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Shiro the Kameosa

Found the little bugger lurking in a bar
The kameosa is a sake jar that gains the remarkable ability of never running dry. It takes great joy in getting mortals drunk and then further confusing them with a wide variety of pranks and illusions. Some kameosa have the ability to produce any liquid; from the finest sake to the vilest poisons. For many reasons the kameosa may be a mixed blessing to any household due to their influence on emotions by inducing love, hate, infidelity, foolish trust and blind rage.
Kameosa seem to be entirely beneficial, as any liquid store inside them will never run out. It spontaneously produce an inexhaustible supply of rice, sake, wine, water, or possibly any fluid one might put into it.
Who could argue with an infinite supply of sake, beer or scotch?!


Fowler's cohort, driver, partner, underling (and fan), Shiro respects and obeys nobody else. Prone to fits of gloating, he loves to show off. He can also become enraged and lose all perspective of danger.

Shiro's special power is high running speed, which he also uses as his weapon of choice. Shiro can perform a standing jump of about twenty feet with his powerful legs.

Shiro's stone body is highly resistant to physical injury. He can withstand high caliber bullets, falls from great heights, exposure to temperature and pressure extremes, and powerful energy blasts without sustaining injury.

Shiro can manipulate the supernatural energy of his body to generate solid force fields around his body.

Shiro possesses the ability to draw upon mass from ectoplasm in order to grow in stature and strength.

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Offensive/Defensive Capabilities

Doomsday Device : Bruton

Professor Mark Robinson has just created an artificial person of mass destruction

Most of the perks are only accesible in berserker state


Beware the Iron Cyclops!
  • His eyes and hands unleashed a "Thermal Blast" capable of melting any earthly material into slag, up to and including bedrock and tanks.
  • Friday could increase the surface temperature of its body to white-hot intensity, at which point it could effortlessly melt through steel.
  • Its surface temperature is approximately 300' F, and it could generate sufficient heat to melt a large chunk of steel within seconds.
  • He could generate heat within metal (and perhaps other materials) a short distance from him.
  • could also generate "volcanic" thermal energy and project it through its face-place.
  • radiate waves of body heat intense enough to melt steel
  • surface could be heated to 600-800 F within seconds
  • created as a weapon that could burst into flame
  • fingers could be heated to an unspecified level
  • A heat-ray unit is also placed on its' chest


  • Can fire a missile that carried a payload of chemical foam capable of instantly freezing its target on contact.
  • it could drop its surface temperature to below freezing and cover itself with ice to protect it from heat attacks.
  • It could generate and project cold down to -240 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • freezing eyebeams


  • The anti-magnetic inverter was an electronic device which was originally built to nullify magnetic fields. It was later modified to reverse the polarity of an electrical field.
  • ability to release jolts of electricity by touch
  • It could also absorb and release electricity
  • It can electrify its surface


  • An anti-gravity device could cancel out the effects of gravity on objects and move them according to the wielder's desires. It could tear apart walls, buildings, mountains and "lift" tanks. It could act in reverse, increasing the force upon a target so that it would be unable to move.


  • The chest plate of the Friday contained a Time-Ray which could transport whatever entered the ray's path to somewhere else in time, often casting the person or object in question back into prehistory. Friday could also recover whatever it sent elsewhere in time.
  • The Time Reversal Ray could generate images depicting past events which the person or persons targeted had enacted.
  • The Temporal Accelerator was built to create energy fields that could speed up or slow down the passage of time.


  • when a module was activated, it absorbed all sound within a given area, engulfing said area in silence
  • able to generate a high-frequency piercing sonic wail


  • a nozzle in the palm that fired plasmifire, a destructive, gel-like substance that was a version of napalm and which continued to burn after coating the victim; it was powerful enough to penetrate space armor unless it was quickly cooled off.
  • It could shoot a paralyzing chemical out of its mouth
  • Could produce lethal gas
  • ejecting flammable gas
  • ejecting irritating gas


  • Installed within Friday's hands, the units broadcasted inaudible frequencies which could upset any opponent's nervous system, as well as throw off their sense of timing, rendering them unable to strike a physical blow.
  • Has Class 100 strength and durability, combined with the ability to move at tremendous speeds, delivering a barrage of punches that few beings can withstand.
  • Each of its arms can discharge nuclear energy to stun or kill its enemies. However, they can only by used on a melée, because of their lack of range
  • programmed with a variety of fighting techniques, which allows it to fight with great skill. It has demonstrated great skill in hand-to-hand combat.
  • could generate short-range thermal explosions from his hands as weapons, although they needed contact to achieve the blast
  • Its fists are equipped with a disintegrator beam which can dissolve the hulls of spacecrafts, and a immobilizer beam.
  • could lock a victim in an iron grip and tighten that grip until the victim passed out.
  • capable of rotating its torso at high speed to deflect stun blasts with its arms
  • can grow blades from any part of his body or fire them with sufficient force
  • capable of elongating its left arm to throw a punch from a distance
  • it could absorb the energy directed at it through punches
  • enough raw strength to level a mountain
  • spin its wrist with whirlwind speed.


