My SDCC 2012 Artist Alley Sketches & Commissions

Sup fellas! I just wanted to share with you some of the sketches and commissions I got from the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con. Most of my money was spent in artist alley and several back issues. Some sketches and commissions were from Todd Nauck, Norm Rapmund, Agnes Garbowska, Jeff Stokely, Francis Manapul, Whitney Pollett and Chris Giarrusso. As you can see below, I am into the obscure characters especially villains.

Free sketch of Captain Cold from Francis M.

Free head sketch of Ulik from Jeff Stokely.

Thundra on postcard from Agnes G.

Marvel Cobra by Chris G.

Tiger Shark by Norm Rapmund.

Razorfist by Norm R.

Gypsy Moth by Norm R.

Titanium Man by Todd Nauck.

Boomerang by Todd N.

Out of all the sketches and commissions I had done at SDCC 2012, these two mean the most to me. Whitney Pollett was able to do a portrait piece of my twin girls on the last day of comic-con. My wife and I can't wait to get these two pieces framed up.

Portrait piece of my 8 month old daughter Mila by Whitney P.

Portrait piece of my 8 month old daughter Grace by Whitney P.


Time for the comic purge!!

Throughout the day I have been bagging and boarding stacks of comics I have purchased the last couple months and realized I have been collecting way too many Marvel titles. I am a huge Marvel fanboy so majority of my comics are from that company but I do collect a few DC titles. The downstairs bedroom has stacks of issues on the desk, entertainment center and about clutter. Comics today are so expensive and I definitely need to cut down my list for economics sake! I decided to stop my DC titles and some other Marvel titles like Avenging Spider-Man, X-Force, New Mutants, Punisher, Ghost Rider and others. I would like to cut my list to 10 Marvel titles or less because it would definitely save me more $$$ and space. The problem is that I am such a huge comic nerd and very impulsive when it come to various purchases. Well desperate times require desperate actions so let the comic purging begin!!

Any of you guys ever had to deal with something like this? If so, what did you guys do or any advice you recommend?


My SDCC 2010 Experience

SDCC is over for 2010 and my overall experience was pretty good. I purchased a few back issues including some Thor and Daredevil issues. Certain issues were very hard to find so I guess I'll have to go online or wait till next year. I'm a huge fan of Bowen Designs statues and busts but I kinda shocked myself since I did NOT purchase one Bowen during the con. There wasn't anything there I had to get Bowen wise but the Red Hulk statue was tempting. 
I spent most of my time and money in Artist Alley and I even purchased two sketch books to get some commissions in. Some of the artists that did some stuff in my books were Todd Nauck (classic Moonstone & Pixie), Norm Rapmund (Zatanna), Lord Mesa (Red Hulk), Adam Archer (Bengal), Bosco Ng (Nekra), Chris Giarrusso (Crimson Dynamo), Tony Washington (Tiger Shark), Francis Manapul (Solomon Grundy), Dustin Nguyen (DC Scarecrow) and Gabe Eltaeb (Silver Samurai). 
I actually used my camera and took some pics of peeps in their costumes. I applaud everyone that dressed up and give them mad props for displaying a passion they have for various characters in comics, movies, manga and fantasy. I wish I took more pictures and attended all 5 days but there is always next year. I didn't attend any panels but their was one I really wanted to see which was the Big Bang Theory panel. The past two years that panel took place on a Sunday and assumed it was the same day but to find out that it was on Friday which was the only day I did not attend!! I year I will go to the Big Bang panel. 


Who are some of your favorite obscure teams?

I know if you're a huge fan of teams whether it be from MU or DC then I know you guys have seen your fair share of obscure teams. So what are some of your favorite obscure teams from any universe? 
Here are a few of mine from the MU (Mostly villains)
The Seekers
Masters of Silence 
Mutant Liberation Front
Elements of Doom


Who are some of your favorite obscure characters???

I'm a huge fan of obscure characters especially villains from the Marvel Universe. Some have great visual appeal like Master Pandemonium, Razorfist, Silver Samurai and Man-Ape. I'm just a big fanboy of class B to Z characters for some reason and I'm glad the whole Dark Reign concept brought out the bad boys in a huge way. Who are some of your favorite obscure characters from MU, DC, etc and why? 


Big Bowen Designs Fan

I'm sure there are other guys and gals on comicvine that collect busts and statues from Bowen Designs like me. I think their pieces have the best 3-D representation of the Marvel Universe characters. I have been enjoying the obscure characters that are finally getting love in this phase like Psycho Man, Dreadnought, Pyro and the Wrecking Crew to name a few. Money has been really tight for me so I have been very selective when it comes to purchases. The only thing I have pre-ordered from BD right now is the Blazing Skull, Wrecking Crew and the Black Widow statue...HOT!! What do you guys think of BD and the pieces coming out now and the near future?

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