Asura Voltagon - Thunderbreed

Herald of Lightning

An Inhuman who became an exile after defacing the current monarch, calling him out on the hidden atrocities while shaking the foundations of the throne. He was young back then and thus he was cast out in a near death state. However the Mists have been kind to him as he manages to scour several lightyears as a bounty hunter, using the best of his power and maximizing the 'one' specialty he was gifted with during his transformation.

They don't need him, but they do deserve him

"Being a hero is fun" said the man in the funny robe, seeming like a monk out of a monastery there is a bearded man taking a walk in the middle of an urban location. But people are walking away from him as he had struck down a juvenile shoplifter who was stealing a slim jim with a bolt of lightning. The kid happens to be a friend of the store clerk who decided to pull a video style prank, one similar to punk'd but Asura Voltagon happened to pass by and correct this misdemeanor. As a hero he follows a draconian set of principles, and that perps are to be left for the authorities. Before anybody got a picture of his face he simply left while the shop clerk is screaming to 911 from his blackberry, a circle of people approached the twitching body on the ground. One man described the body as if it had melted under the clothes. He is the kind of hero that hits hard with an iron fist, the hero that punishes people and leaves them to take care of the leftovers. He does not want to be the hero that repairs the problems, he simply appears and deals with the problem at hand. Collateral damage and accidental fatalities are the responsibility of the people.

The news media called him a maniac, while in the recent month crime does seem to drop and the fact that his catch are alive. They are in no condition that is better off than dead, he is amused.

"For now I am Chad Huang"


He is more like the heroes of the Golden Age, where it is a routine activity to take glee in killing criminals. He is not an anti-hero, just one from a different age with a different set of social outlook on norms. Seeing the world in black and white while always putting himself on the light side of things. He would use maximum prejudice when dealing with criminals, defenestrate them off several stories, beat them to the point of no recovery, immolate them with gasoline or give them an acid bath. It was hard work, and he is a workaholic. However he is a fatalist, in a way that he believes in destiny.

Crazy Wisdom

he is neither very brilliant, very virtuous, nor very disciplined. Asura offers them the following solution: that he repeat, as a mantra, a series of obscenities, all the ones he can think of. They do so sordidly and with devotion, and, in time, shows signs of gaining understanding of reality. Asura would always ask to taste their best chang (a tibetan beer of fermented rice), and to be introduced to the prettiest girls of the region. But without the senses, there is no spirituality; it's that simple, there is no living experience without sensory experience. His means of teaching was sexual intercourse, drunken irreverence and ribald poetry.

I have come without prejudice to help you, where can I find the best booze and most beautiful women.

His motives were liberation from the ego through the thunderbolt of wisdom. Promising women a path to Nirvana through the use of his _____, or “Flaming Thunderbolt” as he liked to call it. The women paid him in beer. Asura is known for subjugating demons, and helping others achieve enlightenment in ways which Westerners might consider a little strange; most of the folktales about him concern his _____ and the various ways he wields it. (Examples include spinning it like a helicopter to get from place to place, using it to hit demons in the face and break their jawbones, breaking boulders, teaching women tantric sexual practices to help them become enlightened, and so on.)


The Inhumans are a race of beings who diverged from mainstream humanity twenty-five thousand years ago as a result of genetic experimentation on primitive man performed by the alien Kree.

The scientists eventually succeeded in fashioning a small tribe of highly genetically advanced human beings. However, the Kree abandoned their plan to make immediate use of the fledgling race, for reasons as yet undiscovered. This race of beings would someday be known as the lnhumans. After the Kree left them, the Inhumans wandered the Eurasian continent until they decided to settle upon a tiny island in the Northern Atlantic, which they named Attilan. There they began to develop technology and culture at an even faster rate than their more powerful predecessors, the Eternals. Chief among their scientific disciplines was genetics, and the lnhumans set up a government based on genocracy, rule by the genetically fittest.

