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Snyder is a great writer and coupled with Lee they're doing fantastic work. Solid issue (STILL NOT BETTER THAN BATS YEAR ZERO)

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@trebean said:

It seems that almost everyone complaining about Superman "killing" Light, seems to haven't even read the issue.


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Yes I was talking about that character and I simply noded at the use of tarot cards, using actual names of tarot would have been great but I'm thinking not all figures can be associated with the heroes they were linked to.

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GREEN LANTERN! You can star reading as of #21 with a fresh start or go to New 52 GL #1 which is a totally accesible jumping point YET reads like a dream if you read the previous GL issues by Geoff Johns (Blackest Night, Siniestro Corps War, etc)

Action might get better when Greg Pak starts his run.

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Batman would go crazy, his parents died because Bob Kane said so? Same thing with every hero who has experienced tragedy (all of the above).

Darkseid would OBVIOUSLY try to cross over and conquer the "real" world.

Deadpool seems cool with breaking it, he's insane though.

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Mistakes? Talk me through it, I have no idea what your'e saying.

And the other death in the book is what made me wonder why they didn't show up

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I don't know if there's other books that are defined in the same strain, but Morrison's WE3 is equally dark and fantastic. I'd also recommend Moore's Miracleman which pokes at the concept of superhero families.

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Hey! So, spoilers ahead, if you haven't read Justice League #22 CLICK AWAY NOW.


Ok, to everyone still here:

I reaaaally thought Billy would be the one who "crosses the line" and having Superman killing Doc Light was a pretty good twist. I know the stuff behind the war seems pretty rushed but come on who's not up for an all out DC Super teams war?

What did you guys think? I'm a fan of Geoff and really liked part one.

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Hey Guys! I have NO idea where this thread might go so I just posted it here, I've been a screenwriter for a small production company for a couple of years now, recently we got a movie deal and after weeks of non-stop work I wrote (with my boss) a complete 102 minute first draft for our FIRST project.

That's just for context, shortly after I started my OWN production company (TRES) and we've been doing some stuff, a week ago I got together two of my friends and shot a couple of pictures for an experiment. This experiment is VANDAL #1.

Since I can't draw AT ALL and artists working for free (even if its 6 pages) is plain ridiculous, I just made my comic using the photographs i took and crafted a little 6 page story about this kid that joins a violent gang of criminals.

I'd love it if you can take a look and critique it, I know the art BLOWS but I did my best to tell a cool story using photos. I'll be making 4 more of these. READ, CRITIQUE AND DOWNLOAD =)

Thanks for reading and please, if you are an artist or writer with something on your mind, looking for a letterer and a space for your work CONTACT ME!