What's So Bad About 1990s Comics

I've been following the thread here: Is The 90s The Worst Era Of Comics. And I think after much due consideration I strongly disagree with the idea that the 1990s were a terrible time for comics. Yes the 90s saw the rise of the Ed Wood of comics, Rob Liefeld, yes the comics market imploded in on itself forcing a lot of good but marginal small companies out of business. However I think this list exemplifies the fact that for a comics fan and longtime reader. It was a pretty good time to be into the greatest hobby in the history of mankind.

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Posted by etragedy

I think the Silver Age was the worst decade for superhero comics, and the 1990s were kind of the worst overall - very regressive, BUT there were SO many more comics coming out in the 1990s than any decade ever before - so while the percentage of bad comics from the 90s is relatively high compared to the total output, there were also a LOT of good comics that came out in that decade. This single comic list is a good start - Milligan's Shade the Changing Man was one of the better ones - though I got frustrated a few dozen issues into it when it seemed like he was just trying to be weird to be weird with no greater goals - but yeah, I still have all those promotional postcards DC put out for that series.

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Nice list! My only quibble would be that Books of Magic came long before Harry Potter. Complaints were even made that Harry Potter was built on concepts from Books of Magic, and that this is why they seem so similar. I think they're whining, but BoM definitely predates Potter.

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Oh, and some of these like Sandman and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs began in the 80s. And a lot of this list is stuff that is still very 80s-ish, having been written and drawn in the 80s, but not published until the early 90s (almost everything on this list was written and drawn in the 80s and published in 1990).

Posted by ruckus24

Hang in there kids, I'm doing the whole decade.

Posted by turoksonofstone

A:The size of Most Print runs was very large and Marvel/DC tried to flood the Market to drown out emerging Publishers IMO .

Though I agree a lot of great stuff did come out in the 90s all the same.

Posted by entropy_aegis

Cool list but what about Kyle Rayner,Waids Flash,Superboy,Cyborg Superman,Steel, Reign of the Supermen,Emerald Twlight,Knightfall,Return of Superman,Bane.

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Starman? The Spectre? Acme Novelty? From Hell? Transmetropolitan? JLA? The Milestone stuff? Resurrection Man? Sandman Mystery Theatre? The Flash? Major Bummer? Hourman? Terminal City? The Authority? ABC comics? Sin City? PAD's Aquaman, Supergirl, X-Factor and Young Justice? The Maxx? Moore's Supreme? Robin? The Demon? Lobo? Martian Manhunter? Impulse? Strangers in Paradsise? Planetary? :)


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Thanks for the list. I now have to expand my want list. My wallet hates you ruckus. This was the decade I read barley any comics so it's time for me to get caught up. Can't wait till for the updates.

Also why the hate for Jim Shooter?

Posted by ruckus24

I'll explain my hate for Jim Shooter in another blog post. When i get some time.

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this is informative, to me. Thanks. I know some people have their opinions on Gen X and stuff. What about Clone Saga? wasn't that in the 90s? i like Liefield btw, as well as Karl Kesel's Superboy

Posted by ruckus24

Yeah, honestly I'm not a fan of the whole "Clone Saga." Any time you completely undermine a hero, especially a great one like Spider-Man it takes away from the fun of the story for me. The idea that Peter Parker's clone was who we were "really" reading about the whole time just left me cold. In a similar fashion, the whole "Brand New Day" thing upset me enough to completely drop Spider-Man. Erasing Peter and Mary Jane's marriage with a cheap plot device "the devil did it" is just stupid and lazy. It opened up nothing in the way of new stories, and it cheapened the excellent work that had gone in to making Spider-Man relevant and interesting in the past decade. For me, The whole "Clone Saga" was at best a pathetic attempt at a big summer crossover, and at worst, a failed attempt to entertain. And that's really the worst sin a writer can commit.

Rob Liefeld is another game altogether. He is definitely the Ed Wood of comics, (all enthusiasm, no talent.) He cannot draw well, he continually swipes panels from other artists and writers, and let's not even start on the fact that the man cannot seem to produce a book on time.

Posted by TheThe

So many things right here i've still had to read! Thank you for providing me ideas ;)

Posted by rasx

No mention about Chaos comics, Lady Death was the first "bad girl" in the early 90's.