Sometime within the Inhumans' first millennium of existence, the Inhuman geneticist Randac isolated a chemical catalyst for human mutation, a substance he called Terrigen. Randac subjected himself to total immersion in the Terrigen Mist and emerged with mental-manipulative powers rivaling those of the Eternals. Elected ruler because of his genetic superiority, Randac unselfishly instituted a program by which all Inhumans could undergo Terrigen treatment if they desired. The program was halted when about half of the Terrigen subjects developed radically non-human mutations. It was thereafter decided that individuals would only undergo treatment after being thoroughly genetically tested, but the damage to the gene pool was already done.

At present only about half of the Inhuman population possesses obvious non-human characteristics either through heredity or Terrigen mutation. Inhumans speak their own language, Tilan, but in recent years, many have elected to learn such human languages as English, Russian, and Chinese. The Inhumans have various trade guilds managing the various disciplines necessary to maintain society. Almost three-fourths of all lnhumans elect to go into their parents' professions. Food is cultivated in hydroponic gardens beneath the city.The chief pursuit of the people is science, but they also have various artists' guilds, including a theatrical company which provides circus-like entertainment's as well as a cycle of plays based on famous incidents in Inhuman history. The major religion of the lnhumans involves ancestor-worship and there is a guild of priests and priestesses who administer the faith.


He was found after being spatially displaced and adopted by an infertile couple in Genbu. His growth was very fast, having killed a snake, he saved his neighbor's child, and the people wanted to thank him with his foster parents, but they were intervened by the arrival of false Qilin. His foster parents fought to defend him from the emperor's son. But in the meantime, the Council had heard of the case, as his biological parents began looking for the child. Yet it was Mazda who found them first: he is his godfather and arrived just in time before the Qilins managed to take the life of Asura . Qilins had escaped, using a fire break, as Mazda is one of the more stronger Inhumans , then the rescuer quickly stabilizes the condition before the fires spread.

Realizing their mistake, the Qilins had chose to abandon that village and set up base elsewhere. Meanwhile, Ainu had found her child. Finally reaching the hidden city of Genbu, they paid tribute to the family that fostered for their own, stayed for a while to help the community for by restoring their home. Mazda and Ainu had made an agreement that they will send someone back to rid of the Qilin problem. Asura was then enrolled in his uncle's religious seminary in the Tower of Wisdom where he trained in various physical and mental disciplines until he was seventeen years old, eleven years after undergoing the procedures in the Terrigen Mists. This gave him the ability to attract electricity and carry around his own electrical charge that he can utilize in a number of ways.

Scientists theorize that the electricity somehow mixed with an organic life form to produce a strange fusion of organic and elemental mass.

Combat Style

Through years of rigorous training the thunder monk has learned superior unarmed combat as well as the ability to channel the powers of electricity through his body.

The way of the thunder fist is one few brave to tread. Their secret training techniques are intense and few can make it through. It involves a trip to the plane of electricity, where they are empowered by the planar energies. Some don't have the pain tolerance and quit, some are driven mad, and others just can't handle it and die. Those who make it through are feared by those who know about them.

EOTL - Enlightment of Thunder and Lightning

The breathing method of E.O.T.L amplifies the presence of the metal element of Ki in the atmosphere and collides it with a medium, creating lightning. EOTL had long gotten rid of the traditional movements and forms and has instead been taught so that each successor could incorporate EOTL into their own fighting styles as a way to advance the art. Essentially, EOTL uses the "quality, not quantity" approach, as the art relies on having a very refined and pure Ki even if not much in amount, instead of enormous quantity of unrefined Ki, the breathing method is the key to purifying the Ki to be used, similar to how only pure uranium can be used to create an atomic explosion. The art takes Yin Ki and Yang Ki and turns them into negative and positive charges which are then collided. The focal point of breathing is Yin of inhaling (negative charge) and Yang of exhaling (positive charge). Due to the Metal elements presence in the body the user's body is very tough.

