Professor Mark "Radix" Robinson, Ph.D

He is a follower of Clarke's Laws:

  1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
  2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
  3. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Prof Robinson is described to be human on the exterior, but demonic on the inside. His polite manners and ever-present smile, he could be mistaken for a harmless person. Professor is calm, collected and polite, he speaks very formally and courteously, and he is frank even when he tells his enemies what's awaiting them. He was also not above lying to his opponents in battle to lure them into a false sense of security.

The man who created Friday
Either his or his subjects

Skilled robotocist and scientist genius in general.

  • Faction: Chaotic Neutral
  • Super Name: Radix
  • Name: Mark Robinson
  • Base of Operations: N/A, wherever he pleases and most of them are not on any maps, all are secret research facilities.
  • Birthdate: May 1 1954
  • Age: 59
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6' 2" (1.89 m)
  • Weight: 210 pounds
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Identity: Secret
  • Super Power Origin: Science & Human
  • Place of Birth: Wisconsin
  • Known Aliases: Rad Scientist
  • Group Affiliation: Multiple terrorist organizations and government bodies
  • Avatar Appearance: Hal Emmerich
  • Mini Biography:

Professor is a highly intelligent, knowledgeable and calculating man, who remains in the shadows and observes the situation before making his move. Radix is best described by his colleagues as a bizzare, surreptitious and solipsistic. Though a smart man, he masks his intelligence behind a cloak of general absurdity and defiant behavior. He is preoccupied with being excellent and wants people to feel the strength of his knowledge; however, because of his rough attitude, he tends to estrange everybody around him. With lecture fees and book advances, he's able to purchase the big bases on hidden ares on the map. Nobody really takes him as a sane person, so the title Rad Scientist is apt. Tucked in the deepest, most secretive crevices of the laboratory, he's been tasked to make, annihilate, transmute and introduce as he sees fit. As the laboratory's best, he will define the future course of science for his purposes. He hides deep within the base. He uses his unwilling cyborgs to defend him from the intruders. He shows no fear of the in intruders. He is greatly certain of himself. What he lacks in compassion for the unwell, consideration for mortal dignity (able to vivisect a child at the drop of a hat), and any sort of verifiable official practice in science, Radix more than makes up for with a bottomless supply of gizmos and a trembling zeal for installing them into exposed flesh. Raised in Wisconsin, during an era of serial killers, Radix considers robotization a generally unplanned side effect of satisfying his own morbid boredom.Entertainment, not money, is his main goal; he is mainly a hedonist and the jobs he takes are chosen exclusively for his own amusement. He often perceive individuals as guinea-pigs and really does enjoy to make individuals "transcend." Mark believed that the human race was diseased, and therefore fully devoted himself to curing his species. He also didn't seem to mind at all that he may also be killed by the creations he would unleash on the Earth. He considers feelings and emotions as a useless hindrance for a full understanding of the human mind. When asked why he does such grotesque things, he automatically answers "Because it's great." Furthermore, Professor is a remorseless sadist who likes to manipulate people and to play foul mind games, such as forcing people to fight their comrades or their loved ones.

His calling card

He used to be a real doctor/surgeon. He actually used to save lives when he served as the doctor (combat medic) on a battlefield.

  • Did You Know?:
  • He has Dextrocardia
  • Battle Cry: Here we go again
  • Character Logo : A bloody snowflake
  • Found in the library during the afternoon
  • Found in the laboratory during the night
  • Occupation: Hired Brain
  • Marital Status: Widower
  • Children: 1
  • Beliefs and Values: Transhumanism & Singularity
  • Intrest: Defeating the human limits
  • Obsessions: Creation
  • Long Term Ambitions: Improving the world
  • Favorite Hangout: Area 51
  • Where does he live: N/A, he is nomadic
  • Favorite Food: Oysters
  • Favorite Music: Chopin
  • Favorite Phrase: Excelsior
  • Talents: Fast Learner
  • Weaknesses: Apathy
  • Important people: His 'son'
  • Pets: Several mock up cyborgs
  • Favorite Hero/Villian: ???
  • Favorite historic Figure: Nikola Tesla
  • Close Friends: ???
The Rad Scientist

