World Domination: Greatest Good, Greatest Evil.

I've always have been a fan of characters abilities that are technology driven and/or intelligence based.

When encountered with the age old question: What extraordinary ability would you have, flying is an after thought, I want to rule. In my opinion, Innate Capability (the ability to comprehend anything, sometimes as second nature) has the most potential. Sure, it would be cool to be a powerhouse like Superman but I was always raised to think smart and work less. I've read a few list of who would be in their "Dream Team" and I thought I'd try it out too. Here it goes:

If there was a group of super-powered individuals that could completely rule the world and/or create world peace they would probably be similar to these guys. Keep in mind that some people on this list may have grudges with others and some are from different universes. Some are villains. Some aren't that powerful but would be great Enforcers of the rules. This list is to pair together a combination of powers that would completely keep the world in check! I challenge anyone to make a list ( That does not have any of my characters in it) that can contest this group. May be some overlay in abilities; I wanted to make it a Top 10. Open to feedback. Enjoy!


Beast, Ant-Man, Cyborg, Dr. Octavius, Dr. Doom and Spiderman were also considerable mentions. They would probably make a sick Death Squad though.

List items