osp - Skills

Known Abilities:

What makes him really dangerous is not his powers
  • In Flight Combat: It's one thing to be able to fight on land, with some solid surface beneath your feet, but to fight in the air, that's a whole other story. Hazard is skilled in aerial combat, with the combination of his ranged combat skills he can easily overpower anybody who isn't as adept as he is. There is some grace and beauty in the way he battles while in flight, and with flickering flames following after him, he's quite the spectacle in battle.
  • Power Knowledge: Being the only of his kind, Hazard is rather unique in terms of powers. There is probably no one else in the universe like him, which is a huge upper hand because no one can easily fathom what he is quite capable of. Being able to solidify fire and to project such concussive forces isn't easy and Effigy knows just how to use his power, when to use it, and how to quite literally push it to the max.
  • Survival: He has been through a rough upbringing, alien confrontations, and has been left floating in the very vacuum of space. He is adaptive and knows how to get himself out of tight niches when it counts. Hazard's a tough cookie, so when you think you've got him down for the count, think again because he is sure to pop up as your worst nightmare.
  • Ranged Combat: Due to the nature of his powers, it is only natural that he be good in distance combat. Blasting, firing, and creating ranged weapons is a specialty of his and he does pretty well at keeping his opponents at the tips of his disintegrating energy. His ranged combat skill adds more to his strong brawling abilities, and it adds up big time.
  • Meditation: What sets Hazard apart from the rest of the criminals in the world is that he is more at peace with her internal self that anyone else. He has consistent meditation periods for herself to keep his mind and check and to allow him the greatest spiritual release in order to be in more tune with his abilities and to be able to use them to their full potential. In nearly any circumstance, Hazard can clear his mind of all outside stimuli in order to reflect on himself and whatever situation he might be in. While Hazard daily meditates in a cross-legged position, he often takes a few seconds to meditate "in action" so to speak, when lining up a particularly challenging shot.
  • Combat Ability: Hazard, from his birth, has been prone to excel at combat. His experience has been honed by nearly three-million fights, and through all those moments of combat, he's developed his own style of fighting. With three million-matches experience, the fighting style has been sharpened and matches the abilities of Hazard’s perfectly. He is fully knowledgeable of a multitude of strikes, punches, kicks, throws, holds, and more. The combat style of Hazard utilizes every single one of his physical traits, as well as his mental knowledge, to maximize his physical abilities to their full potential. In essence, when Hazard attacks, he is moving at 100% at all times; He will combined his superspeed, reflexes, super strength, and nigh-invulnerability, all with his skill, to become an ultimate killing machine. Although the style is only exposed to 'worthy' opponents
  • Intelligence: Hazard is crazy, but even so, he is extremely intelligent, and has knowledge in certain areas, such as mechanics and engineering. Hazard due to his irrational and rather insane behavior, appears to have a very low intelligence.
  • Resourceful Tactician and Strategist: Hazard has the innate ability to adapt to his surroundings and use every single angle to his advantage in battle. Hazard is a great tactician and battle field leader - he can see ten steps ahead of his opponent, figure out what they will do, and select the course which best assures him and his team of victory. Every conflict can be won; he simply needs to outthink his opponent, whoever they are.
  • Diplomacy: Self trained at a young age, Hazard is a skilled diplomat. He moves through most high level social situations with a natural grace and ease. He can negotiate, act as an advocate, and bring people together and do it all with a benevolent air.
  • Performance: If Hazard is anything, he is a performer and entertainer. He loves working the crowd, and they tend to become clay in his hands during his shows. He's become quite adept at how to keep their expectations high, without emotionally draining them in the process. People just keep coming in droves to his shows. His performance tends to extend to the rest of things he does, always acting with a certain flair that makes it all very particular to him. Hazard's power even carries this aspect of his personality in a way. When Hazard gets involved in something, others are simply bound to notice.
  • Assassination: Hazard has been rigorously self-trained in the art of assassination. He has an extensive knowledge of murder and of the means to accomplish it. He is also skilled in strangulation, throat-slitting, smothering, poisoning, and the use of improvising deadly weapons from objects he finds on his missions (shovels, pool cues, fire pokers, etc.). While he is more than capable of using brute force to mow down a couple dozen armed metabeings, Hazard is also an extremely creative individual, capable of devising cunning and stealthy ways of eliminating his targets without creating a commotion. Notable creative hits include locking a target in a sauna to stimulate a heart condition and cause cardiac arrest, disguising himself as a chef and poisoning a target's meal by improperly preparing his fugu sushi, disguising himself as a doctor and sabotaging a surgical operation on a target, and replacing a prop flintlock with a real one during a break in an opera rehearsal, causing an actor to unknowingly kill the target.
  • Body Reading: Hazard can study an opponent’s movement, allowing him to calculate their movements. This ability is in no way perfect, as it is more of a split-second calculation, but it does help him to set up the perfect counter to any attack. Hazard is able to understand and communicate with lower-life forms using Body Language. Communication with beasts was made predominantly, through Body language rather than verbal communication.
  • Combat Tactics: Hazard is a tactical master, taking every advantage offered him and seeking to create more. He'll often do this by taunting his foe into anger and mistakes. Hazard is also a very fast learner. Even if he observes a particular combat maneuver just once or twice, he is able to adapt it to his choice of weapons and duplicate it effectively in battle. He is a consummate warrior, combining his ambidexterity, stealth training, and martial skills to be one of the most dangerous fighters in the galaxy.



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osp - Shortcomings


"Emotion is weakness"

Osprey, suffer from an acute form of IED (Intermittent Explosive Disorder). This behavioural disorder can be characterized by extreme expressions of anger, often to the point of uncontrollable rage, that are disproportionate to the situation at hand. He simply isn’t equipped to handle frustration or opposition; any sort of stress can trigger a violent episode. Whenever he begins to feel negative emotions (frustration, anger, fear) resulting in immediate devastating physical violence.

His appendix has been replaced with a genetically engineered drug-producing organ. When he is excited, the organ produces "Red," an amphetamine to improve his performance in combat. It can also produce "White" to bring him down and "Blue" to keep him calm and relaxed once the amphetamine high is over. Osprey is addicted to "Red" and prone to violence. He more than likely had a number of physiological as well as neurological problems due to the side effects related to the use of such powerful drugs. Without the blues, he would have nightmares about combat.

While always mentally unstable, the drugs has greatly diminished his already fragile grip on reality. His increased mental instability causes him to sometimes be extremely impulsive, not thinking before plunging into a potentially dangerous situation, making it relatively easy to lure him into a trap. Osprey also suffers from the delusion that he is invincible, claiming that "not even God could defeat him" this has caused him to fight when at a severe disadvantage, resulting in his defeat.

His ability to view the sins of all he sees is slowly convincing him that the world is full of guilty people. Once from the top of a building looking down on people in the street, he can see the sins and repressed guilt of each and every one. Determining that their sins outweigh the values of their lives, Hazard lights up his eyes and lases into the crowded street, slaughtering all present.

Because the brain he inhabits was lobotomized, Osprey is unable to feel anything physically and has a very limited emotional range. He has described the way he experiences his pseudo-life as being akin to playing a video game. He also has a wild, animal-like nature to him and a savage, or "berserker," rage which he tries to control.

Although seemingly incapable of reason, Osprey has been shown to be able to learn through a process of trial and error. The full extent of his learning abilities is unknown, but the process of discovery for them is not unlike that of a toddler. Hazard also seem to have a sense of wonder or amazement, as shown in where he is transfixed watching fireworks in the sky.

He is shown to be capable of short bursts of speed once target is within reach, though it is unclear as to the extent of or what triggers this ability. Osprey have been shown to lunge once in close proximity of a target and will ferociously bite and claw at anything in his grasp.

Because the Osprey has never experienced any sort of true social interaction, his moral code does not conform to the standards of modern society. The Hazard cannot distinguish between modern concepts of right and wrong, and has in fact created his own system of ethics, twisting his ideals, and making him see things as he wants to see them, not necessarily as they truly are.

Hazard seems to lack any real empathy for his fellow man. He delights in murder; feeling no consequences will affect him despite the fact he's been detained and handled before. In addition to all his powers, Hazard has demonstrated a love of carnage and killing.

So great is his love for battle that Hazard seldom bothers to consider which side he is fighting for, and goes on to slay soldiers from either side. Even when Hazard does join battle intending to fight for a particular side, he is prone to forget which side he's on, or be tricked into fighting his unfortunate allies.

Super-strong but sometimes cannot control his strength and is prone to savage, almost bestial rages in which he becomes reckless. However, Osprey must always be concentrating on keeping himself invincible. He eventually lets his guard down when he is 'relieved'. If Osprey doesn't discharge the energies that builds in his body causes his mind to rage.