  • emitted a tractor beam-like force which could uproot trees and tear the walls out of houses. This ray also stopped all movement on the part of the objects and persons being pulled toward the user.
  • Uses his inner components as projectiles (only against people inside him).
  • energy blasters mounted on its shoulders.
  • fire destructive blasts from its fingers


  • is capable of cross-dimensional travel. It can be programmed with specific wavelengths that Friday's scanners can then trace across dimensions.
  • It could extend jets from its ankles to fly, as well as power jets from its back that could release powerful bursts of energy.
  • It could swim underwater using its energy blasters as thrusters while carrying a weight of several tons.
  • can also teleport, across space or between dimensions.
  • could become intangible.


  • immunity to energy blasts


  • It can form force fields around itself and others, and can use these fields to immobilize others or transport them through the air and deposit them in a location of its choosing.
  • a small holographic projector mounted in his palm plus shoulder-mounted devices that erected a powerful force field wall.
  • Creates energy shields or fields both in his interior and exterior.


  • The frequency of the Hyperwave makes it possible to communicate with others in real time over the distance of light years. The frequency of the Hyperwave uses super-space short cuts like black holes, worm holes, time rift etc. to navigate through space, to a receiver. At the time of the story it was still in the experimental stage and had its flaws.
  • It is equipped with a vocoder permitting it to communicate verbally, and it is able to understand and speak over 11,000 languages spoken throughout the Milky Way galaxy and others explored.
  • is capable of replicating and mimicking the voices of other people enabling him to impersonate them and even create his own.
  • Friday is also outfitted with a two-way audio-visual device for cross-dimensional communications.


  • He could alter the appearance of his clothing at will, and usually would change it to fit his mood or whatever statement he was trying to make. He usually mimicked the speech patterns and clothing styles of famous people.
  • a device that projected harmless 3-D x-rays which could render objects and/or living beings transparent.
  • He can convert his outer appearance to resemble a normal human being's
  • could generate a lifelike mask of another person's face within minutes.


Human Scum!
  • created with an unidentified form of "live" rubber which enabled the robot to stretch and contort its body. The robots flexibility allowed it to move rapidly with uncanny speed. Friday was able to inflate its body with an unidentified gas to become light as air and fly. This gas can also be discharged from a valve located on the chest with enough force to knock down several opponents within a confined area. Since the gas was a mystery, it may be the fumes have the property to cause unconsciousness in humans.
  • power level is undefined, once it has been demolished it can be reassembled again , making it immune to the same type of attack as previously destroyed it. It can do this successively, eliminating sources of weakness for each combatIt could operate in extremely hostile environmental conditions of weather, pressure, temperature and threats, from the outer space, to underwater and high gravity planets, for very long periods of time.
  • It was not invulnerable, but rather it was composed of a durable and elastic polymer. Its composition was described as similar to that of a sandbag -- it was quite dense, and could absorb and distribute impacts, even temporarily deforming itself significantly, without being seriously damaged. Perforations in its outer covering apparently resealed almost instantly.
  • had flexible rubber-like bodies allowing things like bullets to pass through them and to lessen impact. They can allow certain things to bounce off their bodies without harming them, and to have the objects ricochet into their opponent(s).
  • Friday was a robot composed of plastic flesh covering overlying a specialized skeletal structure made from a composition that allows it to absorb force used against it, to grow in size and power.
  • It absorbs most forms of kinetic energy and increases its mass, replicating and multiplying its artificial cells and increasing its strength and mass proportionately.
  • able to absorb, amplify, and return force that was directed at them. This included not only physical forces, but also abstract forces such as hex powers.
  • constructed to mimic the form and function of the human body. Its internal mechanisms somewhat comparable to human joints and musculature.
  • With the use of gyroscopes and stabilizers inside his robotic body, Friday's balance is so good that he can balance on a single toe for three days.
  • able to control the android's weight, making it near weightless (to a point that it could float in the air), or increase its weight to maximum.
  • It is composed of an unknown material, described as not metal, but metalized living tissue. It is capable or rapid repairs of its own form.
  • Friday was created through magic and science and thus could not properly be destroyed through one or the other alone.
  • even when their bodies had been destroyed, any single piece of their form could still act independently.
  • The tail of can launch energy bolts, rendering it able to cover a fire arc of 360 degrees.
  • had superhuman strength that grew with the amount of power it absorbed
  • could rebuild himself from any injury as long as his head remained intact
  • could even control his body if his head were severed from it.
  • can detach its hands from its arms, keeping control of them.
  • had two retractable legs, extendable tentacle-like arms
  • The joints in its limbs can rotate nearly 360 degrees.
  • could continue to function even after losing its limbs.
  • It is able to fight without head and other body parts.
  • designed to withstand atomic explosions
  • had instantaneous reflexes