The style instead emphasizes on exercising inner power and using it to extend and proliferate the body's personal electric current to aid in combat. An odd side effect of using Neili to perform such actions is that it causes the body's nervous system to have a faster response time and in general causes the user to "act faster", by manipulating by the body's electric current he could do an assortment of powerful electric attacks. To practitioners of EOTL, the body is a generator that powers their most useful weapon. Keeping that "generator" clean and running well is the prerogative of most practitioners, besides performing the usual exercises to better Neili (such as meditation) the practitioners also insists on bettering his body through calisthenics, weight training, breath control, and cardiovascular exercise.


alcohol can be mixed in with his inner power.

Drunken Boxing is a style of boxing that imitates a drunkard in its movements, involving both offensive and defensive skills. The striking features of the boxing are its fast speed and unpredictable changes in beating the opponent. It is also known for its unique appreciating, health-boosting and practical values. The postures of Drunken Boxing are pretty much like the staggering movements of a drunkard, but the boxing is actually well choreographed with no drunkenness at all. It is a routine of martial art skills involving stringent arm, leg and body movements.The major postures include beating, pushing, throwing, rolling, leaping and jumping. While retaining the beauty of body art, all the postures are practical fighting skills.

The boxing has a fairly high requirement on the practitioner in terms of the person’s flexibility in the waist, legs and joints as well as the functions of internal organs, willpower and moral integrity etc. In addition, the performance of the boxing is supposed to give a straight, light and graceful feel. Drunken kung fu has moves that other styles might consider odd. For instance, if you're on the ground, it's natural to kick your opponent's face if you're a drunken kung fu stylist. A typical kung fu strike to the jaw would come straight in. But with drunken kung fu, it can often rise sharply from beneath, totally surprising your adversary.

Drunken Sword

The drunken sword is one of the most advanced weapon styles. The practitioner appears inebriated, stumbling and off-balance, however this is only a device used to gain advantage over an opponent.


His strikes commonly break metamaterials and defeat abominations with his bare hands. Sometimes Pray is so brutal that even his weapons sword are destroyed. "The fundamentals of Pray Style are very simple. It channels pure power to blow away all attacks or defenses of the enemy". It isn't a super power. This is hiskarma he acquired as a human, "MU". It's the strength she gained by training day by day endlessly, accumulating his "MU". He learnt human wisdom and experiences, upon which he devised his style, adding his karma. There might be a extent of his natural ability capacity, clever methods and creativity, he spent sufficient time to acquire these. The power he perfected with humanity's wisdom and training.


A strong combination of magic and ki which enhances all of [Asura Voltagon's] abilities.


An anti-cyborg martial art that emphasizes giving a human practitioner an edge in combat with cyborgs. Its techniques emphasize bypassing a cyborg's armour to inflict internal as opposed to external damage, using modified vibratory strikes. Asura is especially deadly in close quarters, where he can make use of "teai" attacks that take advantage of those attacks which originate at the elbow, making them faster than those using punches that originate at the shoulder. Asura can even use the Hertza Haeon to create the canned food missile.


He can move swiftly and lightly at superhuman speeds. Glide on water surfaces, scale high walls and mount trees, making it seem as though he can fly. To build up and cultivate mystical “inner energy” (qi) and utilise it for several purposes. Using inner energy for attack and defense purposes when combined with his martial arts. He uses this form of energy to heal internal wounds or even purge venom from their bodies after being poisoned, or use it to attain superhuman stamina.

This kind of energy is a prerequisite for practice of qinggong, dianxue (dim mak) and other superhuman feats of speed and strength. The more neili one has, the better one can perform those mentioned feats. Neili is gained by many years of special breathing and physical exercises, consuming (sometimes accidentally or unknowingly) rare herbs, fruits or other substances of legend that are beneficial.

Neili can be used as a source of power for mystical skills such as projection of energy, toughening the body to take strikes, increasing physical strength to superhuman level, and other paranomal effects. Pugilists who possess these powers draw them from the use of qi originating from the body rather than black magic and wizardry.