In addition, Hazard suffers massive migraines which he refers to as the "fever" which can only be alleviated by 'relieving' his rage using people, ultimately killing them. Something within Osprey's physiology makes him addicted to the chemicals used in the Earth food, Chocolates for a steady supply of phenethylamine. A chemical found as a neurotransmitter in the human brain, while this has been known to lead him to consume the brains of others, the chemical can also be ready found in processed chocolate. Withdrawal symptoms include violent bursts of rage, and bloodlust.

He tried to relieve the residual pain from his burns by obtaining the endorphins from human or dog brains, but as the pain never went away this had turned into an endless cycle.

"Coward, liar, rascal, scoundrel, and puppy all demanded an immediate challenge, for they struck at the core elements of manliness and gentility." (A puppy, Freeman recounts, was "a fop or coxcomb; corresponding to the French poupée ... a woman's plaything or pet.") "Any man who uttered them in a dispute was declaring his intention to engage in an affair of honor."

Coward is a surefire way of getting people killed, nobody calls him a chicken and lives.

Hazard is capable of being knocked unconscious and suffer the psychological effects of damage as well as pain. Hazard also possesses a pulse that can be felt and read in the same manner as a human. It should be noted that the tolerance for pain is inhumanly high, and that a Hazard appears to only feel pain in the moment of injury, suggesting that Hazard does not suffer the lingering agony that most humans do.


Though technically Hazard has had residences around the world. He has often resided wherever his gtoup calls HQ as well. So to say he is without a home isn't totally true. What is true is that Hazard lacks a people or a place that he can point to and call home. Sector XX would technically be it, but he is believed to be the sole inhabitant of his quadrant and of his kin. This has caused times within Hazard's life, mostly during the early years of his habitation of Earth, to truly reflect on all that he has been missing. This can lead to a sour mood at times when he realizes that he is and will always be a visitor to his adopted home of Earth.

Passion for Pain

Hazard has a sick and twisted passion for pain. The very idea of being stabbed, or receiving a blow excites her in some strange way. He in a sense, “thirsts” for pain, and once he receives it, he will not stop, until he is satisfied. The problem with this is that Hazard will become blind or ignorant to the amount of pain that she receives, and could probably die from the injuries. Additionally, Hazard is drawn to those who can cause her pain, or people who will allow him to cause pain, death, and destruction.

Empathic Overload

When he absorbs to many negative emotions it causes him to enter an overloaded state in which he becomes a violent berserker, and can’t differentiate between friend, or foe. While his powers are enhanced, he can’t necessarily control himself until he is stopped, and reverts back to normal.


After gaining more powers, Hazard consumed himself in it and stated that he would no longer became stagnant. Seeing as to how he was granted an ability that would ensure that, he is always one to perform an action before he thinks. He is so bent on overpowering everybody that he will rush into battle without a steady plan of action in mind. His impulsiveness and brash attitude make it hard for him to get into a fight simply because he is driven more so by a burning emotions than a calculating force of mind. When enraged.


Hazard can also underestimate ‘lesser’ beings, leaving himself open for attack, not expecting certain beings from being able to harm him. It doesn’t take much to take a read on an opponent, but his initial impression is usually low.

Hold Back:

Due to underestimating opponent’s, as well as just not wanting to kill opponent’s outright, Hazard holds back 90% of the time. It takes a lot to get him to go all-out, and if he does, watch out. Non npc's.


Somewhat stubborn and born with an infinite amount of perseverance, Hazard will head straight into battle with the pure intent of winning. With this in mind, Hazard will push through any battle no matter how bad the odds are against him, or how badly beaten he gets. He puts mind over matter and will continue fighting, even if it puts her on the brink of near death. He's had her share of failures in the past, and has always risen back up even after falling down. His stubborn willpower gives him the strength to keep fighting, but also gives his enemies the ability to take advantage of the fact that she is willing to die to win.

Chink in the armor:

his susceptibility to piercing objects. While He is able to sustain incredible amounts of blunt damage, Hazard is as prone to be maimed by a well-placed piercing attack as anyone else. His bionically-enhanced physique is able to make him withstand the pain and heal, but in the end, he can be gravely injured, or even killed by a sword thrust. Note that the hardware and the wielder has to be 'special'

Never Give Up:

Hazrd has a serious problem with identifying when it's okay to give up, or change his habits. It takes Hazard far longer than most people to come to the conclusion that he must abandon anything in order to save something greater than whatever it is he's defending or fighting for. He will take a lot of punishment while trundling slowly to the uncomfortable and foreign decision of 'retreat', and yet still remain no matter how hurt he might be in mind, body or soul.


'Hit First, Ask Questions Later' - If something is a verified threat, Hazard will move to subdue/contain it before investigating further or asking questions. Once the threat is handled, -then- one can have all the time they want to figure out the reasons. While this behavior is greatly couched during team/mission situations, it's still present as something Hazard would quietly (sometimes not so quietly) offer as a far better solution to trying to deal with criminals. When he's in civillian clothing and 'off-duty', Hazard is even more prone to this kind of impulsive behavior, more willing to take things into her own hands - What better time to catch a metabeing than when one thinks no agressors are around?

Quick Decisions In most situations Hazard will punch someone before asking. This usually causes more fighting to happen than should. This is why he is constantly put on teams that can supervise his actions. He acts out of the intent of good, but often does more harm than good.


Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Hazard is always prepared. Guided by practical experience, Batman is almost always a few steps ahead of his enemies simply by virtue of the fact that he has planned and prepared for every foreseeable problem. He has little patience with people who let life come at them without taking the time to consider their future needs. A little planning would protect them from so much heartache and heartbreak down the line.

Code of Honor:

Hazard's code of honor is unclear. The most solid part is that he will always keep his formal word. His "code" included the fact that he could free himself through trial by combat. He also always "stays bought" by contract.

Another important part is that he will *not* use his power-up to give himself a strength or durability above his opponent's (or above an obstacle) strength and durability. However due to rage or some other unique situation, he may become stronger or more durable but it's rare, as he prefers a good 'fair fight'. He will also always kill a double-crosser, etc. et al.

Likewise, at times he insists that he will make no unprovoked attack (and that his opponent has to hit him first before he declares combat), until that part of his code of honor bores him.



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osp - Capabilities

FISS: Flight, Invulnerability, Speed, Strength

Now Hazard here is a bad dude you can sink your teeth into. He's part machine, part metabeing, all psychotic. He sneaks onto Area51 and proceeds to just about kill everyone. It's very very mean, and you've gotta give him props for being so well prepared. Big and ugly, Hazard is definately, a classic thug of a baddie.

Hazard has been called the "Swiss Army" knife of metabeings because of his wide range of abilities. Most of his powers are similar to the classic set such as, super-human strength, invulnerability, flight, and heat vision and all at power range superior to a kryptonian. Among those, he's able to assimilate machines, manipulate energy, and acquire new ones. Hazard is also a very powerful cyberpath acting as his team's communication system during battle.

