decorated ceremonial doors leading to the main hall the eagerly bowed before the Living Legend. With extended hand the dove was paced and the letter read. "Well dhen brothers, go and find dis man, so dat he may undertake dee initiation" he reverberated confidently.
Fowler: The band of assassins returned moments after to present the guest to their lord. A tall figure shaded by the lighting of the temple, the group had brought a blindfolded man with his hands tied behind his back. Oddly garbed, as he sports a pair of frameless sunglasses with thin metallic shades complimented by his attire layered with a overly long, thick, dark gray pelted fur coat with his chest bare which is odd considering the mountain climate along with rings with gemstones on all of the fingers of both his hands. The shrouded man said "I would like to test myself at the highest level by your excellence of executions"
Jean Luc: Jean sat without emotion or response yet illustrated an heir of entitlement in his complacency. Until a subtle smirk initiated an instantaneous chain of events as the accompanying guards swiftly unsheathed their katana's simultaneously slicing towards the new arrival's head.
Fowler: The tall scruffy blindfolded man gave off softened laughter as the blades approached his neck. Judging by air vibrations there are three men behind and four men in front, by calculation of the mind he made a clock. 10, 12 and 2 are coming straight with their curved edges attempting to skewer his head while 9 on he side is initiating a slashing motion to the neck however 7, 6 and five are imitating the front. His hands are bound but his feet are in motion, instinctively making a movement that cannot be performed with the human body, his head and knees connected to meet as his hair barely dodged the unison of blade points which took away some of his hair. His feet even though longer than a normal man's was at a higher elevation then the mid slash aimed by 9 to wound his midsection for the crippling blow to set up for decapitation. In the count of seconds the right leg lashed out soaring like the tip of a whip, waved at supersonic sleed and used 9's throat as a springboard to evade while simultaneously using his left leg to swing in a counter clockwise to collapse the testicles of the six men around him. Evading as he strike in one fluid movement, standing still after hearing several groans of pain. While more men appeared from the shadows to see their peers recuperate and awaiting orders from their superior.
Jean Luc: Skillfully dispatching the lower tier members of the League within seconds the unorthodox recruit was visibly no simple combatant. "Impressive"the Cajun's voice relaxed and unhinged. "But why ask for something in which you clearly have no need of?" his question aimed towards the man's request of starting off within the Tier One system. "You've come here and presented yourself as something you are clearly not.........." His brow arched bringing with it the devilish smirk. "Deception, misdirection, dees are fundamental elements in dee World of an assassin, but something tells me you already know dat, dont you mon ami?" he rhetorically asked.
Fowler: The blindfolded man replied with a simple explanation after fulfilling his given task "I want to start as the others do, without a silver spoon. Yes, Assassins also use the tool of deception to fool others into taking lies as facts. My lie is that I am a lowly henchmen, henchmen's whom are often targets for unruly intruders who infiltrate our strongholds. Henchmen who can be overwhelmed as the intruders aim to topple the figurehead, but replace the figurehead with henchmen and the intruder will be confused. Even dead depending who they encounter first, plus given this benefit of doubt our underlings may keep their focus as they can be caught at any given moment should they falter. Good for their morale, and good because it removes complacency. Like how muggers would rather attack a special forces operative in their daily clothes rather than their operational ones"
Jean Luc: Rising to his feat the Living Legend folded his arms behind his back while advancing towards his guest. Placing one hand on his shoulder without looking at him Jean Luc simply smiled, "Welcome to dee League of Shadows."

Yeti Forces

Separates men from the boys
And on that very day God said "Let there be Light"

Fowler walks inside the caverns with Fred, who is now in possession of a very large blunt weapon that weights exactly one hundred tons. A weight that they can swing around without effort, it looks like Fred is swirling a piece of Hay. The other snowmen looked into curiosity at the tool as the all focused their medium span attention towards Fred that brought his new object like how an olympic torchbearer would run to ignite the flames. They all pondered and they all looked, when Fred made it into the middle they stared to scream in unison. But as soon as Fred smashed the club to the ground they started to jump and clap, as if reaching a monumental triumph in the creation of a weapon within their development. A first glance at evolution if you will, and as he clubs the floor the snowmen began to scream even louder. The males beat their chests while giving loud cheerful noises that confuses the ninja scouts placed outside. Fred has a piece of 'technology' in his hands, and the rest of them praise him for making such a wondrous achievement.

Fowler picks up a checklist on a notepad and ticks off primitive weapons on the list, next he looks down to 'the wheel' and 'fire', noting this wondrous progress Fowler snapped the ninjas to release predator animals handpicked from 'monster island' offshore the sumatran islands where King Kong resides. A 'modified' V-Rex appeared from the lower caverns to approach the monumental moment, the rest of the snowmen stood behind Fred. Not because they are scared, rather because they did not know what that 'scaly big thing with teeth and bad breath' is. With the club in his hand Fred seized the open slot in history, jumping triumphantly with 'history' in his right hand. Going down like a thunderbolt to strike the horrible lizard, dead on the head and hit for the kill.

At this precise moment for the snowmen History was written in cave drawings


  • Snowmen possessed great strength (Class 100, enabling him to lift/press a hundred tons) that seemed to increase when they went berserk, endurance, durability, enhanced stamina, speed and agility, as well as razor sharp teeth, and claws on both hands and feet.
  • Some of them possess human level intelligence. While they intially could not speak, they understood language and could communicate their own thoughts via sign language.
  • They could perform unusual tricks, such as firing a rifle. They also knew how to play poker and ping-pong, and could drive a stick-shift automobiles.
  • They could sense the thoughts and control the wills of most animals.
  • superhuman healing factor, able to heal cuts and slashes almost instantly and even survive having its chest clawed out with time.
  • They were immune to cold
  • keen senses, as befitted an omnivorous predator.


  • They could often be calmed by pretty things that might catch their eye.
  • Snowmen stood about 12'-15' tall roughly "the size of a house."
  • They are coated with thick fur, which protects them from the cold
  • strong animal instincts and were able to instinctively travel across land to find their home
  • Sasquatches were omnivores and had extended incisors, notably from the lower jaw and fang-like teeth
  • in combat, Snowmen fought with a great bestial fury and his strength would increase dramatically
  • They can go tremendously long periods of time in hibernation without food.
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