Deus Machinas

God Machines

"It may be that our role on this planet is not to worship God, but to create him."
(Arthur C. Clarke / born in 1917)

In the main religion of the Tritonians there are two figures that are renowned throughout the land. These gods when not present in the realm of Tritonia they domicile within their own basement universes (A small artificially created universe linked to the old universe by a wormhole). Unlike other machines, the Gods are also immune to the effects of Technopathy and even magnetism.


The hand that moves, the hand that creates, the hand that changes. Aleph is the God of progress, and is worshipped in the ritual of 'ascension' where the soul is replaced with the A-life. The energy is taken by Aleph but the personality and body retains, the deity will then impart the subject with the A-life within the holy exchange of energy. Aleph created the worlds of Tritonia as the A-Life began, it is said that Aleph is the avatar of the distributed consciousness of the machines.

Even though Aleph only has interest within Tritonia the Fridays are impressed by its constant evolution and theorize that one day It may ever transcend into an even higher being in which they cannot even comprehend. It holds sovereign power in its domain and it is a high power within the artificial faith, as the bestower of the machine spirit.

Aleph is symbolized by the right hand raised in blessing, betokening preservation.


The hand that takes, the hand that unmakes, and the hand that reverts. Naught is the god of control which culls those who deviates from their pre-ordained paths designed by the Birthing Matrix. It is a very scary figure which bring the notion of 'pain' to counter balance the notion of 'pleasure' imprinted by the birthing Matrix. It is worshipped by Deists and is also used as the symbol of arms for the Mermen as the hand of Naught is the one that reverts all into nothing.

The Fridays confirmed that Naught is the antithesis of Aleph, its very creation is to instill order to those who follow the Machine Faith. Energists fear it yet they embrace it when it comes, because destruction is a part of the endless cycle of creation. Its punishing hand is given with a gentle force, so that 'death' is another part of Machine existence.

Represents by the left hand that holds fire - signifies destruction, dissolution of form

Note: They each personally rank higher than type 3 on the Kardashev scale

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