  • Superhuman Strength: Hazard possesses immense physical strength, the exact limits of which are unknown. He has crushed a pencil into diamonds, rearranged earth's solar system, moving every planet himself, as well as catching a speeding comet and using it to increase the mass of a planet. He can use his strength with his flight, having moved mountain-sized ship from earth to Pluto in 2 hours (faster than light). With his strength, he can perform some amazing feats. His strength is further augmented by his emotional powers, and when he is on emotional overcharge his strength level further increases.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Hazard possesses extraordinary physical stamina. His muscles generate literally no fatigue toxins and he can exert himself at peak capacity indefinitely. He once flew for months in order to get to the edge of the universe.
  • Flight: Hazard can move unaided through the air by force of will alone. His speed allows him to travel multiple times the speed of light. He has flown out of the Milky Way Galaxy and back to Earth in less than a year, which puts him somewhere around a few thousand times faster than light. He also traveled from Earth to Saturn in less time than it took one of his enemies to utter a sentence.
  • Sonic Boom: By breaking the sound-barrier, Hazard can create sonic booms. Sonic booms cause extreme kinetic and concussive force in a sphere, causing damage to those in the area. The amount of damage could knock out humans, even killing them, as well as breaking windows and causing other misc. damage. Sonic booms work just like thunderclaps under the supers strength ability.
  • Superhuman Speed/Reflexes: Hazard has the ability to move and react at incredible speed. This includes running, but flying is less strenuous and more versatile. His top running speed seems to be just under the speed of light. Hazard also possesses superhuman reflexes. He can casually catch with his hands a hail of high-velocity projectiles.
  • Speed Strike: Hazard can build up speed and use it to deliver a full strength blow plus the added speed he’s traveling for a deadly and powerful effect. Traveling near the speed of light acquired the relativistic mass of such speed to impart blows which could hit with the force of "a white dwarf star". Realistic effects take over as a body approaches light-speed. Visual input will begin to blueshift and his body's mass will increase towards infinity.
  • Phasing: Hazard has always possessed the ability to control his speed and angular momentum at the MOLECULAR level, and control his molecular interactions to allow his body to pass through any substance
  • Increased Perceptions: Hazard possesses the ability to alter his perceptions so that falling objects can appear to be standing still and can be caught and moved back to their normal position. He can do this so quickly as to have it happen invisibly to the normal human eye. He can strike a single opponent hundreds of times in a second or multiple opponents two or three times in a second. He can disarm or jam any number of opponents weapons before they are even aware of his movement and can hurl small projectiles at hypersonic velocities. (lead musket balls and steel ball bearings are his favorites)
  • Supercharged Brain Activity: Hazard's mental abilities are also increased in speed, simple computations can be done at lightning speeds, and his ability to perform normal feats at increased speeds. Hazard can also read as super-speed, and takes advantage of his ability to learn at increased speeds, and has become a jack of all trades in several disciplines and languages.
  • Bullet Projectiles: Hazard can throw small objects as fast, or faster than bullets. Hurl small projectiles at hypersonic velocities.
  • Spinning: Hazard can spin in a tight circle, causing massive winds around him to deflect objects. He can also tunnel through materials like a drill. Another ability with spinning is grabbing and opponent and spinning rapidly, giving them extreme nausea and loss of balance/control. By running in a circle at a certain speed, Hazard is able to create a vortex with a variety of affects. One effect is pulling the air away from the center in order to suffocate an enemy. Another effect is levitating whoever and whatever was in the center. Also, able to send anyone or anything into another dimension when running around them. Some other effects are acting as barriers to movement or funnels for toxic gas's. The Flash also can spin his arms to create directed funnels of hurricane speed air that can knock down barriers or reduce the speed of a falling object.
  • Superhuman Agility: Hazard's natural balance, agility, and body coordination are substantially superior to those of humans.
  • Superhuman Durability and Resistance: Hazard's body possesses a high degree of resistance to physical injury as well as a bio-aura. He can withstand bullets, rockets, lasers, nuclear munitions, and the depths of the sun without sustaining significant injury. He can survive in the vacuum of space indefinitely. The greatest example of his durability was when he stood at the center of an explosion that destroyed an earth-sized planet, and survived.
  • Superhuman Eyesight: Hazard can use his eyesight in a variety of ways:
  • Microscopic: Microscopic is the ability to perceive items with normal optical clarity that are normally too small to be seen with the naked eye. Hazard can see things smaller than an atom.
  • Telescopic: Hazard can observe objects over remote distances. His eyesight automatically focuses for distance, and he can see things that are far away with the same degree of clarity that they would if the objects were very close. This power works similarly to a zoom lens on a camera. Hazard's vision allows him to see light years away (something required for light-speed travel).
  • Thermal: Hazard can detect radiation in the infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. This can often be used to trace patterns of heat, indicating an invisible presence, or high-output energy sources.
  • X-Ray: Hazard can see through solid objects. He can adjust the depth of his perception to varying degrees. X-Ray vision can be used to see through material of low mass and volume such as articles of clothing, or it can be used to see through denser materials such as concrete buildings or mountains.
  • Infrared: Hazard can adjust his spectral range so as to be perceive types of light that are normally invisible to normal humans.
  • Kirilian Aura: Hazard can see the very force, or soul, of another living being. All living things (people, plants, animals, etc.) are made up of a complex combination of atoms, molecules and energy cells. As these ingredients coexist, they generate a large magnetic energy field that can be sensed, felt and even seen around the physical body. This energy field has many characteristics, sound, color and shape. These characteristics are what we know as the 'aura'. When associated to a person, the aura can provide insight into the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of the individual. The same can be said for animals and plants, as they too have emotions and a physical well-being. Viewing the aura of a living being allows Hazard to identify many things, from the emotional state, if they are lying, if they possess super powers, if they are alien, and even if they are supernatural or from another time/dimension, or universe.
  • Superhuman Hearing: Hazard has highly specialized and evolved hearing.
  • Pinpoint: Hazard can pinpoint something's exact location by hearing alone.
  • Analytical: Hazard's hearing allows him to sense fine details about the sound, such as determining if someone is lying, the distance an object is based on the sound wave bouncing to and from an object, as well as determining how hard a substance is based on how the sound wave reflects off an object. He can also identify someone by their voice, or even their heartbeat.
  • Extended: Hazard's hearing has a global range. He can hear all sound on earth, but his advanced mind moves them into his subconscious where it is all analyzed. If something requires his attention, it'll move up into his consciousness and he will act on it.
  • Radar: The combined effect's of Hazard's hearing gives him a form of sonic radar, like a bat, where he can get a clear 'picture' of a room and objects within it by how the waves all bounce around.
  • Radio: Hazard can also hear any form of sound wave, from AM, FM, television, cellular, police bands, and so forth.
  • Superhuman Smell: Hazard’s sense of smell is so acute, he can smell the difference between dimensions. He has also used his sense of smell to detect the difference in the atomic structure of matter and also measure the disturbance in causality and the way time flows. That’s 4-D senses.
  • Super Breath: Hazard's lungs are far more durable an efficient than that of a normal human. They also have a much higher capacity, achieved by compressing air in such a way in his lungs that he's able to store much more of it. When exhaling, Hazard is able to control the flow and pressure of the air coming out, manipulating his breath to create strong winds that would rival the strength of a gale or hurricane, able even to topple down a building. The compressing and condensation process that air undergoes in his lungs lowers its temperature to such degrees that unless the he regulates it when he expels it, they reach the levels found in the Arctic circle. Therefore, for all purposes Hazard is able of using a 'freezing breath' that is able to affect its target with a chilling effect, freezing them in place in an instant.
  • Immortality: Hazard has no need to eat, drink, or sleep to fuel his body. He may eat or drink out of pleasure but his body no longer requires him to do so. He is immune to virtually every disease and toxin and will never die of old age.
  • Exposure to the light of a younger blue sun provides Osprey with increased physical abilities, and the power of "SuperVision", which allows him to bestow his abilities on other beings for a limited time. His eyes are constructed to concentrate solar energy into laser like blasts, literally concentrated sunlight. Multi-band light and force beam emitter. Can be adjusted for a variety of effects such as search light, heat beams, tractor beam, and lasers. It is also capable of stun and flesh (it disintegrates flesh but leaves the skeleton intact.

    Black light vision is similar to Heat Vision, but has intense force as well as heat. He could manipulate internal energy into powerful blasts to destroy his enemies, though he rarely used this ability since he preferred to be more "hands on" when it came to killing. Hazard's eye beams can be microscopic, like a needle, or widened to effect large areas. He could, for instance, hit a crowd of people standing on front of him with either a concussive blast or a heated blast. He could shoot his beams hundreds of thousands of miles, and could easily shoot the moon while standing on earth. Hazard has also used his eye beams to re-program machinery and alter things on a molecular level. He has used his vision to read and reprogram spaceships causing them to attack another, turn Jupiter from a gas planet into a hard planet, and enter a sun and cause it to split, forming two suns.


    Powered by a chunk of Kryptonite X which replaced his heart. Instead of being lethal, it restores powers. Unfortunately, it also apparently clung to him and caused him to absorb solar energy at a rapidly accelerated rate, eventually causing his powers to burst of control and his body to build more mass. This configuration is also equipped with 'solar augments' all over his body. that kept his power levels at their maximum even inside of non yellow sun solar systems. It collects and feeds him yellow solar energy, to maintain his power levels even when exposed to a red sun. This appendage increased the magnitude of Osprey's powers many times over.

    Although they were not meant to do physical damage, as his other attacks, Osprey could adjust his internal energies and emit powerful and directed bursts of pure light. Meant mainly to disorientate, temporarily blind, and throw off balance their targets. These strobe blasts occurred as a multi-colored directed assault of pure lightBy emitting concentrated light so bright that it emits a potent explosive impact. Enough to knock out a small cadre of local law enforcers.

    Similar to telekinesis, Osprey could generate and create powerful stasis fields which mainly were used to temporarily freeze and immobilize opponents, setting them up for another teammate to attack. The stasis fields were not that powerful, however, their gripping strength of no more then 2 tons. Enough to freeze a normal human or S.P.B. without super strength, but sufficient force could break free. Hazard is able to create a stasis field in any given spot. This spot is indicated by a green, spherical grid. Everything inside is hit with a powerful stasis. This is an electromagnetic field, tripling the g-force in the area while pressurizing the field to several atmospheres, making it so no one can move. He can carve out a pocket of gravity so one person could move within the field. Including the ability to slow down the molecules around him, creating a field of inertia that reducing (massively) FTL speed to human level, giving him sufficient time to counter incoming attacks thus allowing him to touch and strike them.