With his 'inner power' he has

  1. Heightened Strength. Someone with high inner power can lift much more than an ordinary person.
  2. Heightened Agility. A master of Lightness Kungfu can easily put an Olympic gymnast to shame with his agility.
  3. Heightened Speed. A master can run much faster than the fastest sprinters of today. However, no one seems to be able to run as fast as certain rare horses such as GJ’s red horse.
  4. Heightened Endurance. A master can endure much longer than a normal person, or even a normal athlete. They can get tired, but it takes much more to get them tired.
  5. Heightened Toughness. A master can take punishment that could kill an elephant. Blows that would take down a house can be shrugged off if you have enough inner power.
  6. Leaping ability. A master could leap much higher and farther than an ordinary person.
  7. Increased damage. A master can do much more damage than an ordinary boxer. Trees and houses can be brought down in a single blow. Swords can be snapped just by touching.
  8. Energy blasts. A master can attack targets from far away.
  9. Force fields. Some masters such as Sweeper or the monk who first met Xie Xun have force field protection that protects them from harm.
  10. Draining other inner power. Certain masters can drain or absorb other people of their inner power. In some cases, they can destroy other people’s inner power completely.
  11. Healing. Most masters have some very limited healing abilities, mostly due to channeling their inner power into a wounded person. Some masters have gone beyond that and can actually heal, although a complete healing usually requires rare ingredients.
  12. Poison. Some masters can poison others with a touch using just inner power.
  13. Longevity. High inner power can increase your lifespan and slow down the aging process. A master can still be at his peak at age 100+, and some masters won’t show their age.
  14. Blinding. a master can blind someone else with just inner power.
  15. Paralysis. By hitting certain pressure points, a master can paralyze others. And the stronger your inner power, the less time it takes for the victim to recover
  16. Telekinesis. A master has the limited ability to move objects at range using inner power.
  17. Shouting. A master can make himself heard from far away. Some masters have developed this ability to the point where they can use it as an attack and wipe out hordes of lesser fighters in a radius around him.
  18. Holding breath.
  19. Feigning death. A master can slow down their vital functions to the point where they appear to be dead
  20. Heightened senses. A master’s sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch are much better than an ordinary person’s.
  21. Danger sense. Masters seem to have the ability to sense danger before it arrives. This ability varies between masters, and doesn’t seem to have a direct correlation with their inner power level.
  22. Tunneling. Masters can burrow underground as fast as an ordinary person can walk. Perhaps faster.
  23. Alcohol resistance. Masters can literally drink gallons of alcohol without any ill effects. There doesn’t seem to be any limit to this ability.
  24. Heat and cold resistance. Masters can withstand heat and cold much better than an ordinary person.
  25. Poison resistance. Certain masters are resistant or immune to poison. This generally involves subjecting themselves to poison for years to build up an immunity, or stuff like swallowing a toad.
  26. Combining inner power. Certain groups of people such as the Tibeten Monks can join together and combine inner power.

Dianxue (cavity press) are most likely the source for the Dim Mak (點脈) and are based, in part, on the real-world techniques of Chin Na (擒拿). Asura use these techniques to kill, paralyze, immobilize or control opponents by attacking their acupressure points (xue 穴) with the bare hand or weapons. A victim may be immobilized for hours after being hit on the acupressure points. Such techniques may be used for healing purposes, when excessive bleeding may be halted when certain acupressure points are pressed.

Early Greeks believed that lightning was a weapon of Zeus. Thunderbolts were invented by Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Since lightning was a manifestation of the gods, any spot struck by lightning was regarded as sacred. Greek and Roman temples often were erected at these sites, where the gods were worshipped in an attempt to appease them.