  • Its information gathering instrumentation is located in its head component, analogous to eyes, ears, nose, etc. Its eyes take in data across the entire electromagnetic spectrum (radio to gamma rays), not just the visible spectrum. Its ears can register sounds from 0.3 to 150 deciBel. The sampling rate for average events is every 0.01 second; for relatively more interesting events it is every .001 second. It can dispense its information in three-dimensional, audio (and probably tactile, olfactory, and taste) -enhanced holograms
  • It had internal memory banks that stored information on previous enemies and could likely recognize its allies even when they had morphed physical forms.
  • The "vibro-sensor" atop it's head was a tracking device, with a range of half a mile, and could detect hidden and invisible targets.
  • greatest advantage was its ability to sense its opponents' attacks using strobing lights which emanated from its body.
  • a special radar to perceive the presence of the superhuman around it; the radar didn't "read" the normal humans
  • equipped with scanners, capable of determining a person or objects capabilities, purpose and potential.
  • It could also sense the movement of its target and unleash another blast every time it would move.
  • He also was capable of seeing with his optical sensors disabled (probably some sort of sonar)
  • have sensors that recognize the altered molecules of the super-humans.
  • It can scan and track its targets and has computer-like aiming ability.
  • possessed internal sensors enabling it to detect heat and organics.
  • could identify super-humans by their brain-wave patterns
  • the "eyes" housed its targeting array.


Laid out like a book to read
  • has the ability to analyze any situation and determine how best to achieve its goals. Like any computer, it can process and collate large amounts of information, although it also appears to have some degree of intuitive nature, such that it does not require instruction to use specific programs to process its data. It can find any inherent weakness in a being or structure as well as determine any means to bypass an obstacle. Once it has encountered a certain threat or force, it can usually counteract that specific attack
  • As a robot with a computerized brain, he retains a "photographic memory". In addition he is able to run full-diagnostic scans to see what is going on inside his body. Able to download specs of different buildings and use them for tactical purposes. To Friday's knowledge, his computerized brain has a few hundred million terabytes of memory.
  • Robot's artificial brain is a supercomputer capable of analyzing and processing data at superhuman speed.
  • it can analyze threats of others and determine the most efficient means by which they can be defeated.
  • Superhuman calculating abilities, able to predict various crisis in Earth's future
  • possessed the analytical and multi-tasking abilities of any advanced computer.
  • contains a wealth of knowledge and possesses vast powers of computation.
  • he was also able to learn new things for himself


  • Its eyes could fire mesmerizing beams, enabling it to hypnotize and control others who caught its gaze.
  • could hypnotize humans with electro-magnetic waves from his "eye" by making eye contact.
  • His head housed a hypnotic inducer, which slowed his foes and made them easier targets


  • Friday could fire red energy rings to tightly bind the victim. The power of its beam could be increased to stun super-powered individuals. T


