My late father....

This is the first time that i felt like getting out here and showing the world not only what an amazing artist my father was... but tell how he was as a person. He was a man that all and any could look up to. His very presence was both inviting and relaxing. In the same spirit that the Tsalagi tribes welcomed him... he welcomed others for conversation and laughs. I really miss my father... he was Marshall Rogers

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That's really sweet.

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" That's really sweet. "
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For those out there that want to see some of his original artwork... check out my page.

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I'm a big fan of his art. I never met him in person, but I heard very nice things from fans who had met him.

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Amazing artworks.... =]
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" Amazing artworks.... =] "

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 I'm a fan of his artwork.  Incredible stuff. 
That's so nice you made a blog for him. :-) Hope you're doing well. God bless, man. 
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Hang in there man. I know personally it's not easy to lose a father. Dont let your pride get in the way of you showing your feelings for your father. But just remember he still taught you the pride of being a man so make sure you hold onto it.

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Wow that's some incredible art work, thanks for sharing that Rubraz. I grew up on comics in the 90s so a lot of this is before my time.  I'm always interested in the great artists and I'll keep an eye out for his books the next time I'm buying something. I never realized how much work he did and how important Marshall Rogers is to the comic universe, he really has lots of characters and stories to his name.
Sorry to hear about the loss of your Dad

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Sorry That's really sweet.
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You welcome everyone... i thought people would want to see some of this stuff... 

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Good stuff man

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Awesome stuff dude

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Indeed, he was a great artist, who should`ve gotten the chance to draw more comics.

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I only knew him by seeing some of his work, but he was one heck of an artist.

He is remembered by fans but we could never know him as well as you. I'm sorry he's gone. I'm glad he's not forgotten.