The average Wuxia swordsmen is used to using material swords (usually made of metal) of certain mass and weight. The swordsman's familiarity with the sword's mass and weight and how these factors will influence its movement is key to his ability to wield the sword effectively.The physical properties and dimensions of the sword were details that could not be overlooked. Aside from the emitter, Asura's green tinted saber of light has no mass or weight. Wielding a flash of light as a sword. Asura is able to maneuver the saber of light well due to his knowledge of the EMF, but most wulin fighters do not have that particular ability at their disposal.

The Iron Palm (strengthening the fist) and Iron Shirt (strengthening the torso) disciplines use repeated strikes and conditioning to gradually toughen the body to the point that practitioners develop stronger bones, tougher skin, and tighter tendons. He has demonstrated "groin skills" by dragging heavy weights by his own testes, and show off his "Iron Egg Skills" by being repeatedly kicked in the scrotum. It's a "soft form."


Main: Fulgurmancy

the study or use of magic relating to electrical phenomena. Fulgurmancers are known far and wide for their awesome and destructive powers. Fulgurmancers wield lightning as if it were a scalpel (or a sledge hammer). The power to hurl a bolt of lightning is among the most powerful of spells that Fulgurmancer's possess. This bolt effectively deals with the dangers inhabiting Cities. A lightning bolt appears a lightning except that it leaps from the caster's outstretched fingertips to strike its target. Unlike lightning of the past, once this bolt strikes its targe, it dissipates.

Storm Mage

It takes a second for the electricity to charge up in his hands, then he lets off a bolt with some slight kickback, a bright blue streak of electrical energy, and just a little thunder. The surrounding air gets supercharged, leaving pockets of steam in the wake of his bolt.

His aim with the bolts is good, whether he's in a moving vehicle or his target is moving, and it's improving as he practices more. The range of the bolts can be quite far, even reaching between two boats in the open water. Fulgurmancy is not the most difficult, but it is the most energy demanding. Even low level Fulgurmancy requires an extremely large amount of energy.

Fulgurmancy has two possible uses – To kill and to revive. Fortunately, both implementations of the ability requires more power than the average being can control at once, or even have access to. The offensive ability of Fulgurmancy is to directly shock the enemy, either with a large bolt of lightning or with a shock delivered straight from the caster’s body. Fulgurmancy can also be used to resurrect the recently deceased.

The Moslems also attributed lightning and thunder to their god. The Koran says, "He it is who showeth you lightning and launches the thunderbolts."

Natural Users are those with the ability to wield high levels of magical energy as well able to clear their mind completely. All of the motifs below find wide distribution in the ancient world:

  • Motif #1: Lightning takes the form of a frightful weapon—a sword, arrow, mace, club, spear, axe, or hammer.

  • Motif #2: Lightning is an ancestral warrior, the hero god who defeated chaos monsters in primeval times. Lightning-hero and lightning-weapon are frequently synonymous.

  • Motif #3: Lightning appears as a great bird or “thunderbird” with heaven-spanning wings.

  • Motif #4: Lightning is the flash of an “eye” in heaven. It is the destructive power of the “evil eye,” destroying opposition.

  • Motif #5: Lightning is launched from a great wheel turning in the sky, the “chariot” of the gods.

  • Motif #6: Lightning is accompanied by falling stones or “thunderstones.”

  • Motif #7: Lightning is the messenger of a central sun that ruled the sky before the present sun.

  • Motif #8: Lighting streaks along the world axis, acquiring the form of a towering column, the axis mundi. It is the pillar of the sky which, at the beginning of time, “separated heaven and earth.”

  • Motif #9: Lightning is a generative, masculine pillar. It impregnates goddesses.

  • Motif #10: Lighting is a “chain of arrows” launched skyward by a great warrior or hero.

  • Motif #11: Lighting appears as a ladder or backbone of the sky, whose steps were ascended by an ancestral hero.

  • Motif #12: Lightning spirals, twists, or whirls across the heavens. It is a whorl, swastika, or triskeleon.

  • Motif #13: Lighting appears as an undulating, fiery serpent.

  • Motif #14: Lightning takes the form of twins, two brothers, or two companions, each viewed as the alter ego of the other.