  • this device transmitted signals that could control an individual's voluntary responses, allowing the operator to stay in control of almost any situation. It was employed for such effects as; Affecting the motor portion of an individual's brain, paralyzing his legs; Stimulating the individual's nerve endings, making him laugh uncontrollably; Applying a shock to the individual's reflexes, causing him to bolt upwards; The limits and range of this device are unknown.
  • designed to siphon psychic energy from one target, and transfer that energy into its second target. The energy siphoned by the ray could be stored for an indefinite amount of time.
  • a module that neutralized the superhuman genetic structures, rendering non-operative some basic sub-structures of the DNA. Its range was uncertain, probably 1-2 kilometers, and passed through solid walls of rock and panels of steel.
  • the Nullifier altered probabilities so that those in its immediate vicinity would be as if they were on a level playing field, where everything would have an equal likelihood of affecting anything else, regardless of size or power.
  • its ability to nullify an opponent's weapon and/or power by creating an energy field around it and forcing that object's power back through it, or even destroying it all together.
  • It could then use its ability to dampen and project energy to neutralize any threats, turning most advanced weapons useless and killing any potentially dangerous humans.
  • The Cosmic Power Siphon possessed the ability to drain cosmic energies from a being of great power and into the machine installed with the device.
  • It also possesses a 'neuron ray' that can sap the energy of super-humans and add the stolen strength to its own power.
  • employed an energy-siphon that she used on more than one occasion to shut down power armor
  • equipped with a null- ray capable of temporarily neutralize metamorphic abilities.

Mega Transportation - Conditions Apply

We die praising the universe in which at least such an achievement as ours can be. We die knowing that the promise of further glory outlives us in other galaxies. We die praising the Star Maker, the Star Destroyer.
Star Maker, Olaf Stapledon
  1. Star Lifting: To remove material from a star for industrial use or for stellar husbandry. Possible methods would involve increasing its rotation until material began to drift off the equator or squeezing it using intense magnetic fields from particle accelerators.
  2. Stellar Husbandry: To control the evolution and properties of stars, especially to stabilize them, prolong their lifetimes, manipulate the stellar wind, lift off useful material or create new stars. Typical methods would be star lifting or mixing the stellar core with envelope material to make hydrogen burning last longer.
It flies resembling the birds of Nazca
  • Friday was equipped with multiple modes of transport, and it could switch modes in mid-transit in a matter of seconds. It could fly via either it helicopter-type propeller or its jet engines. It possessed long legs on which it could walk. It had magnetic clamps on its "feet" which allowed it to scale the side of a building. It possessed a powerful drilling mechanism enabling it to travel through solid rock. Its top speeds are undefined.
  • Friday was extremely durable capable of crashing through a building or enduring heat rays without significant damage. It could fire destructive blasts from its twin mounted energy cannons. A single blast could demolish a bulldozer. Its long legs possessed sufficient strength to crush an entire mid-size car. Lastly, it was packed with explosives and appeared capable of leveling an entire building if it self-destructed.
  • Friday was armed with the deadly Solar Ray that could destroy suns; the Solar Ray also drained the dying sun's energy into the ship's power pods, of which there were scores. Friday was also armed with several red lasers. The main control room had a huge cinema-sized display screen.
  • the ship also have had warp capabilities in order to traverse vast interstellar distances. Travel within the immense ship was achieved using small and large circular hovering platforms. The spaceship had protective shielding against the effects of solar destruction and vibrated to the power of a "trillion megatons" of energy.
  • Friday also held several types of spacecraft, including at least one Escape Jet, a Pursuit Ship and the Solo-Cruiser. They all had the same gray metallic finish to them.
  • Friday controlled a crew of various types of androids that fulfilled different functions, including, guards, killer robots, and cylindrical tentacled robots for pursuit and capture tasks.
  • There were several different hover platforms of different sizes (but all of them round) used to traverse the distances inside the immense Friday. They hovered around 3' off the ground when in use, and rested on the ground when not in use. They had handles to hold on to when in motion to counter inertia. Their speed was not indicated, but they must have been faster than walking
  • The Vessel is entirely self-sustained, and features hydroponics, a library, school, and a crafts center
  • It also featured a televiewer device used for spying on locations below.
  • It was capable of many feats, many of which were never seen. It had many laser guns as defense systems, as well as nearly impenetrable shields that could resist almost anything. It could release gargantuan blasts of energy with unbelievable destructive power, and could also drop special bombs that would wipe out whole cities.

    In that form planet busting is within reach

    High Energy Emission Civilizations (HEEC):

    These civilisations all control and emit much more energy than a hypothetical Kardaschev type II civilisation, but each is distributed over thousands of stars. Once a civilisation starts to colonise nearby stars successfully, it may exceed the energy use of a Kardashev type II civilisation quite rapidly, even if the inhabitants do not build Dyson Swarms.