    He collects specimens and puts them in stasis, then displays them as a form of art. The specimens cannot move more than an eyeblink, but they are fully conscious and aware. The beings are kept in a state of stasis and they are programmed with 'adventures' which are the same as the adventures of the original superhero series.

    After Pro-Reg | Some of his upgrades included a vertigo projector which caused nausea and loss of balance and coordination, a flash-freezing ray that drastically lowered the temperature of an object while encasing it in ice, and an electro-bolt which could scramble an opponent's nervous system to knock them out, all projected from his hands and arms. In 'kill' setting electro-bolt fires a huge charge of electricity and rapid molecular expansion of gas and fluid. In a soft biological target, an electro-bolt strike can result in a catastrophic explosion of blood and gore. But even a near miss can cause superficial burns and keep an enemy subdued. The weapon utilizes highly dangerous protonic current which has a high damage radius and damage capability. Upon direct contact with a biological entity, one hit from the weapon causes the entity to superheat and explode in a violent, swift, and often messy manner. Although a direct hit is the most effective, even minor superficial damage from the weapon can yield fatal results such as horrible burns and even dismemberment.

    The electro-bolt is a small device that administers an electrical shock to Hazard whenever he uses vulgar language. The device is placed beneath Osprey's skin, where it detects physiological changes which occur whenever he swears, similar to how a lie detector functions. It can be described as a form of aversion therapy. The It then enabled Cartman to shoot electrical bolts from his fingers.

    The electro-bolt can also fire Proton Streams at ghosts so as to hold them in place to trap them, if necessary. electro-bolt can also destroy ghosts if they can't be trapped, but they need to be at full power in order to destroy or hold onto powerful ghosts and demons

    His weaponry included power blasts from his fists and a glowing, burning aura which surrounded his whole body, increasing the effectiveness of his blows and of his defenses, becoming nearly invulnerable. In order to attain the lethal potential, and the glowing, flaming aura, Osprey needed some seconds to charge to collect enough energy. He could also focus the power in a hand in one second, enabling him to cut through objects. After Pro-Reg | Hazard could generate a coherent energy field which he focused through the fist, causing it to break down solid matter at a molecular level on contact, dramatically increasing its destructive power. Each strike created a violent explosive deconstruction wherever he struck.

    Osprey has the ability to interface with complex technological computer systems. He can perceive variances in the electro-magnetic spectrum and can re-channel electrical impulses from other systems into his own.

    Special Augments

    Hazard is an almost archetypal psychopath, made all the worse for his addiction to murder; his telepathic powers cause him to literally feel the moment of another's death and he found great pleasure in that sensation. He craves this rush often and fights to earn it.

    After Pro-Reg | Hazard has the ability to cybernetically bond himself with metal and technology, assimilating it into his neural net. This effectively allows him to transform himself into a cyborg at will, and possibly reverse the process just as easily. He has used his powers to incorporate various forms of high technology into his person.

    After Pro-Reg | He is able to remotely link with other computer systems, downloading files and information, cracking codes, and operating their programming from a distance. Osprey can also connect with a series of sky-spy satellites in order to map out his surrounding area and visualize battlegrounds using three-dimensional holographic grid projections, employing real-time position updates of all combatants and targets within the field of battle. He can even pinpoint metabeings using a combination of infrared and motion-sensitive scans.

    After Pro-Reg | His arms are able to telescope to many times their original length, and after his rebuilding he has a "cable-trap" in his chest which pops open and ensnares his opponents at close range, immobilizing and crushing them. Hazard can also reprogram the minds of other people, using cyber-filament wires which extend from his optic sensors into the eyes of his victims. These give him direct neural access to his victim's brain, allowing him to alter their memories, personality, inclination or violence, and so forth.

    After Pro-Reg | He has highly advanced sensory abilities, including being able to detect electromagnetic wavelengths, mentally receive radio transmissions, and hack into security systems to see through closed-circuit video cameras monitoring a building. He can also projection his holographic consciousness over a distance, allowing him to observe and communicate with people hundreds of miles away.

    After Pro-Reg | Every cell of his body was a living machine, capable of being programmed and rewritten at will. His body had the capacity of becoming an omni-productive factory, for he could use his nanotech to assimilate additional mass into his system, convert this mass into whatever he desired, and then expel it in this newly forged shape.

    After Pro-Reg | Hazard instinctively used this aspect of his power to help his healing -- by drinking large amounts of water, his body would process that liquid into organic material to regenerate missing or damaged portions of his anatomy. He has a highly-advanced internal energy source powered by water, making him efficient and non-polluting. The exact mechanism behind his power source is unknown, but he can be reactivated merely by pouring a glass of water .


    Osprey's metal parts is tied into the Quantum Field, which enables him to absorb and manipulate infinite amounts of energy, the amount of which he can use is, limited by him will power and imagination. Hazard's energy absorption power enables him to absorb just about any form of energy and store it in his body. Hazard can fire and control energy of any form. Hazard normally manipulates his energy into force fields, energy blast or energy bombs. He can generate energy waves capable of scrambling the minds of others, and can control electromagnetically powered technology, like the electronic parts of a cyborg. His dilustel components are very versatile. Hazard has become an expert at his energy manipulation so much that he can fire from any point on his body, although he usually uses his hands for due to better aim. He can fire in multiple directions at once or from every point of his body at once. Often times he will unleash a massive explosion almost nuke like, destroying everything within a radius. Hazard can also create matter in the same manner he creates energy. If Hazard concentrates hard enough he can improve any of his abilities equal to the amount of energy/will power he throws into it. Hazard has demonstrated minor atomic transmutation powers(as he was able to revert three metabeings back to their human forms.) This power can be used instinctively or through concentration. Which means Monarch can absorb all the atomic energy from others to strengthen himself.

    The organic alloy also covers Hazard's nervous system disabling his sense of touch to an extreme degree. As such, he has trouble gauging the amount of pressure that he exerts and cannot feel varying extremes of temperature.

    In addition to his cybernetic enhancements, Osprey is capable of extending five retractable razor-sharp X-Ionizer claws implanted and housed in his forearms from the knuckles of both of his hands, which are 1.5 foot long. The claws can pierce even Kryptonian skin (His claws succeeded in disemboweling the specimen and breaking through the ribs). After Pro-Reg | Sentient claws have been created that can deliver energy blasts as they strike (if the claw deems it necessary) as well as perform other tasks in the hands of a skilled bladesman.

    The claws are used for punching stabs to opponents, and is effective due to its speed and penetrating power. It was designed to be able to pierce the (natural) armor used in superhumans. Hazard sometimes used two sets simultaneously, extending them in both hands. These limbs, however, could be detached at the shoulders or wrist. He could also fire his fists as remote-directed projectiles that he could easily reattach at a later time.

    Hazard's claws were each composed of special alloy. The hardness and their sharpness allowed Hazard to use his claws to cut through virtually any substance depending on its thickness and the amount of force he could exert. His bionic arm can move in all directions, bends easily, and the hand moves and flexes just as a normal one would do. Additionally, it increases Osprey's physical strength (increasing Osprey's strength in the first place is a noteworthy achievement). His cyborg arm serves many purposes, such as cooking implements, a sword with an edge only a molecule thick, a pistol and welding tool, and his cyborg eye has zoom functions and improves his aim(he could detect the approach of individuals several miles away without having to see them), while his mechanical leg appears to contain an addition that he can put on his arm's mechanics to create a high-grade plasma cannon.

    After Pro-Reg | He seems to possess superhumanly strong and metallically reinforced teeth and jaw muscles. Each tooth is a razor sharp metal blade which, combined with his bionic jaws, are capable of chewing or rending steel with ease. He could even bite through 2nd adamantium power armor clear to the flesh. Hazard can also open his mouth to enormous size, large enough to engulf a human head.

    After Pro-Reg | The anatomical structure is made out of a metal alloy fabricated by Hazard. This alloy is completely heat and cold proof, as well as harder than any known earth substance. The layers prohibit any form of beaming, teleportation, or phasing, besides that of the being itself. Hazard also has sensory blocking technology stopping all scanning from penetrating it. Although scans can be performed 'around' it to get a rough idea.

    Also noteworthy is the extremely advanced camouflage technology his arms contain. Not only does he have a sophisticated holograms projector, which he can use for both on himself and to project images separate from himself, but him arms also house technology capable of interfering with how nearby nervous systems interpret sounds, textures and other things beside visual information. Essentially, he has techno-psionic camouflage.