  • Motif #15: Lightning is two serpentine or rope-like filaments wound around a central axis (caduceus motif)

  • Motif #16: Lightning appears as an equal-limbed cross; it explodes as luminous streamers, dividing the home of the gods into equal quarters.

  • Motif #17: Lighting “blossoms” as a flower, the celebrated plant of life.

  • Motif #18: Lightning is fire and brimstone (sulfur). The lightning of the gods gives rise to a sulfurous stench.

  • Motif #19: In their violent wars, the gods blast each other with lightning. Chaos monsters are destroyed by lightning.

  • Motif #20: Lightning leaves its mark on celestial heroes and chaos monsters, who are “lightning scarred,” or “thunderstruck.”

  • Motif #21: The lightning-scar or wound of the warrior-hero is the mark by which he is identified or recognized.


Even baseline humans are electrogenic; each of the brain cells (neurons) produces about 70 millivolts of electric potential and the muscle cells about 95 millivolts. They do this by using chemical energy (in the form of ATP) to power electrogenic pumps, most commonly the Na+/K+ ATPase (sodium-potassium transporter, but usually abbreviated to NAKA)- this enzyme is so common in the massive human brain and muscles that it is responsible for using up to 40% of their resting energy consumption. This pumps out 3 Na+ atoms in exchange for 2 K+ atoms. This is a good deal, because three positively charged ions (cations) are exchanged for two, which causes the electric potential to drop below zero. With enough of these going, it will drop give the cell a slight charge.

Main: Fulgurkinesis

Scandinavian mythology alludes to Thor, the thunderer, who was the foe of all demons. Thor tossed lightning bolts at his enemies. Thor also gave us Thurs-day.

Fulgurkinetics have the ability to pull into the self or push out from the self a higher amount of electrical charge then that of the average human. Manipulating electromagnetic fields – photons – and can manipulate electrons since they’re very light and are easily shifted around with electromagnetic fields.

To other metass, Fulgurkinetics (also known as "sparks") have a static, or electric aura about them. Making physical contact with a fulgurkinetic while they are in an emotionally charged state may result in a minor shock. As a result of this aura, they also possess a natural resistance to electrocution. This aura is somewhat transferable to someone in close proximity, but it is extremely unstable in this condition.

  • At low levels he could create bursts of light, weak “laser” beams, simple holographic illusions, magnetize susceptible materials, illuminate or darken an area, reflect light, resist electricity, simulate telescopic or microscopic vision, encourage photosynthesis, or give someone a nasty shock.
  • At mid levels he could shift the frequency of incoming light to see heat or ultraviolet frequencies (or both), move magnetic materials around with magnetic fields, blind people for lengthy periods, overload sensors, transmit made-to-order radio or television signals, weld metals, play games with friction, guide lightning, sterilize areas with ultraviolet, power a machine, torture people with electrical shocks, or generate formidable laser beams and electrical discharges.
  • At high levels he could become physically invisible (while still “seeing” by magically sensing photons), take X-Rays and spectrograms (although you’d need some skill in interpreting them), generate massive attacks with line-of-sight range, move large amounts of magnetic material around (or smaller amounts of non-magnetic material), read computer media, or manipulate the electrical activity of a machine or the central nervous system.
  • At very high levels he could cause a laser beam to home in on someone at very long ranges, transform himself into light, create monstrously powerful magnetic fields, selectively suppress electrical forces (the ones which hold matter together), liquefy photons, or support the electrical activity of a nervous system without the nervous system.

The 'snap' sound is caused by the instantaneous speed at which the highly concentrated gases and sparks react together and pop (not his fingers actually 'snapping', to common belief.)

• Electrical Resistance: Asura's so used to electrons it's like a natural reaction, similar to moving his arm or blinking. So it is easy for him to redirect electricity safely through his body however he wishes. This can be accomplished by:

o Redirecting Incoming Electricity into a different direction.

o Ground the electricity to have it harmlessly pass into the ground.

o Absorb the electricity harmlessly and convert it into beneficial energy.

