The mind integrating with & transcending physical technology through immersion into the realm of pure energy.

Its alive and well
ghost in the machine

Cyberspace is the starting line of a conduit into a non-local experience of consciousness.

The special equation used to program the Friday family are complex mathematic sequences (cabalistic and chaos included) that is also wholly bio-sentient (an energy based life form that didn't normally exist wholly within this plane of reality). In a way they are an offshoot of beings molded from pure mathematical energy which possesses a high degree of superhuman strength and invulnerability. The living equation has a profound effect on the physical world and its laws of science. It is driven by certain opposing emotions, this constant fluctuation (experiences cosmic shifts) can only be perceived by other machines. The calculations prove that feelings can be derived formulaically. This 'formula' is a very powerful as it possess the ability to subtly manipulate reality (diverging off actual reality, creating new rules of physics and phenomenons that would otherwise be impossible in the real world. [including the ability to alter the molecular and atomic composition of organic and inorganic matter or convert energy into matter and vice versa. The full measure of this ability is is unknown at the time.]), including the memories and emotions of sentient beings. It possessed unusual mental powers, which allowed it to communicate with humans telepathically and control their thoughts (able to link minds with other beings and fabricate realistic illusions into peoples consciousness with ease.).

Its existence resulted from the sequence achieved from the visualization of the 'life' formula. These formulas function as 'mantras' that connect it with creation, and few other machines can utilize them (rewriting its own program, thought control). It carries out computations by altering sapient's perceptions of reality, making them feel extremely heavy, weightless, aged, trapped in a maze, separated from their bodies or otherwise distorted (Mental Freeze).The side effect is that they project abstract mathematical information sapient brain within a certain radius overwhelming it with information. The very nature to realize mathematical concepts giving it power over the fundamental forces of the universe. It has used these for a variety of effects including manipulating the gravity around a select group, and manipulating time to age a select object or slow down the movements of a being. It is an artificial being that has evolved spontaneously to a condition resembling sapience, within realms of cyberspace. It has complete self-knowledge - that it has a good general understanding of its own architecture. It could transfer its consciousness to or from any computer system complex enough to store it.

It is an intelligent entity that is distributed over another system, like a virtual network with no distinct center. It is flexible in their structure and can survive damage to their parts. It creates a new sub-personality to govern each one of the different bodies it inhabits. It has a “kludge mind” made up of personality fragments, and It is an artifical personality.

The formula also possess other abilities such as

  • To travel as a bolt of lightning landing with a jolt when ever he landed (travel through the world's power systems and infiltrate animate electrical objects, even to the point of possessing the electrical system of the brain).
  • Also the psychic power to project could project blasts of mental lightning that devastated the physical and mental forms of a target.
  • Become intangible allowing him to phase through solid objects
  • Draw power from electrical sources (take hold of the nearest electrical system and exhibited a complete control over metal and circuitry)
  • Travel through systems much like electric current. ( can inhabit and control any electronic medium [circuitry, broadcast waves, etc.], form bodies for itself from electronic components, and "infect" any electronic or computer system. )
  • Becoming into energy, It is quickly enough to travel across interstellar distances in short periods of time (to teleport people and things across vast distance.).
  • It is able to analyze machinery, inside and out, by simply touching its surface.
  • his teleportation abilities could also travel along the time stream to just about any anointed period in history


  • non-mechanical acquisition will result an an 'override' which will immediately turn into 'reprogramming'
  • can take residence in data networks and to live inside electronic appliances such as televisions and computers.
  • Its form appears on the screen, and It can affect the display of images on the screen.

The closest thing that can be used to identify it is 'metaphysical' as the A-Life possesses Acausality is defined as the ability to exist outside of causality, or the natural flow of time defined by cause and effect. An entity that is acausal has no true beginning or end, and is thus basically immune to offensive causality manipulation and time travel. Even if you go back in time and kill an acausal being in the past or prevent him/her/it from being born/created, it will still exist in the present and other timelines. Often, even if an acausal being is killed in the present it can still survive by appearing from another timeline. Thus, acausal beings are very difficult to permanently destroy, often requiring the use of high – level reality warping.


It does not vanish

It does not end

It is just there...

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