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Never said you were low-balling mate. Buuuuuuttt.... looking back at your track record against Thor, it's all you ever do, and I'm not the only user who's picked up on this.

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Just like Mjornir saves Thor.Without it, he'd lose to Superman, with or without speed, and other bricks like the Hulk

Really not the same thing. Without Mjolnir, he'd still be a formidable opponent, he'd still have his raw strength/durability/fighting skills, and a fraction of his powers. Thor/Hulk, or any other character battle threads are a whole lot more interesting to read through because they never turn into a speed calculation thread.. which is exactly what most Superman/top tier DC powerhouse supporters fall back on. Now why is that?

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Seriously man? That's taking a low approach of Superman by a massive margin. Even in a speed equalised fight, Superman is still Thor's physical match and has a wealth of versatility and experience using his powers plus he is far more tactical and strategic in combat than Thor could hope to be. And he uses pressure points which applied at superstrength could take Thor down. It'd be a much more even fight but even if Thor were to take a majority, it wouldn't be an easy one.

Superman rarely ever uses pressure points. The only thing Superman has over Thor is speed, and unfortunately for Thor, speed kills.

Apart from Superman's massive speed advantage, he doesn't have any other advantages over Thor. Their physical strength/durability are arguable equal. Thor has him beat in overall damage output and just overall power. His powers are more exotic. Superman simply can't match the damage output Thor could produce via Mjolnir i.e soul steal/god blast etc etc.. or just plain hitting something hard.

The only reason Superman beats quite a lot of characters is due to his ridiculous speed. Without it, he'd basically be a brick who shoots eye lasers and freeze breath. Thor will always beat Superman IF Superman never had his speed advantage, but because he does, Superman will always, always beat Thor.. unless Marvel does something about his piss poor speed.

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Yeah. Going with Thanos on this one.

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That would require Thor to stay in the ground though.

Dont get me wrong, i think Barry could hurt Thor on the ground, if not by traditional punches, by dragging every peice of metal, machine, vehicles etc on his slipstream and ramming it at Thor.

I just dont see what Barry is meant to do once Thor takes to the skies.

And should Thor continue raining down lightning, you'd expect Barry to get tagged sooner or later, specially given the mjolnir isnt going to tier, Barry is.

This is like the first time I've ever seen Killemall post an argument in a Flash thread.

This is HISTORY!

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It's always been Superman>Thor in everything. I don't see how my comment is that severe.

Thor would beat the crap out of Superman 10/10 if his speed wasn't so s#!+..

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@demonknights: Ok, but you were clearly lowballing Thor.

*gasp* DemonKnights?... low-balling Thor? Pfft.. that's obviously a myth..

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