• Drain Electricity: he can drain electricity from one source and either ground it out or direct it into something else. This will usually mess up electrical objects.

• Charge Objects: With Electricity, heating them and/or making them conduct electricity.

• Ball Lighting: A yellowish glowing ball of electrical energy that Asura can create in the palm of his hand. He used this form of electricity, tossing the ball from hand to hand.

• Increase Sharpness: By using electricity to create a vibration.

• Paralysis Inducement and/or Jactitation: Jactitation is creating jitters or shakes within the victim.

• Drawing In Electricity From Nature Or Manmade: This is to conserve his own energy.

• Electrical Shockwave: This allows him to create and project electrical shock-waves, that have concussive results.

• Electrical Beam Emission: Rather than shooting an electric bolt that flickers and loses some of its charge, this beam is much more focused and charged.

• Plasma Manipulation: Asura can control ionized energy particles and control and manipulate plasma, but he cannot create it out of nothing. Plasma is easily created with electricity. He can cut through heavy metal or weld metal together.

• Technology Manipulation: By manipulating say the 1's and 0's (On And Off) of a computers electrical components Asura can be much quicker than normal humans at getting a computer to do what he wants through just mental understanding of the components. Asura has an above genius level even on computing ability.

• Datalink: He can connect to a computer without wires. He just needs to touch the case. At Focus he can do this at in yards range. The ability to hack the computer or access codes.

• Satlink: He can route a signal through satellites even though the system may not have that ability.

• Sub Quantum Manipulation: This is rarely used by Asura, which he can affect elements below and at the quantum level. This has the capability to manipulate Crystal, Elemental Transmutation, Energy Constructs, Flight, Force-Field Generation, Matter Transmutation, Plasma Manipulation, Portal Creation and at its peak Time Manipulation. This can also have a huge draw back if he is not aware of his surrounding area. This is also the most taxing thing Asura can do and requires a long recovery after using it.

• Electric Impulse Manipulation: This is the ability to control impulses of a body, he can sense the electrical impulses a body produces and can detect anything that has an impulse, he can cause extreme pain through nerve impulsion. Even stimulate the muscles to prevent a person from moving.

• Electrical Transportation: Asura can convert his mass into energy and have it travel to another location. This does however have to be a predetermined place so it can be guessed. It also needs a feed, for instance he can teleport into mid air, but once there he cannot teleport until he touches ground again.

• Electro Stimulation: Asura's body is conditioned to withstand the strain on his body. With this Technique, an Electromanipulative can flood his entire body with a strong field of electricity, not to shock another, but to hyper-accelerate himself. The micro-control that this field confers to his body totally saturates the nervous system and allows him to control his own body, much like Control, but in this case, much faster.

• Enhanced Healing: Asura does heal slightly faster than most people, because he has electricity stimulating his cells so often to accelerate. This effect is widely regarded as a bad idea by Vitakinetics as it forcefully accelerates a body’s electrical potential, causing rapid, and sometimes risky, cell growth and repair. Just as the lowly salamander can increase electrical fields within its tail and cause what some call ‘regeneration,’ so can the powerfully Electromanipulative warp cell and tissue growth with far stronger electrical fields, at some risk.

• Electronic Communication: Asura can intercept, generate, and interpret electronic, digital, and radio transmissions with his mind. This can be confusing and he might have to hone in on signals and filter out others, but he has the ability. He can see EM fields.

• Electrical Discharge: Asura can discharge a large burst of electricity around his body. This causes a lot of heat and can leave Asura breathless and gasping because of the split air molecules turned to O3.

• Nerve Deading: The side effect of this is the relearning of the limb, It took Asura a week of intense mental electron manipulation through his body to get his limbs working properly again.

• Positive Electricity Manipulation: Asura can manipulate, create, absorb, generate positively charged electricity. Due to the constant repulsion the protonic electricity is concentrated, therefore it looks like energy, but it still has the effects of normal electricity and it packs a huge punch.

