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A Hydra Bob Alt

Real Name: Ruhi-Tugu
Base of Operations (For the Science-Branch): New York Science Branch
Gender:  Male
Hair Color: Black
Weight: 190
Age: 22 (137 in Xenon years)
Eye Color: Black 
Height:  6’1”
Super Power Origin: Birth
Place of Birth: The moon Xenon 

Salvaging a life

Ruhi was not born on Xenon, but he has always called it his home. Ruhi was abandoned on Xenon as a child and never learned what race or species of person he was. No one ever told him that he wasn't a real Xenonian, but he always knew. While many others have come to Xenon for a new life none of them are affected like Ruhi. He is the only  one with his abilities (though the other 9 have abilities they are all different) and this makes him better and different. Ruhi was trained as a warrior from the day he could hold himself up. The elders of Xenon saw Ruhi's powers manifest at a young age (as they did with the other nine) and took him in and treated him as a royal of Xenon. By the time Ruhi (and the others) was a 59 (or 13 in Earth) years old he had mastered his abilities and all of the Xenon ways of combat. When he lived on Xenon he used his powers to run all the power for the planet. During this time he worked on his fighting prowess and mastered several weapons, as all of his electrical powers were being used. 
 (work in progress, will probably add more later)

Military Advancement

Ruhi became a member of the Xenon military when he was 86 (18 on Earth). He was taken into a special group who traveled to other planets fit in with the people then ran a coup and took out the most powerful person on the planet. Once the team would slay the most powerful adversary the Xenon army would come in and take over the world. Some of the members of the team did not like how they did things and eventually left. Ruhi stayed the whole time til he was the last one and he preferred it that way. It let him think better come with better plans and strategies. Over the years Ruhi devised many unusual strategies that complemented his powers. While the team was still together the Xenon government gave all 10 of the members of the something that would allow them to use their  powers differently or more effectively. For Ruhi they filled him with a metal called Aspenium, that he kept in his body stored in his blood vessels, muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, and inside of his bones. The only reason that he is not dead due to metal poisoning is that his electrical powers are also filing the same places killing the debris that the metal gives off.  
(work in progress, will probably add more later)

Mini Biography:

 The moon of Krypton, Xenon that had spun away decades ago, has become a home for refugees from other worlds. The moon is continuously changing its position in space and now Xenon’s scientists have calculated that it will get to close to a nearby sun and kill all of its inhabitants. In an attempt to save their selves they sent out 10 of their representatives to find help from any planet. They sent Ruhi-Tugu to Earth to get their assistance. When he made it to Earth his ship crashed in a land covered with lakes. He was soon discovered by members of the Science Branch who he has teamed with for help in saving his home.


Light and energy absorption-  Ruhi absorbs light and energy that is what his body uses to make electricity. His absorbing of light doesn't affect people seeing him, but he can weaken energy based attacks directed at him. He is able to absorb Radiant energy, Thermal energy, and Luminous energy.
Electricity control- Ruhi's body is able to store the electrical energy that he gathers. He can use this electricity to increase his physical abilities. He can direct electrical currents at any target. He can charge the metal inside of him. He is able to create magnetic fields, but rarely does as he hasn't mastered this ability yet. Is able to discharge an electric pulse that works as an EMP bomb taking down all electrical devices the largest he has ever made covered 2 sq. miles. He can send electrical currents through any kind of metal as long as he is touching it directly.
-Enhanced Speed, Strength, and Thought Speed- Under normal conditions (when he is on Earth) he can run at a full speed of 100 Mph, and is able to lift around 30 or 40 tons. He can do this without having to use any of his stored power and only using the light and energy he is absorbing at the time. By using 10% of his stored energy he can double his strength for 24 hours while still having his speed and reaction time be the same.
Armor- He has a suit that is held inside of his body that stores his collected energy. The armor is made of Aspenium. It is an alien engineered metal that is as conductive as Mercury and in liquid form as durable as Carbonadium. It is flexible and can move easy while still being near indestructible, he is able to send an electric charge through it  to make it stay in a certain shape and makes it much more durable. He has a slight excess of this material in him that he is able  manipulate and turn into various melee weapons that he is able to send an electric charge through them. Ruhi normally uses the excess to make gauntlets that cover his hands, but he can also use them to make swords, whips, an axe, claws, and any other weapons he can dream up. The metal is completely under his control, even the polarity of it. The armor does not poison him because the electricity in his body is constantly cleaning his blood of the toxins.
Red Rage- This ability focus' his mind to use his electricity in the most beneficial way for him. It also allows him to to concentrate and learn an opponents abilities, and how they will be attacking him. The ability is like the anger someone feels when they taste their own blood, it puts him in an unstoppable craze to destroy anyone that his mind has not called a friend. He is able to tap into this ability when wants to, but usually doesn't, thought he can be forced into it by being hit by an electrical attack.
Telepathic Resistance- Due to his planet moving and him being an alien his brain works differently than humans, which allows his mind to only be attacked or read by other Xenonians. If a human or other Alien were to try and read his mind they would begin seeing odd and random images and texts in Xenonian.(speaking Xenonese would only let you understand the texts. You would also need Xenonian DNA to understand his true thoughts.) 
Electrical Senses- Every body gives off it's own unique electrical pulse which is too weak for just anyone to feel. Through his training he has found out how to discern one pulse from another. His memory retention allows him to keep a record of what electrical signature is associated with which person.
Rrav is the only thing that he trusts.Rrav is a database, that is capable of communicating with him through a telepathic link. Rrav can access Earth databases and satellites to give Ruhi information that he needs. This includes info on people and places.