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>links a thread saying neo wins

>opens thread "superman stomps" , "superman is too strong for neo" , "neo can't harm superman but superman can harm neo"

> "neo wins. look at this thread"

>majority voted for superman

i'm confused about this, did you even look at the thread before linking it?

That's usually how MoS threads go, until some logic finally enters the thread and you see all those users disperse/disappear.

And if you flicked over the pages and read on, instead of just glancing over the first page which usually contains hardcore MoS worshipers, you'd see me and Prince later on putting logic into the thread and arguing for Neo towards the end of the it.

Neo still speedblitz :)

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Off topic question:

I'm just curious, what did Thor ever do to you? Did he kill your cat or something? Every time I see you in a thread with Thor in it, it doesn't matter who he's facing, you'd argue against him. Why?

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@rudebomberboy01: Nice argument! My opinion has been changed by your seamless rhetoric!

Neo stomps!

Lol I would argue, but....

It's been debated to death in this thread already:

Neo vs Man of Steel

Neo will blitz the crap out of anyone on the team :)

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Lol oh man... the worshiping... can it get any more ridiculous? Haha I'm loving it!

Neo clears this with ease!

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'Superman busting through a mountain'?... 'mach2000+'? Lol oh man the MoS worship starts again hahaha, it's amazing :D

Neo will blitz all of them simultaneously. None of them will be able to land a single hit on Neo ever! Neo is gonna walk all over this gauntlet.

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@jashro44 said:

@frozen said:

Phantom Zome dump is the key to victory, I honestly think a full year of prep is an easy win for Batman. A pissed off Thor is overrated, take ONE look at Warrior Madness Thor and he is dreadful, mindless, brutish and exploitable, he has no sense to him - whereas if you contrast it to a solid, morals off Batman, we can gauge he'll be willing to use more lethal tactics, and luring Thor of all people to the location to which this plan takes this place, is doable.

Thor can teleport. BFR wont work.

Thor opening a portal.
Confirmation he can use them to cross different dimensions.

He's opened a portal to the negative zone in avengers 309 and has also done it to the dark dimension in thor annual #9.

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Thor will break anything Batman comes up with, and proceed to smash him into paste.

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I know right.. Professor X makes Clark snap his own neck :D

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Blanka still wins.

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Lol this thread is hilarious! Ahahaha! Why are people even bringing up animated JL like they have any noteworthy feats, one could provide a case where comic Iron Man/Aquaman would solo them.

Because Amazo copied the powers of a weak AF Superman, he should be able to copy the powers of PR Beyonder right? That's the logic going on in this thread?

@uberhikari said:

Am I really in a thread where people are arguing that the cartoon version of Amazo beats people like Ronan the Accuser, Silver Surfer, and Quasar with 30 minutes of prep?

This guy is right LMAO!