Mark Robinson is the deranged genius behind the creation of Friday, a man who is regarded as being dangerous for society to function. Regardless of his drawbacks he is simply too valuable for several powerful people. Mark has worked with several individuals interested in dominating the world, and others urging to destroying it. He is a genius of a higher echelon, excelling in multiple disciplines of science as far as to being regarded as its master. The rad scientist is named because of multiple mental and physical disorders that pose a threat to society and welfare of himself and others. He creates drugs and abuses them.

He has been convicted of multiple accounts of serious offenses and crimes, most given pardon and amnesties. Mark is essentially a hired brain willing to give his talents to the highest bidder, usually working with government bodies or corporations. He has violated several laws relating the issue of controlled substances, but the authority turned the other cheek every-time he is 'caught'. He has engaged in prostitution and unlawful commercialized vices for at least ten years. He has been involved in money laundering, both as a gatekeeper and a benefactor. He has experience in severe human trafficking within the United States and outside as well, both done for at least five years. Has been threatened for removal and deportation, which was followed through.

Last seen on Area 51

Mister robinson is not only a man of science, he's also a man of mystery who has his fair share of espionage, sabotage and export control violations. While he is the brain of the operations in some cases he would resort to acts of terrorism under his alias. He has both give financial backing and supported monetarily in the name of terrorism. A revered member and a representative of a variety of terrorist organizations, who in free time devotes towards genocide and acts of torture (committing, ordering, inciting, assisting, and participating. Given his colorful life Bob is not a person to trifled with because the feeling of violence which includes extrajudicial and political killing still lingers freshly on his memories. Child soldiers had worked under his guidance, religious freedoms have been severely violated multiple times. There was a period in his life where he orchestrates a government organization to force women to undergo abortions against their free choice, alongside with coercing men and women to undergo sterilization. He is known for forcefully transplanting human organs and bodily tissue.

However Radix is far from defenseless as he undertakes the activities of Model Mugging, Puroresu, Blind Boxing, Mixed boxing, Chess Boxing and Unifight. His coat is kevlar, his gloves are SAP and his shoes are steel-toe with tap shoe soles. As a precaution he carries a fully automatic Stetchkin APS as his sidearm, but even without his gun he is known for having excellent knockout power often shown in freak show fights where he treats heavyweights like cans. As a melee weapon Mark owns a Microtech Combat Troodon OTF Knife. Besides that he hides a Mag-7 shotgun within his labcoat alongside several AN/M14 incendiary grenades and M34 White Phosphorous grenades. He generally uses Heckler & Koch SL8 and Denel PAW-20 for other occasions.

(Look: otacon, vincent smith, leland orser & patrick wilson)

Radix is a tall man with wavy brown hair and big glasses. With his formal attire, consisting of a dress shirt, slacks, black tie, black gloves and a perpetually bloodstained white labcoat with a pointy collar . Along with his height, these lend him an intimidating presence. He is also surprisingly well built for a man his age, due to a large portion of his time being devoted to combat training.

(Voice: Robin Atkin Dawnes)


  • Agility – Significantly above average reflexes (exercises on the daily)
  • Durability – Willpower (Pushing 60 and still beating the crap out of punks)
  • Energy Projection – None (Does a taser count?)
  • Fighting Ability – Master of a dozen forms (A requirement in his multiple line of work)
  • Intelligence – Super Genius (Top Notch Mind for Hire)
  • Mental Power – Master in a single mental art (He excels in sheer mental fortitude)
  • Speed – Enhanced (can react to metahumans)
  • Stamina – Enhanced ( never too old for his job)
  • Strength – Peak

There are also many material benefits to being a Hired Brain, which includes:

  1. 95% of all public facilities can be used at no cost. Furthermore, all such services are provided at first class.
  2. Unrivaled freedom to travel around the world. Access is granted to about 90% of countries which normally restrict the entry of outsiders, and access to 75% of areas that the general public is prohibited from entering.
  3. Almost no legal responsibility for murder.
  4. The ability to sell the License as a valuable collector's item. Though only the original owner of a Institute License can take advantage of the normal benefits, it can be still sold for enough money to support the seller for at least 7 generations in luxury.
  5. The ability to use the license as collateral for a zero-interest loan of 100 billion Pound sterling (approximately 164.29 trillion $ ) at any bank.
  6. Access to the secret Institute only Website, where secret intelligence about various subjects, uploaded by other Members, can be purchased.

Science Armor

He's a Rider series fanboy

The boon jacket is symbiotically bonded to Radix, a living artifact capable of transforming him from his human body into a powerful armored cyborg in the space of seconds. The armor that covers the host is stored in a sub-dimension when not at use, available in an instant with a telepathic command. It will then materialize around its user, destroying anything that is in the way (clothes, people holding on to the host, restraints, etc.). To operate the suit, a special skin-tight sensory suit is worn against the skin, which serves to exactly transmit every body motion to the bane jacket, making them far more agile than they would be otherwise. This also allows the onboard computer to monitor the wearer's health at all times.

The suits all have a combination ceramic/metal alloy armor, which absorbs and disperses energies, which strike the suit, whether they be lasers, particle weapons or the kinetic energy from punches or bullets. Small arms fire cannot penetrate the suit, and other attacks have a much-reduced affect on the wearer. The suit functions provides a full range of protection from NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) attacks - it's sealed system keeps out chemical and biological weapons, as well as radioactive fallout, and it's internal life support and temperature control protects the wearer from heat and pressure changes. The internal batteries are powered by the host's own bio-energy (which also feeds the Unit itself). If the host is badly injured, or even killed, the Unit is capable of regenerating him from whatever remains are available. The armored helmets both protect the faces of the wearer and provide Heads-Up Displays (HUD) for tactical purposes.

The jacket is also offensively armed. The exoskeleton amplifies the wearer's strength to about 10 times their normal level Each suit is also equipped with at least one in-built blaster weapon in one of the gloves, most commonly a laser cannon and a "knuckle blaster", which creates an electromagnetic explosive capable of blowing up Buildings.For transportation purposes, all the bane jacket include jump jets built into the back and hips, allowing the wearer to make impressive leaps or break their fall from great heights.To maximize team efficiency and to prevent bane jacket theft, each suit is tailored for a specific user, making it difficult to operate if stolen (and frankly, considering how form fitting they are, all but impossible for anyone with a dissimilar build to even get into).

It also converts willpower and determination directly into physical power.

Equity Field Generator – is a small, pen in size with a tripod device used by Radix. It is a environment-warping weapon that simulates and turns any environment into the desired realm or habitat by putting two opponents unto a fighting field. The user who steps into the field will have an equal strength, speed and power, of that of his opponent no matter what species or physiology he/she is.

Science based power


A wheel in this chair > your power armor

One of the reasons for his survival is because of his mad science, he has mingled with alternate sets of physical laws and he's chosen some to replace the one he's currently using. He can selectively follow and impose upon others the rules of a fictional universe, which seemed to be straight out of a First Person Shooter. He has several cliches at his disposal and in general can absorb the powers of action stars on TV and in movies (By application of alternate physics). Radix has the ability to absorb special abilities and/or powers by playing certain video games, but only for a limited duration. 1 hour of game play normally equates to 10 minutes of power emulation.

Radix wields the powers of the nanite-laced blood. With the cry of "Mindlock!", he can mentally control Robots, one at a time. And Radix has a further talent. He has the Harbinger ability to psionically inspire others.The stronger his own convictions are, the more others will be inspired to follow him.

Within the internalized 'room' of Sealand he can utterly control the environment and landscape, coordinating numerous scenarios against a multitude of visitors and against those within his domain.

His eyes have been recently opened

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