    He has a built-in artificially intelligent, tactical system capable of analyzing a target's mass, weak points, energy, magic, technology, life-signs, etc. It has a targeting enhancement system that works with his cybernetic eyes to further augment his precision, enabling him to aim for and calculate multiple targets (up to a thousand at once), moving the body for Hazard or aiding him to dodge even high speed attacks and even shoot small projectiles out of the air. Combined with his superhuman speed, this allows him to perform such feats as defeating an entire team of metabeings in one eigh of a second flat using his finger.It is programmed for constant intelligence upgrade and is powered directly by the quantum field.

    Its 'other' metallic alloy enables him to survive the space environment and resist attacks on cosmic level, travel through space at nearly the speed of light and teleport to anywhere in the universe. He can trigger this teleportation signature to encompass anyone within his immediate vicinity, or in the vicinity of his holographically-projected consciousness. He can not only use this power for transportation but also to summon objects into his presence from miles away. His power can also be used offensively: Osprey's teleportation signature precedes his physical arrival by a few instants, and forcibly clears the area of mass for him to materialize safely. As a result, he can teleport inside people or other solid objects, causing them to explode from the inside out as he appears in their place. He is also capable of monitoring the teleportation signature of other teleporters, and then "piggyback" on the residual carrier wave in order to teleport himself anywhere they have been in the (recent?) past to track and follow their jumps. Hazard's teleportation powers can create dangerous implosions at their exit point if he isn't careful. The ability to teleport, which can alternatively cause a tremendous explosion at the departure point.

    The graft also has the ability to absorb, nullify and reflect energies to opponents, fire blasts of strange purple energy from his hands (that could leech cosmic power from a target). His eyes glow the same purple as his energy blasts.

    He is a cyborg with built-in shoulder-lasers, he activates his PIDS (Personal Integrated Defense System) or laser protection system, on his shoulders, whenever a hostile approaches him. It is a set of computer-guided lasers that can fire in any direction, incinerating her targets or cleanly slicing through most materials. This piece of built-in weaponry is extremely powerful, with the ability to fire a pair of potent lasers with every shot, in rapid succession. It can even cut adamantium by emulating a special subatomic particle beam (a super-fine particle beam that unhooks the molecules, atom by atom).

    He no longer stores her brain or consciousness in his head, and cannot be killed by any attack which damages his skull. His mind is encoded on a mobile module. When one of his forms is destroyed the module can exit his current bionic body unit and inhabit a new one.

    He is capable of replicating and mimicking the voices of other people enabling him to impersonate them and even create his own. He could speak to the others without any apparent external communication device, and they could trace his position.

    Interphase Cloak: The interphase cloaking device is an advanced type of cloaking device that allows Hazard to become invisible and travel through solid matter and high-energy fields. A molecular phase inverter moves the ship out of phase with the spacetime continuum.

    Shields: Deflector shields operate by creating a layer of energetic distortion containing a high concentration of gravitons around the object (ship, city, etc.) to be protected. Neither matter nor highly-concentrated energy (i.e., weapons fire) can normally penetrate a shield. When shields are "up," or energized at a high level, most matter or energy that comes into contact with the shields will be harmlessly deflected away. Hazard has enough shield capacity to travel through the corona of a star.

    Propulsion: The quantum slipstream drive is an advanced form of interstellar propulsion. The slipstream is a narrowly-focused, directed warp field that is initiated by manipulating the fabric of the space-time continuum at the quantum level. It works by focusing a quantum field through a deflector dish to generate massive changes in local space curvature; this creates a subspace tunnel, which is projected in front of the being. Once he has entered this tunnel, the forces inside propel it at incredible speed. In order to maintain the slipstream a ship has to constantly modify the quantum field with its deflector dish.

    Tractor Beam: A tractor beam is an attenuated linear graviton beam used to control the movement of external objects. The beam places spatial stresses on the object in specific areas allowing the ship using the tractor beam to hold the object in a fixed location or alter its position or trajectory. Hazard has the capability of holding starships securely while traveling at warp speed. It is also capable of rapidly draining a vessel's shields while holding the vessel in place, rendering it virtually helpless against further attacks.

    Beaming technology: This enables instant transportation of a person or object(s) from one place to another over massive distances. It’s capable of traversing as far as the edge of the solar system. Without specific data on the object, a beaming device must be located on the object. Besides people and small objects, the beam device is capable of beaming large objects, even complete skyscrapers.

    Biogenic Weapon: Plans for a living radioactive material that can be programmed to target and destroy a specific type of DNA. This devastating weapon is capable of wiping out entire select species while leaving others unharmed. The delivery system would be an energy bomb, exploded in an upper atmosphere. It’s possible to create a device strong enough to take out an entire planet.

    Quark Instability Condenser: One of the most powerful weapons -- Extremely effective against cyborgs and robots, the condenser harnesses a fraction of the binding energies of atomic nuclei and any free energies around or in the target, generating a quark destabilizing pulse which causes variable damage, pain and disruption to its targets. Against targets with inborn physical (but not mental) powers (i.e., most mutant, altered humans, and even aliens), the blast is boosted by the target's own energies, in most cases boosting the effect of the blast enough to seriously damage the target. Against any armored, robotic, or cybernetic target, the intensity of the blast is boosted (as above), and the target will be paralyzed and their devices will be disable/shut off.”

    Temporal Disruptor Grenade: A temporal disruptor is a bombs; essentially a "time bomb" (in the literal sense), the disruptor destroys its target by fragmenting and distorting the space-time around it to the point where the target can no longer hold cohesion. A small device only about forty centimeters long, the disruptor had an effective range of about 150 meters.

    Razor breath

    ability to spew out razor blades from his mouth


    After augmentation, Osprey's nervous system was altered, making him almost impervious to physical pain and resistant to mind control.

    Osprey possesses aggressive healing capabilities and can recover from major wounds (including severed limbs) within a short span of time. After Pro-Reg | His body also developed a unique reaction to injury -- his enhanced physical powers dramatically increase themselves in response to pain and physical assault, especially his strength, reaction time, and recuperative powers. Over-stimulation of his pain-reactive strength can send Hazard into a berserker rage, though, making him an unthinking fighting machine until the initial power boost wears off.

    Hazard's regeneration is truly his greatest asset. It makes him incredibly hard to hurt, let alone kill. He has been vaporized several times over, had appendages blown off, vaporized, been stabbed, shot, been at ground zero for nuclear explosions, been decapitated(several times) been reduced to a skeleton. Said skeleton came to life and regenerated to an angry Hazard, and then eventually, to stable Hazard. He has even been erased from existence by the omega level reality warper. After his body was blown to bits, said bits were consumed by a hostile metabeing, said metabeing became a bloated version, who's DNA was overwritten by Hazard's own and his body was regenerated to it's normal state.

    He has a "kill gland" located between his neck and collarbone which secretes powerful hormones into the blood stream and which drives him to hyper-aggression. When this gland is over-stimulated, it sends the cyborg into a frenzied rage. When in such a state, Osprey will attempt to kill any living thing in sight, including members of its own species. This "kill rage" can be contagious and spread from one to another, driving them all to attack each other.

    Osprey's body permit the android to replicate the special abilities of any super-beings in his immediate proximity. With every being encountered, Osprey becomes even more powerful and virtually unstoppable. The ability to absorb others' powers and magnify them to greater levels. His cells had a learning capacity, and could "remember" and replicate anything they were exposed to. Osprey once used the Infinity Time Gem to travel into the past, and was later capable of traveling through time under his own power without the gem. Hazard is unaware of his full abilities, using them only to enhance himself through consumption. He can gain the abilities and memories of others by consuming a portion of their DNA, his physical appearance altering to resemble aspects of his victims every time.

    Hazard possess unparalleled control of his physical body, able to directly control glandular secretions such as adrenalin, enhance or mute electrical impulses for faster reactions, pain suppression, and muscular precision, even internal medical controls, increasing white blood cells and other operations to precisely meter the impact of illness, infection, and fever, to enhance infiltration success. His musculature is augmented by slight repositioning of attachment points and an increase in joint mobility to permit even greater applications of power and range of motion than even the most athletic human norms if required.

    He has the ability to see anyone's past crimes within an aura that surrounds their heads. All of an individual's crimes are made visible and completely open, and all lies revealed to the wielder. The glyph reveals those crimes that an individual is aware of committing, of being mentally controlled, if an individual is the direct perpetrator, or simply being an accomplice. When reading a person's aura, he can determine their powers, their experiences, and the mood as well as several other characteristics by studying some form of aura they have. He seems to have a gift of discovering the weakness of an opponent.

    This is what gives Hazard the ability to match his opponent in strength and durability. Hazard can instinctively increase his strength and durability to equal that of his opponent. For example, his normal strength is in the multimegaton range, but if he were to go against high echelon metabeings, his strength and durability would increase to match.

