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All your arguments in this thread make absolutely no sense.

Thor has never one-shotted Thanos, he can't. He failed to one-shot a Thanos clone, how the hell do you come to the conclusion of Thor one-shotting Thanos based off his failure and inability to one-shot a clone? How can he? His all father couldn't.

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@ling_yao said:

@nerdchore: Korra got knocked into cliffs several times in her fight with Zaheer in the latest episode. Kidphilip isn't wanking when he says Naruto isn't oneshotting her. Maybe rasengan would be lethal, but simple punches and chakra arm hits wouldn't be enough.

You forgot to mention the after effects of that. Plus it's not like she was tanking them all willy nilly, she was clearly getting hurt from it.

Naruto will one-shot Korra.

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Reading all the old comments in this thread made me LOL!

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I'll reply properly when I get home. I'm on a mobile device right now.

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When did Naruto, especially tailed beast Naruto get tagged by people slower than Korra?

And yes, Naruto will plow through everything she throws. Plus he can overwhelm her with his multiple shadow clones.

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What is this?

If what every pro Korra debater is stating in this thread is true then she should've been untouchable in the show, but that's not the case. She gets tagged by things not even remotely close to being as fast as one tailed Naruto.

Naruto plows through everything she throws and one-shots her.

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In a way.I would only side Wally beating J'onn if Wally was completely morals off and/or bloodlusted.Other than that,I'll side with J'onn in a fight.There's a reason why I hold these 2 as the most powerful core leaguers of the JLA.I'd also put Kyle or Hal up there with them too IMO

I actually believe Hal has the potential to be the most powerful JL member, but that's just me. That guy's got crazy potential.

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While I agree with some of the things you've said above, I also disagree with quite a lot of things in there, but I won't get into that now because I would not be able to change your mind, nor would you be able to change mine.

What I really want to get into is this statement right here:

I agree Flash can't beat Odin or Galactus level beings at all, but, I don't class Thanos at that level.

This is what I've been trying to figure out for a long time now. Some people believe Wally can walk all over Odin with ease(*cough*Pooty*cough*), and you obviously believe otherwise, here is my question(s); if Wally can beat Thanos, then what is stopping him from beating Odin? Why did you limit it to Odin? And why wouldn't his powers work on him?

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Thanos decimating the JLA is pure nonsense, Martian Manhunter alone could give him a fight

Going by feats alone? Absolutely yes! Thanos can indeed beat the JLA if he's highly motivated. MMH is not giving Thanos a fight, he'd get wrecked too. Thanos has every possible countermeasure against every single thing MMH can do.

moreover, Thanos can't actually tag Flash, he's not fast enough or powerful enough to beat the JLA. The Flash actually does have the feats - Dredeuced has made great arguments in pointing them out, such as out-running Death, his feat against the Anti-Monitor, etc.

Not fast enough to beat the JLA? Sure but he has countermeasures to faster opponents i.e omnidirectional blasts. Not powerful enough to beat the JLA? I disagree with this. Thanos has been consistently shown manhandling or even one-shotting Herald level characters left and right, and with his recent fight against the Annihilators, it further proves how powerful he is compared to Herald level beings.

Outrunning death for speedsters is irrelevant when facing a character like Thanos, and I believe the Antimonitor instance has heavy context behind it, not saying it isn't impressive because it is.

Odin used energy based attacks which has no relevance to blunt force.

Energy attacks which literally one-shotted a being who's even more durable than the most durable JLA member in every single way. You make it sound like it's nothing impressive. Not that Thanos is lacking in the physical/blunt force durability department either.

Champion with the Power-Gem nearly broke Thanos' shields, and Wally strikes harder than Champion.

Come on man. Really Frozen? Wally strikes harder than a character wielding an artifact which grants the user unlimited strength/power?

The reason Flash threads get locked is because people do not like that he wins. Methods such as speed steal are ridiculed despite the fact that they are valid. More often than not, people cannot counter Flash's speed argument.

And for good reasons; Flash should not be beating on Odin/Galactus level beings. It's ridiculous.

Speed stealing is as 'valid' as Luffy being immune to Superman Prime's punches all because he doesn't have Armament Haki.

People cannot counter seed steal arguments because it's not as straightforward as other power-sets, it's a hax move like the Genjutsu which makes it very difficult and frustrating to argue against.