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Pssh people get mad that Flash wins here a lot and even more mad when cases are made for him and end up usually winning.

People get mad, for good reasons; the cases made for the Flashes are usually ridiculous! The cases made for them tend to rely on using dubious feats with heavy context behind them and relying solely on No Limit Fallacies to make their points. Flash threads usually end up turning into how powerful they should be vs how powerful they are portrayed in their comics.

People can make the claim of Superman=Doomsday but Flash>Superman so it doesn't matter really

I'm talking about H/P Doomsday, the guy who solo'd the Justice League, yet was fighting on par with Superman for a prolonged time. Killemall pointed this out in a thread a while ago and a lot of people got mad and disagreed with him. People argued that Superman should not be able to fight on par with a being who just solo'd a whole team full of powerhouses (including Flash). Yet when the Wally/Antimonitor instance is brought up, no one questions it, they just accept the notion of Wally being more powerful than the entire Pre Crisis Earth combined. It's ridiculous.


Anyways, based on the rules, Wally should win this.

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Basically, the only way the Anti-Monitor could lose was PiS. Wally just happened to be the tool.

Though based on how Boxing is scored, Flash would win.

Lol it doesn't stop the instance from being PIS riddled, yet people still use it as a legit feat for Wally.

I guess you're right on your second point.

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@zandalf said:

Thanos. The flash we are talking about exists only on the forums.



People are willing to accept the Wally/Antimonitor instance without questioning, and then turn around to disagree with the notion of Superman being = H/P Doomsday despite being portrayed on panel.

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Yeah, going with Thor on this one, he's stronger, just as fast in combat, more durable and more versatile, not necessarily more powerful... and there's Thor apparently one-shotting one of those giant Hydra tanks in the new Avengers movie:

If this is true, Thor would be able to one/two-shot Ozai with Mjolnir.

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All your arguments in this thread make absolutely no sense.

Thor has never one-shotted Thanos, he can't. He failed to one-shot a Thanos clone, how the hell do you come to the conclusion of Thor one-shotting Thanos based off his failure and inability to one-shot a clone? How can he? His all father couldn't.

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@ling_yao said:

@nerdchore: Korra got knocked into cliffs several times in her fight with Zaheer in the latest episode. Kidphilip isn't wanking when he says Naruto isn't oneshotting her. Maybe rasengan would be lethal, but simple punches and chakra arm hits wouldn't be enough.

You forgot to mention the after effects of that. Plus it's not like she was tanking them all willy nilly, she was clearly getting hurt from it.

Naruto will one-shot Korra.

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Reading all the old comments in this thread made me LOL!

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I'll reply properly when I get home. I'm on a mobile device right now.

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When did Naruto, especially tailed beast Naruto get tagged by people slower than Korra?

And yes, Naruto will plow through everything she throws. Plus he can overwhelm her with his multiple shadow clones.