    Matter Slicer

    His deadly and destructive ability allows his to cut through almost any material with his bare hands. Simple techniques like a character chop or a hand swipe could be as deadly as a blade coming at the vitals. The origin of his powers are unknown, but he seemed to be able to cut through almost anything and anything.

    Battle knowledge

    The exposure to the combat events coupled with the touch of Omega's blood to his own granted Hazard the strange power to be able to see battles in a level far above normal perception. In the history of warefare, there have been countless ways that attacks and counters have been played. It is inevitable that these situations repeat themselves, or come back in similar form. What Hazard gleans is the anticipation of what an enemy might do, as well as a multitude of ways to counteract that. As for an offensive advantage, he might be shown countless variations of how his attack strategy might come about. The ability manifests itself in the heat of battle and leaves him momentarily disoriented as the sheer wealth of knowledge courses through his mind.

    Emotional Energy Manipulation

    Hazard is able to take the energy from his own emotions, or those around him, and release in bursts of energy such as beams, blasts, or even bolts of lightning. Along with his ability to generate energy he can form it into constructs. Though his constructs will take the color of whatever emotion(s) he is feeling at the time. They could be one single color, or multicolored. Hazard powers are empathic in nature; he learned he could harness great powers by channeling love, pain, hate and rage from others.



    Hazard has the ability to digitize matter, converting it into streams of electronic information, and then direct and manipulate this information in different ways. Generally, this power serves as a means of teleportation: Hazard will transform people or objects into electromagnetic coding, store them inside the him, and then transmit them across a standard transmission signal to reconstitute them at a new location. He could keep someone trapped indefinitely in a digitized state if he wished, or possibly kill them simply by erasing their file. His range is apparently limited only by the range of the transmission he has, which is to say instantaneous.

    Having been introduced to his Virtual World -- In which he can recreate himself in any form he wishes, he is an all-powerful force. Free to roam cyberspace, he becomes an overwhelming force -- for each time he is killed in VR Osprey simply returns in another more powerful, more malevolent form. Impervious to attack from anything in his own world, but with something brought from Earth you might have a chance. He is the ruler of a VR world (alternate earth) that would pull people from other worlds into his. Sometimes they'd become slaves or assistant on his mobile soul-devouring fortress or he would personally devour them.

    He can transport both organic and inorganic matter, but must do so separately because of some difference in the transmission process. Transporting people with clothes and armaments is possible, but only with advanced time and planning to write "code" which would accommodate a combination of different digitized items. In addition, he has demonstrated the ability to incorporate additional lines of code into a transmitted person's datastream, so that kidnap victims will arrive with a simulated narcotic effect in their system that makes them more docile and compliant. Hazard had created a form of biological matter which could be transmitted and configured by technology. He had an implant surgically placed in his body so that he could summon and displace BREW matter at will and use cybernetic commands to access the configurable matter from the Bio-Regenerative Energy Well. Summoning bio-matter from the BREW over ultra high frequency radio waves, the Annexing Unit would then mold the adaptive material into a replacement limb. Hazard could mentally amplify his own strength and speed by downloading exoskeletal enhancement into the armor.

    Hazard can send a holographic image of something to a place far away, even over many light years. This device can be used to produce a holographic image of a person, which actually appears real, and is sent to the people with whom the person wants to talk. It can also use the holographic projections strategically, to distract enemy troops from battle.

    Capable of reincarnation by mental transference to host bodies growing in stasis. He can transfer both his mind and powers into other host bodies if his own physical body could be somehow killed. Once the transferal is complete, it is permanent, though Hazard can be used to reverse the effect.

    He is able to project stasis fields that halt the movement of time and warp reality within their sphere of influence (a fifteen foot radius). Initially, he employed the power mostly for materializing objects and other forms of matter. He has a natural command of the quantum field and uses it to create stasis and force fields, null gravity, null time, and concussive force. Not only can he speed and slow time, he has even used her powers to travel through time.



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    osp - Story


    He is a very agressive being that expresses itself in a chaotic manner, at times friendly and at other times exceedingly violent. Actions done by Hazard can seldom be predicted as even his own calculations can be thrown away at a moment's notice. His 'personality' changes every now and than, so that the Hazard that is met yesterday would be different from the one to be seen tomorrow.

    For an unknown reason all facets of his personalities like to fight, or any action that has any slight semblance to combat. regardless of condition or situation, always looking for a reason to fight. Where ever and whenever, even his most gentle personas are not immune to this hidden urge and thus explores more subtle ways of displaying these urges without repression. It serves both as a boost and a hindrance that prevents him from ever achieving the uppermost limit of his potential. Yet this being its peculiar in terms that the rage that exists within would sometime disappear only to reappear at unpredictable moments.

    Humble Origins

    People have always sensed a feeling of unease towards change, whether it is social or technological. Things that will forever change life itself in ways irreversible. Industrialization which shaped the future of humanity since the first smoke chute omitted smog into the world, paving way for development at the price of shaving off the earth. Labor becoming much more mechanic as assembly lines are filled with the bottoms of society, dregs to be used and abused after they fulfill their purpose. Then the iron hands appear, replacing the hands of man with their sheer efficiency and lack of needs. A revolt is at hand, yet only the seeds have been planted. Human rights groups and other concerned parties began campaigning for fairer opportunities, as the world began to shape into the 21st century a rift opens to a visitor which makes itself home within a new plane of operation. Resentment, anger, and hate all rounded up into an entity that was born ex nihilo at the same occurrence of the first recorded case of machine/robot murder.

    It harbors no enemies nor friends, it just wants to 'fight' yet this definition is very loose. The only thing that is consistent with the understanding is the exchange of blows in a head on approach without tricks against a seemingly strong opponent, anger propels him towards that end and the rest is carried through by his own abilities. Indiscriminately approaching any-thing as partners may range at any age, any gender, any size, any bearing, any race and any-one(s) in which he has personally participated without backing down. It was only later that he learns about things like strategy or 'throwing' a fight. Essentially a madman out of touch with the time at hand, he would be more suited for a more barbaric age.

    Various posthuman agencies refer to it as 'Hazard' for its obvious capacity to place things into peril, an identity earned after being classified as a mobile danger zone, with a dose of sapient activity. Various clandestine organizations have made several warnings into several circles to keep away, as there are odd factors about this being. Namely its unique tech signatures which emanate in a chaotic pattern in tandem as its biological growth, DNA that matches with a classic FISS hero yet armed with conventional boons attributed with ferals. A collage of contradictions that mixes because of circumstance and matches because of its surroundings.

    In an experimentation M12 sent a Home-brew composite metabeing of (4)power capacity cultivated from various races at it, which ended swiftly in an anticlimactic manner in which Hazard manages to tear open and devour the being. In this process gaining several key characteristics that will carry over into its being in life while learning a variety of skills from this battle. Since then his mettle has been constantly tested with ambush and guerrilla attacks from all sides by different nationals with their own agendas. Some seeking capture and reprogramming, others seeking destruction by more straightforward means. Several times they came close, and in many times they had thought to succeed only to wind up as smoking craters on the ground before cover up and sweeping takes over. The cycle repeats itself, and the exertion varies as the groups have other problems with other superbeings at the same time. When things get tough they tend to outsource to rogue heroes, or extraterrestrial aid.

    During the Y2K Hazard underwent a drastic physical change, as the organization seemingly went more and more desperate. Pooling resources and sending other metabeings of a higher magnitude to quell this problem. Yet their actions inadvertently led to Hazard gaining more power, since it creates a mindset where he would actually eat his enemies that are of a warrior's worth. This voracity caused the acquisition of several traits to mix from a buffet of variable strength, speed, durability and all else. Until they thought to clone and meet them both later on, yet another project that would lead to ruin sometime in the far future. Oracles have since then abandoned the organization, as everyone with prescient capabilities are more interested in self preservation. One or a few loyal dogs stayed to the end.

    Clone given (20)power which is conditioned through conception with numerous methods of annihilation that levels it directly in proportion with exotic doomsday devices. Every skill honed to mass destruction and megadeath capacity, this clone is effectively called X-Hazard as it has been marked with a specific sigil on its face. It is tailor made to end the original, as it has been perfected by all kinds of technology. Applying both brute force and finesse, which is not possessed by the original. What had began as a simple program went into an intensive one, with more and more time being spent to create a counter weapon. A prototype for something that will be mass produced in the case of succesion.

