Ruhi-Tugu goes to the mall

 Ruhi-Tugu stepped forward looking at the establishment in front of him, with disdain. He communicated with Rrav, a database onboard his ship, via telepathic link “Rrav are you sure this place has what I am after? It seems to only be a social establishment for these, lemurs to waste their lives”. Rrav hacked into Earth’s global positioning satellites to get a look at what Ruhi saw, “Yes, that place would be the easiest way for you to get what you are looking for.” Ruhi looked from one side of the building to the other, “Then I guess I have to deal with the Earthlings for a little while to get what I want.”

Ruhi-Tugu began walking up to the door, ignoring oncoming traffic and knocking people out of his way as he approached the door. “Hi, welcome to the Roosevelt Field mall,” a female of earth had approached Ruhi with a bottle in her hand as he had entered the store, “would you like to try our newest fragrance, maybe your wife might like it.” The woman did not wait for Ruhi’s response and began spritzing him with the perfume, she was also looking around the store talking about all things that were on sale and that she had recently bought. She looked back to her “customer” who had his finger raised in front of her face, “Uh….Sir…” Ruhi pointed his finger at her forehead, there were electric sparks jumping off his finger as he spoke to her, “Shut up,” as he said it he poked her in the head, leaving a seared hole in her head the size of his finger. A woman that was looking at a red sweater near Ruhi let out a loud scream as the saleswoman fell to the ground.

 Ruhi walked through the store, as people he passed screamed and ran from him in terror. As he got out of the store, “Freeze, stop right there, or I’ll use this,” a rental cop was standing in front of him with a taser. The security employee was shaking so hard he couldn’t keep his weapon pointed straight. Ruhi-Tugu completely ignored him and continued on his search, as he took two steps forward the ‘officer’ shot at him and made contact with Ruhi, shocking him with hundreds of thousand volts of electricity. Ruhi shook for a moment as he was hit his body absorbed all the energy from the attack almost instantly. Ruhi collected himself and gave the officer all of his attention since he had been the one to turn on his Red Rage. Ruhi grabbed hold of the wires protruding out of the taser and sent an electric current back through them 100 times stronger than the one he had felt, when the current got to the officer it through him across the hallway, charring his skin and body as he flew though the air.

Ruhi ripped the barbs from his skin, and heard footsteps moving around. People were scrambling and yelling to get away from him. He would not let that happen. He deployed a thin piece of metal from inside his right hand, as he ran to introduce himself the metal strand continued coming out till it was 3 yards long. A group of 5 young females were running together, holding each other’s hand as they ran. Ruhi swung the wire above his head and sliced it through them all as he brought it around, their wounds cauterized immediately. He noticed one straggling from the others and instead of putting in the effort into destroying him he rushed a second strand from his left arm, piercing through their body and attaching itself to a wall behind them. Pulling himself, closer to the mob converging on the exit, with his left arms wire he also killed the loser by electrocuting them from the inside, leaving only their bones as proof of their identity. Ruhi pulled the out the hooked wire as he passed his targets and swept his legs in front of the nearest doors. He stood in front of the petrified worms and reshaped his weapons into two long swords that had strong pulses of electricity coming off of them. There were pleads and prayers, but all of them went unheard as Ruhi cut them all down. When had slain the last one his rage subsided and he continued on his search.

Ruhi walked over the dead bodies and into a store. The clerk screamed, “What do you want?” Ruhi went and grabbed a small, round, white object he lifted his other hand in the air with two fingers close together so a current could travel between them. He carefully lowered the charge over it and it ignited, he looked to the clerk, “Vanilla. I’ll be taking this with me.” Ruhi left the store with the candle and continued out the mall. Rrav commented on the situation that had just gone about, “You know, New York Candle Company should really think about getting a franchise on Xenon. So that you don’t have to start a massacre every time you want a candle to help you relax.“ Ruhi smirked at the idea of an earth company being successful on Xenon, “What is the matter Rrav? I thought you wanted me to socialize with the earthlings.”