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Beautifully put. Fair enough.

Whelp, there goes Thor's city busting powers :D


So if cannot come up with replies you simply resort to calling it pointless? Seriously? If you cannot counter the points I made, at least have the decency to admit it.

See up there? See my reply to Saren? That's me admitting defeat.

Now as for you.. lol it's not so much that countering your points are hard (they're not), it's that debating them is pointless because you will ignore them and carry on with your parade.

You said Hulk/Wanda hurt Ultron, neglecting the fact that it took the combined power from Thor/Tony and Vision to get Ultron into that state, combined power above that of what Superman can only dream of replicating.

You asked for proof that Iron Man could survive in space, I showed two examples, one with Iron Man delivering the nuke in the end of Avengers, and the other being fact that his Veronica suit which is made out of the same materials practically lives in space, you commented on the point that Tony ran out of power delivering the nuke (he was pretty much functional all through before he ran out of juice, he had 05% left before he went in through the portal), ignoring the fact that his suit was still intact, and you ignored the latter point I made with Veronica.

The point you made with Ultron being the 'inferior robot'... that point is lol worthy and I don't have to explain why it is.

You commented on comic Captain America's shield not being unbreakable, neglecting the fact that it takes Skyfather level attacks to break it, and even then, it doesn't break from physical force.

You keep using instances from Ultron after he had been melted to justify why you think Superman would be able to break or 'hurt' him, which makes no sense. It's like saying comic Superman can break Captain America's shield because Thanos with the IG did it.

The 'weaker joints' argument is weak.

Now this can keep going back and forth but it's pretty clear a consensus is not being met and for that reason alone, it's pointless.
I believe it's a stalemate, you might or might not agree but what you think of it is of no matter to me now.

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Tony explicitly says the force destroying the city is an atomic reaction. I am arguing based on the actual lines Whedon put down to explain what was happening. You are arguing based on something some guy on the internet said. Pause for a moment to ruminate on that.

Keyword is: Atomic Action here. Not reaction.

If they wanted to overload the device and cause a nuclear reaction, they(Tony, Vision and Thor) would've gathered up and overloaded it just like they did Ultron. If they also wanted a chain reaction, he would've said so, but he didn't. Now I may be wrong here, but an atomic action literally means the life time of an event. Basically meaning once an operation starts, it won't end until it's completed. The atomic action Tony was referring to was from Thor's hit. Why do you think Tony needed Thor and why do you think he needed to cap the other end?

It would explain why the device was unscratched and fully functional even after it fell/the explosion, which would also explain why the mass started to break/fall apart as soon as Thor hit it/before it blew up.

Now I could be hilariously wrong here and it could mean something entirely different. I'd like to see your rebuttals/know what you think.


On a side note, I love how phantom gets picked apart for trolling, posting out of context scenes and just low-balling in general, but the other guy who has been doing the exact same thing to Thor and MCU characters for months gets nothing? Wao.

As for Rbt, yeah, we're going to have to agree to disagree, I read your replies, and I just couldn't be bothered to reply to them because I know it's pointless.

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The world engine isn't pushing him down with invisible hands(some sort of concussive force), it's pulling him down with an invisible anchor (his weight)

This is what I've been preaching for months, in fact, years! but the power of illogical thinking, trolling and intellectual dishonesty is strong withing MoS threads.

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Oh nah, I was commenting on how well you explained the feat with Thor at the end of the movie.

I'm not really debating who wins here, I've pretty much made up my mind on a stalemate, but hey, it's just my opinion :P

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@black_arrow said:

Superman beats him. And are we forgeting that the blasts that Loki sent from his scepter were powered from the infinity stone and It didn't bust a city or anything like that (his best feats are destroying the wing of a Shield quinjet).

The stone was filtered through Loki's scepter. Vision was using the main thing itself which was shooting out yellow laser beams. Ultron commented on how its potential wasn't tapped on. Kinda similar to Ronan in GotG using the stone to blow up ships, compared to the Celestial shown destroying an entire planet with it.

And even if you disagree with that, it took the combined power of Thor's lightning (which is already hilariously above Clark's heat vision), Tony's repulsors (which are also above Clark's heat vision) and Vision's power to take down Ultron.

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Thor can potentially solo. It's arguable.

Hulk can also solo. It's arguable.

Scarlet Witch is sporting TK powerful enough to stop a speeding train, she mindscrews/disintegrates him, she solos.

Vision one-shots by phasing through him.

Avengers most definitely take this!

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is he really that tough?

No he's not. No one is getting 'stomped' here. It's a stalemate at best.

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From barely standing to not standing at all. Tell me you see the difference. Wanda was killing him, and Ultron could not move at all. That was not the case before his two encounters with Hulk.

Did you read anything I type or do you just glance over them? What part of 'needed an aircraft to move' don't you understand? He was pretty much done before his encounter with Hulk.

Wow. I don't know what to make of this statement. You do know that TK attack is a physical attack, right?

And that doesn't change the fact that she was able to bend it after its integrity had been compromised by attacks Superman can only dream of outputting. You keep on omitting that fact.

And yet he has been hurt by Hulk and Wanda.

You know there's more context to it than you're letting off. How about using pre Vison/Thor/Tony team up attack combo Ultron?

It doesn't. Vibranium is neither invulnerable in comics nor movies. Your lack of knowledge is baffling.

Isn't comic Captain America's shield in fact made out of Vibranium? MCU Vibranium has been shown to withstand attack power above that of Superman's highest damage output.

Repeating a wrong statement over and over again is not going to make it right.

Uh huh. City destroying attacks couldn't dent Vibranium. It received 0 scratches from Vision hitting him with Mjolnir, Thor's attack which leveled a forest couldn't put a scratch on Vibranium, and I'm now supposed to believe Superman will be snapping Vibranium left and right? Gimmie a break.

If getting hit by Mjolnir couldn't damage Ultron, I don't see how Clark would.


The ending of the first Avengers movie where he flies into space to deliver the nuke, oh and his Veronica suit basically lives in space.

Again with ABC logic.

I already said I was guessing, but it's not unreasonable.

To the person I was talking to, it was.

Doesn't mean I can't call you out on your BS.

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@phantom16: you are the queen of lowballing

Or really? Did you look at the low-balling coming from BOTH SIDES? Or did you only focus on the ones done to Superman?

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Stop with the no limit fallacy. We know that Ultron is not invulnerable. Just because he's made of Vibranium, does not make him invulnerable. Especially when we know that he can be hurt by physical force. Wanda did it. So did Hulk.

Yeah, no. Hulk never hurt him, he threw off an Ultron who could barely stand and needed an aircraft to move. Wanda didn't hurt him with physical force -__- and it was after he had been superheated by Thor, Vision and Iron Man. Plus the material Ultron is made out has survived things higher than Superman's best damage output.

And yes, being made out of Vibranium kinda makes him invulnerable, at least to physical force. Clark is not snapping Vibranium.

IIRC, Iron Man cannot survive in space. And even if he can, nothing suggest that Ultron can.

Actually, he can and he has. And I'm using Iron Man as an example because if the material he's made out of can withstand such temperature, why wouldn't Ultron who is both stronger and infinitely more durable.

Only difference is I back up my claims with feats instead of making statements. Stay on topic.

Yeah, the comment you made wasn't exactly 'on topic' was it? but sure, I'll hold back from derailing the thread.