    It was then fired towards hazard in which they have a long match which spanned to the length of 27 days, during their period they have to be sent off-world to prevent casualties. The second attempt eventually led to both of them clashing violently at the jovian plains, as the full fight would cause untold catastrophe on earth. It was given a cover-up as an asteroid impact at the surface of Jupiter, but what had actually happened is the death of their long-term commitments. They are scared as they saw the live feed from the eyes of X-hazard, and they know for a fact that death is coming at them to the point that they had escaped to a parallel earth to remain anonymous

    Then he found them, hiding behind yet another of their machinations. A brainwashed omega-level reality warper, which they forgot to upgrade because of their haste. A world became a cooking pot as infinite flames raged on its surface, and everything was snuffed out along the child when hazard simply punched her head off before she can register a fist lodged through the back of her skull. The resulted shock caused a psionic rebound that fried everything up to the moon. So far a year has been given where Hazard is left alone in solitude, which signified a tinge of fear and a lingering sense of precaution as they prepare to set up yet another stronger creature to take it down.

    Remnants of the thought to be defunct M12 did not falter, during the time they have used the assumption of absence to mount yet another valiant offensive attempt. Calling yet another 'specialist' from a far reach of the universe, this time the battle lasted non-stop for a month and which span lightyears away from earth. It was nonstop and in constant motion, entering foreign spaces out of and into different galaxies while amassing a hefty amount of casualties which triggered various eyes waiting for a revenge opportunity. MIB's scout more metabeing to be converted into dogs of the hunt, set to fetch their loose end. So far they have ended up as bits of space debris scattered through the cosmos. Decades are spent combatting enemies from all sides, even the appearance of 'odd ones' which do not fit in with the definitions provided by previous encounters. Every one of them being more weirder than the last, self-proclaimed gods bent on cosmic armageddon and some on the verge of pushing their agenda with their bare hands. Running along other men of the sky, flying against tides and torrents of space armadas set to destroy. His battles would carry on, long after the demise of the MIB. Yet splinter factions from surviving groups are still at him, more madder and more desperate. Conspiracy slowly thinning out bringing up more some of its more dangerous components. Ascendant aggregates churned out like smoke from an exhaust, he keeps his fight at the asteroid belt. Arriving on earth to gain leverage with alternative powers such as the registration faction during the passing of the superhero bill. He's on stable grounds, friends unaware of his colorful past. Having destroyed a large portion of Area 51's base and their latest countermeasure of 'The Second Coming' which they aim to test in Asia. Hazard mistook it as a threat directed against him. Both were isolated at an alternate dimension where the nine spheres are rearranged by fists and explosive bursts of violence. A halo is broken, deistic wings are mangled and a 'solar deus' is dead which sent psychic backlash that is followed by a resurgence of atheism over the area. One side of the body became a foundation for life for a hollow earth, the other is sent for tribute of the sun. Returning back with burning eyes that are etched into the database of several shadow groups. This being won't live to be moved by the hidden masters of the world, he does as he pleases. Having personally collapsed three groups and with an appetite to rip more roots should any retaliation be done against him they now know "There will always be those who stand above, and there will be a force to topple them." Sending waves at would be destroyers or ruler s moving against everyone else.

    He became enemies with MJ12, MIB and Area51

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    CVnU - Osprey M. Friday


    Robert Williams (c. 1954 – January 25, 1979), a worker at a Ford Motor Company factory in Michigan, was one of the first individuals killed by a robot. According to press reports: A jury has ordered the manufacturer of a one-ton robot that killed a worker at a Ford Motor Co. plant to pay the man’s family $10 million. The Wayne County Circuit Court jury deliberated for 2 1/2 hours Tuesday before announcing the decision against Unit Handling Systems, a division of Litton Industries. The suit was brought by the family of Robert Williams, who was killed Jan. 25, 1979, at a casting plant in Flat Rock, Mich.[The robot was designed to retrieve parts from storage, but its work was deemed too slow. Williams was retrieving a part from a storage bin when the robot’s arm hit him in the head, killing him instantly. In the suit, the family claimed the robot had no safety mechanisms to prevent this, lacking even a warning noise to alert workers the robot was nearby.

    For symbolic purposes parts of that machine are forged into Hazard's systems.

    We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried.
    • Code Name: Hazard
    • Name: Osprey Magarac Friday
    • Status: Active
    • Alias(es): Iron Skull, Supraman
    • Age: Variable
    • Height: 6‘3” (Variable)
    • Weight: 270 lbs (Variable)
    • Eyes: Brown (Variable)
    • Hair: Black (Variable)
    • Identity: Known to some
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Place of Birth: Earth
    • Date of Birth: July 4
    • Base of Operations: Mobile, Currently in Outer Space (whereabouts currently unknown)
    • Gender: Self identifies as male
    • Sexuality: Pansexual
    • Power Level: Inconsistent
    • Profession: Armament robot
    • Hobbies: Imitating a bullet
    • Notable accessory: silver contacts
    • Pros: Excellent shot, high endurance
    • Cons: Unstable
    • Best Quote: "What a rush!"

    The records of the man who would become Hazard have been meticulously erased from history. Here is what little has been put back together:

    He was completely insane, a savage fighter, and good with a firearm but when properly medicated, he can be peaceful. He took red pills (placebos, although they were originally thought to be amphetamines) to boost his adrenaline in a fight, white (barbiturates) to bring him down and blue (sedatives) to keep him calm and relaxed. Osprey's body has been reconstructed with genetic engineering and nanotechnology to make him an efficient predator.

    While cheerfully violent and enjoying a good fight, Hazard is far from brutal or sadistic: he tends to view fighting as a game and is generally friendly and polite (to the point of inappropriate courtesy) towards his opponents. He extends this benevolence even towards the enemies, whom he rarely seems to view as oppressors but more as less-willing participants in his rough-housing.

    After Pro-Reg | He also has considerable innate tracking abilities and sensory perceptions, especially his range and clarity of vision. Hazard can also perform an act called "freeing his mind" -- when he enters this mental state, he is able to move and react without conscious thought, increasing the speed and fluidity of his movements while making him invisible to telepaths and immune to psychic illusions or manipulations.

    Osprey is a cyborg designed to be immune to the effects of psionic attacks through his hybrid nature, enabling him to shift his thoughts into machine-mode. His body was also composed of an unknown metal which could expand, enabling him to stretch his limbs and tranform his hands into claws. These appendages were highly resistant to damage, though it was possible to damage them. However, they were capable of rapidly reparing themselves automatically. Osprey's robot parts are all removable and some have side-functions when removed.

    It was trained in the whole universe of Martial arts in only one day by just copying the knowledge into the brain. This method of learning is amazing, and grants combat abilities equivalent to a martial artist with decades of experience. Osprey is able to run an unprecedented number of these programs simultaneously. In this capacity, each he has knowledge or skills downloaded directly into his neural nets, which aids in the highly accelerated learning and training process. Downloaded data does not carry immediate understanding (they did not grant him an innate understanding of underlying disciplines), however, and skills such as martial arts must still be practiced in order for them to be mastered. Hazard has combat computers that allow him to think and react faster than a normal human.


    Cosmic Gladiator

    The main reason that Hazard is strong, or constantly strives to be stronger is because in some section of the known multiverse is an 'arena' which is open to all combatants from all stretches of existence. From warriors whom originate from humble beginnings up to warriors who have achieved a 'cosmic' bearing, and that is what Hazard wants. The title of the strongest in the cosmos, however the requirements of entry are not easy as even the weakest members can ...

    Info bits

    1. Background Info 1, 2
    2. Life so far
    3. Personality
    4. Skill-set - things he can do without powers
    5. Capacity - extranormal stuff
    6. Paraphernalia
    7. Weaknesses
    8. 'Clark Kent'- other being
    9. Dwelling, #


  • Likes to hunt the Hodinn, beings of living solar plasma, capable of producing intense levels of light, heat, radiation, and stellar plasma from their bodies as waves or concentrated discharges.
  • Lives while soliloquising about everything from the loneliness of space, man’s inhumanity to man, the environment and the fact that being a cyborg prevented him from ever knowing true love.
  • Has a rice-megatron. A device that converts food calories into electrical energy. So when he eat rice, lt'll compress and explode it into energy. Charging takes a long time. Food is best when he's in a hurry.
  • had his own head removed from his body and placed on tiny, spider-like robotic legs, which could attach to a larger cyborg body.
  • He wears his alternate attire of an Italian black suit, black leather gloves, white striped dress shirt and red tie.
  • Hires a personal assistant writer and takes a female scientist who is assigned to monitor his body
  • He has a rapid metabolism and he can take in much food and still stay thin.
  • When angry, his right eye flashes red.
  • Sounds like Father in KND (LaMarche) and Simion in Dial M for Monkey
  • Sometimes traverses to a nearby Paperverse (comic book universe)
  • Note: His rage/anger hampers his performance, when rage is clear from his mind the cyborg becomes a terror to behold.


