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I have decided to get into the Iron Man comics due to the amazing Iron Man movies..I just saw 3 so I am really pumped to dive into his comics...question is..where do I start?

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It depends..I preferred Iron Man..but Iron Man 2 really shown alot of Tony's Legacy

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There is something I am worried about though..Tony's suit..isn't like really breakable right?..and can he handle himself if he ever finds himself without the suit?

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I do understand why you would be confused with the thread and I apologies...As I said I am getting into this through the Ironman and Avengers Movie' I am going to try and get some answers on what Ironman is like.and of there are any of heroes that I would be able to get into so I can expand my knowledge of the Marvel Universe then just I said I am sorry that the tittle confused you..I most likely should of change the tittle a little but was in a rush to find a hero to get into...I am also very picky with a type of character I can get I am sorry to everyone for rejecting alot of the Heroes you recommended...I am going to be looking into Dare Devil and the X-Men aswell..not just Ironman :)

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Thanks alot for all the help guys...I have decided I'm going to start getting into Iron Man...I heard his new Marvel NOW book is pretty interesting because it shows him up in space...he also has some really cool new armor...I might also pick up some X-Men books because I'm pretty interested in what Cyclops can do.....Dare Devil seems alot like the Batman of I could see myself getting into him aswell.

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What is Ironman like?

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Hawkeye seems cool..But he doesn't really seem like the type of character I could get into..but that's just me...I like heroes with alot of power...I was thinking about Cyclops..but apparently he's a real big jerk..I'm thinking about getting into Ironman..but I fear he is only popular through the movies not the comics...I heard who is a jerk in the comics aswell..Captain America is the type of hero I want..buuuut I'm not keen on the whole patriotic stuff..and as I said I like my heroes to have cool powers

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Is Ironman any good?...the movie was amazing but how are the comics?...and is he any different from the movie version of himself?

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Yeah they need to be a he..but that wont stop me from finding a favorite Marvel female aswell...also they can't be over powered..and have SOME flaws to make them a bit more down to eath/

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Let me start off by saying..I am very new to comics..infact the only reason I want to get into them is because of The Avengers movie..and Ironman 3 anyway..I'm looking for a hero to get into...he needs to be strong..not just physically..but pretty mentally as well...have good leadership values...has a great sense of humor but is serious when he needs to be (Please note Captain America is out of the picture for me) He is good up close and also has distance attacks..has a strong fanbase..and isn't really that much of a bad guy...I don't mind if they have done some bad stuff in the past..but if they are always a jerk or dick then no...I think Ironman is really cool but only know of him from the movies.