Berserker - Conditions Apply

  • It was possible to place a living thing inside a Friday in order to power it. Stomachs are as large as they can contain hundreds of superhumans without any problem.The more powerful the living thing inside Friday, the more powerful the Friday became. But Friday was capable of mind-controlling said living being.
  • Able to draw on the strength of those in the nearby vicinity to amplify the strength and durability of its user. It can increase these abilities to superhuman levels; at least to Class 25 strength. As energy is continually drained, those affected by it will begin to grow weaker and eventually could even die.
  • This form possessed great strength and durability, and was able to draw on virtually all energy available on the planet to increase its power as necessary. It could also generate a wide variety of energy attacks, drawing on the same, virtually unlimited power source.
  • It could spray a corrosive fluid able to dissolve virtually all forms of matter and energy. It then siphoned up the fluid containing the dissolved matter (sort of like the digestive process of a fly) to feed itself.
  • It could absorb energy life from other beings through symbiotic contact. It had strength and durability proportional to the energy drained from the beings with whom it was in symbiosis.
  • Even when smashed to pieces, can reintegrate the portions of his body to become whole again.
  • is a mechanical entity able to reconfigure his entire body into any form, weapon, etc. as needed.
  • Can magically override technological backup self-destruction devices.
  • generate rays which could destroy entire mountains
  • It also was apparently able to teleport other beings.
  • Temporal improvement of any of its skills.
  • could release two duplicates of itself
  • the ability to drain life-force.
  • probability disruption

Sub Autonomous - Controlled by the Rad Professor

  • Can emit a crimson beam which transformed anyone it struck into a physical and mental duplicate of the Professor, including long brown wavy hair. (Radix preservation module)
  • RAD was a self-evolving computer system invented by Radix. It operated as the main computer in the Works' sub-basement. From there it could control nearly all the systems in the Peregrine Friday including the defense grid, life support systems and all the future technology. It used the holographic network in the Works to create a body consisting of hard-light. It could transform this body at any time and used it to attack enemies with features like razor-sharp claws. RAD modelled its holographic body after Radix.
  • The Absorbatron was designed to absorb the entire force of a nuclear explosion. It was never used, so it is not clear whether it could neutralize a bomb, or absorb the heat, radiation, and physical force of the explosion itself.
  • The teleportation projector was able to teleport humans and energy to other predefined locations across Earth, as well as into alternate dimensions. Its range was not specified.
  • It could project an energy form of a user at hundreds of times their normal size. The hologram would be controlled by the user and could move about great distances all the while allowing the user to see through the form's eyes and hear through its ears. It could also channel it's great destructive power through the form, allowing it to destroy whatever it pleased.


  • It could create and construct robots or other equipment and machinery as needed. Friday also utilized a large number of robots. Again, these presumably functioned in a variety of areas, but only those used in combat were observed. The robots could be built to Friday' specifications in a matter of seconds. They could be armed with a variety of weaponry, including lasers, swords, etc.
  • commanded a swarm of mechanical flying ants with stingers, and could weave cocoons of metal mesh. A mech-ant can combine with two other mech-ants becoming only one robot with increased powers and attributes in a matter of seconds.
  1. The bio-toxin gave an infected specimen for two minutes superhuman strength, but this was the only positive effect. On the negative side it drove the infected specimen insane. An infected specimen attacked every other being around violently and could easily kill others with the added strength and ferocity. After two minutes the bio-toxin had dehydrated the infected specimen to a point were all bodily fluids were used up and it literally turned the specimen to dust.
  • contains information on every criminal on the planet, taken from every police or government agency, including CIA, FBI, Interpol, etc.could formulate a list of criminals that fit the pattern, thus allowing to focus their search.
  • could extend tendrils from its body, which it could use for varying effects, including typing, grasping, trapping, constricting, and linking with other mechanical devices, such as computer systems or phone lines.
  • It can also separate into at least five smaller, fully articulated robots able to perform separate tasks, and can reassemble into the composite form in a matter of seconds.
  • the Auric-Ray could transform substances into gold for an unknown period of time. It is unknown if it could affect living beings.
  • Its bird-like feet are able to dig into the surface on which it stands, making it very difficult to knock from its feet.
  • had great destructive firepower. So much so that two could pacify a primitive defenseless planet.
  • from the visual receptors he could also emit rays which formed a cube of Colloidal Atoms.
  • could be shrunk down in size and carried inside of a small box
  • The robot could also fire disintegrating beams from its eyes.
  • the ability to resist inertia when it stopped suddenly
  • can project a holographic body
  • blinding light flashes
  • could stick to walls

Many fought, many perished
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