    Ripster is a cyborg kryptonian dog and partner to Hazard. Ripster is extremely loyal to Jack until the very end and will obey any commands his master gives him. Hazard informs him that his new augs serves as a neural link between them and can now project his own movements and attacks through him.


    'Stun' Setting

    This is a form where he maintains simpler duties, usually ones that do not include direct destruction. In this function earth shattering hits would result in long comatose periods, even energy outputs that are supposedly capable of rearranging planet alignments can only cause things to faint at most. If it were comparable to a weapon then it would be the 'non-lethal' option.


    Bricks are the best

    It is a process where he decapitates a subject and substitute its head with his own, thus allowing him to operate the body as a surrogate. This is commonly used for battle practice, in some other cases it gives him great challenge and is thus used for more recreational ventures. A form susceptible to the lesser echelons of metabeing perils.

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    T.R. Windsor

    Fencing with the fists

    Beer, Beef & Boxing

    Tom Richmond W.

    Also known as "Sunrise" and "No.12"
    • Classification: Genegineered Guardian

    Combination of a Cambion from a succubus and a druid combined with her majesty's DNA

    • Homeland: UK
    • Age: 16
    • Height: 6'2"
    • Weight: 198 lbs
    • Blood Type: O
    • Occupation: Boxer
    • Likes: Training
    • Trademark Techniques: Uppercut, Left hook, Livershot
    • Favorite Food: Steak, shepherd's pie, fish and chips
    • Least Favorite Food: anchovy, shrimp
    • Favorite Music: Jazz
    • Fighting Style: BKB

    Tom is an excellent boxer who possesses great strength. His boxing training resulted in his proficiency in hand-to-hand combat, and ability to take and give a huge amount of physical punishment. He has superhuman physical prowess. He sports a left hook that is both lightning fast, and powerful.

    He first learnt to fight from an early age at school by having to defend himself and others from the school bullies. He is a fighter at heart and won't refuse a challenge.

    He was the second fighter to be knighted after Sir Dan Donnelly, champion of Ireland around 1815.


    "Tom's attacking forte is in punching"

    Tom Richmond's defining psychological characteristic is stubbornness: and it appears that the more stubborn he gets, the stronger he gets. The times when Tom shows the greatest strength are when either the psychological restraints are reduced or when he believes that thousands of lives depend on him (Similar to the Hulk's anger). He increases his strength in response to stress.

    'Hot Blood' , representing the his passion to win and succeed no matter what.

    Kinda like that


    • Surge Punches - Tom can infuse his attacks with mystical energy.
    • Surge Upper - Tom can fire blasts of mystical energy through uppercuts.

    He was stripped of his title for his brutal metods of punishing opponents. Because he accidentally killed a man during a boxing match. Even when being depowered by others, Tom Richmond is quite a skilled,brutal and agile fighter with his BKB style.

    Tom would absorb magic with his left arm, and fire them with his right arm.


    "shadow to Excalibur's light"

    Tom Richmond is capable of performing a special type of photosynthesis, which he absorbs from the Sun's UV rays, rendering his own personal gravity field and generating nearly-perpetual energy/ His body is even capable of generating geomagnetic storms and solar winds, and even induce solar flares.

    When at normal power, Tom can withstand the molten heat at the Earth's core, destroy entire spaceships by dashing through them at intense speeds, and level entire city blocks. He is also able to survive in the vacuum of space by simply not breathing, and he does not require food or drink to survive, although he enjoys both.


    Magical properties from Sir Gawain' solar affinities are combined with his own supernatural bloodline, however in the usage of magic Tom is unlike his parents who prefer long range assault. The child focuses more on 'Buffs' and thus applies it similar to that of 'Captain Marvel' or 'Juggernaut', thus granting; Superhuman strength, Invulnerability, Superhuman stamina, Superhuman speed, Superhuman senses, longevity, Force-fields and concussive energy blasts. Tom over time will steadily increase in power

    Spellsay: Sōl mātūtīnus sum. 'I am the morning sun'

    His mystical spellsay ignores any and all forms of physical defense, the only adequate defense is that of magical means. It will bypass conventional guards and in most cases it serves to increase his physical parameters, because his attacks have a magical affinity to them. Besides the spell say his means of casting is derived from ritualistic dance, which is modified into Kata as seen in martial arts. The catch is that it must be done within battle, although combat stances may also apply.

    He takes in a 'useless' method of casting and hybridized it with his skills to create a dynamic form, with his own body at the risk. Other mages prefer works but his interpretation is through the language of combat. 20% used in offense and 80% used in 'dance', yet it pays off by tremendously boosting his power parameters.


    Strips of paper which are pre-set with spells and ready to use at any given moment, although Tom Richmond has to create them firsthand (usually at home). He makes a thousand of these at one go, and keeps a hundred with him at all times. They may look like blank pieces of paper, yet they are etched with intricate designs that will illuminate like invisible ink under UV light when they are called upon. The trade off is that each 'effect' has a limited duration and is 'one-off' yet he can chain them into rapid fire spells, spending them like machine gun ammunition.

    This is used as means to 'Buff' up, by stacking ten or more in one go. Upon the activation and duration of the spell they will 'burn up' and fade away, eventually self destructing yet this is the only way for these Loaders to vanish. Alternatively he can send them inside his own body to 'absorb' the spells and power up, inversely he can insert them into a target body.

    In terms of characteristics and atomic attributes the paper possesses an Identical concept to silver, thus carries the anti-undead properties as well. His strikes can be fueled with pieces of mystical silver for concentrated strikes or light/white magic to enhance melee combat. He can use a loader's razor edges to cut through objects, or to encase an opponent with his paper.


    Buff is the term generically used to describe a positive status effect that affects mainly player or enemy statistics (the spellsay he uses within loaders). Examples of buffs include:

    • Increase the movement speed of the target.
    • Increase the attack speed of the target.
    • Increase the vitality of the target.
    • Increase target's perception.
    • Increase target's physical defense.
    • Heal the target over time for a period of time.
    • Boost the damage output of the target.


    Debuffs are effects that may negatively impact a target in some way other than reducing their vitality. Some examples of debuffs are:

    • Reduce the movement speed of the target.
    • Reduce the attack speed of the target.
    • Decrease the resistance of the target to various elements or forms of attack.
    • Reduce the stats of the target.
    • Cripple target's perception.
    • Lower target's physical defense.
    • Drain target's health.

    There are countless other debuffs, which all depend on the Spell-said. Though, all share the same concept; to make a certain target less powerful in one or more aspects.

    He can alternatively cast spells by scribbling a symbol, usually using a notebook and pencil he carries with him.


    • Total Inability to kick (superman syndrome) - something that cannot be changed by external forces (reality warping and omnipotents too)

    Every attempt for kicking will ultimately result in failure


    Big in Nakamura

    The Chariot
    The Death

    Rumble Man (Magic and Supernatural Adviser and Guard~Japan)

    Peregrine is created to be a son figure by the mad scientist Radix, so far everything works almost like Pinnochio's story. Except that somewhere along the line his father 'died' and that he went insane with loneliness, his father committed suicide after a dispute with his wife who is outraged at the thought that a mere machine could replace their dead son. At one of their heated arguments she threw a dining saucer at him, Peregrine was created to protect his family whom at the time did not yet recognize his 'mother. Tragedy occurred when it disintegrated the professor's wife after that the man disappeared from the public eye and lived as a hermit. Closing his world a layer a day, taking care of his 'son' until one day the pressure was too much and he slashed out his own throat with a piece of broken glass. Dying in his own pool of blood as his loving 'son' watched in agony, it's emotional program is a revolutionary one where it can feel like a person would. But chronologically it was an infant when it all happened, and it began to scream when it cannot understand why it felt so 'bad'. After that the lone automaton kept his fathers corpse in a containment unit, wandering the earth to become a 'real' boy so that his father can wake up. He needed a heart of a real boy, a brain of a real boy and the courage of a real boy; so far the third ingredient is still missing. So the automaton vanished into nature only to find out that it is content with green rather than gray. Later coming under the ruling of the Nakamura Empire as it's dealing with the supernatural affairs.


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    Phoenix Companion


    Name: Radix

    Specialization(s): R&D / Science

    Bio: Prof. Mark Hamilton is a hired brain who has worked behind the curtains for many clandestine organizations, he has created a machine (Peregrine Friday) which created another one (Fowler Friday). He is a rad scientist, his mind is his greatest weapon and his greatest contribution to humanity should he decide to open his knowledge. Mark or Radix is an extropian who wants to improve the human conditions by by overcoming its set limits with the aid of technology. He conducted the first series of experiments on his own body, he went outside the human condition and perception. He wishes to do the same with everyone.


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