• Create Lightning Storms: Lightning can occur with both positive and negative polarity. Lightning lasts about 30 millionths of a second and can rapidly heat the air in its immediate vicinity to about 20,000 C. (36,000 F.)

o Negative Lighting: An average bolt of negative lightning carries an electric current of 30,000 amperes (30kA), and transfers 15 coulombs of electric charge and 500 megajoules of energy. Large bolts of lightning can carry up to 120 kA and 350 coulombs.

o Positive Lighting: An average bolt of positive lightning carries an electric current of about 300 (kA) -- About 10 times that of negative lightning.

o Dazzle: He can create an arc that dazzles the sight and a thunderclap that dazzles the hearing.

• Electrostatic Adhesion: The adhesion of Asura to an object subject or surface by generating attractive electrostatic force between materials. Static cling is generated on a part of the body (or the whole body) to cling to anything.

In the pantheistic Hindu religion, Indra was the god of heaven, lightning, rain, storms and thunder. The Maruts used the thunderbolts as weapons.

• Body Health Improvement/Digression: Asura can send Positive and Negative Electric Ion's through the skin. This if Negatively charged can, strengthen the functions of autonomic nerves, reinforces collagen, (tissues that are resilient and tension-related) Improves the permeability of the cell's prototype plasma membranes, (Improves metabolism) Strengthens the body's immune system. This can however be the exact opposite if he charges your with Positive Electric Ion's. 85% of Negative Electric Ions are absorbed from our skin, only 15% is inhaled through our lungs. If you were able to increase the amount of Negative Electric Ions you absorbed you could:

o Strengthen the functions of autonomic nerves.

o Reinforces collagen (tissues that are resilient and tension-related)

o Improves the permeability of the cell's prototype plasma membranes (improves metabolism)

o Strengthens the body's immune system.

§ This can help improve asthma and other respiratory conditions.

§ This can help Stimulate Mitochondria. (Mitochondria can be called the "powerhouse" of the cell. Most living organisms use food and oxygen to make ATP/energy in a process called cellular respiration. Most of cellular respiration takes place inside the mitochondria)

§ Negative ions may decrease the severity of depressive symptoms hyperphagia, and fatigability)

§ Negative ion regeneration for youthfulness and longevity

§ . (Including the reverse neurovegetative symptoms of hypersomnia,

o Negative ions neutralize pollutants and provide positive effects on health to:

§ Stimulate the reticulo-endothelial system, a group of defense cells in our bodies that marshal our resistance to disease.

§ Act on our capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen. Negative ions in the bloodstream accelerate the delivery of oxygen to our cells and tissues.

§ Speed up oxidation of seratonin (5-hydroxtryptamine) in the blood. This is well known to have far reaching effects on mood and pain relief.

o How Negative Ion Affects the Human Bodies?

§ The body has two energy systems within our bodies consisting of two forces, magnetism and electricity, with the electricity component consisting of low-frequency direct-current (DC) electric field. This electromagnetic energy system is affected by earth's natural electromagnetic environment, which is normally relatively quiet, with minor rhythmic variations, but which experiences great increase in a electromagnetic charged environment.

§ Negative Ions help improve the natural bodies recovery mechanism in the cases of stress and specific physical problems.

§ Increase blood flow with resultant increased oxygen carrying capacity, both of which are basic to help the body healing itself.

§ Changes in migration of calcium ions which can either bring calcium ions to heal a broken bone in half the usual time, or can help move calcium away from painful, arthritic joints.

§ The pH balance (acid/alkaline) of various body fluids. (Often out of balance in conjunction with illness or abnormal conditions)

§ Hormone production from the endocrine glands can be either increased or decreased by Negative Ion stimulation.

§ Altering of enzyme activity and other bio-chemical processes.

• Electromagnetism Manipulation: The user can generate and manipulate electromagnetism which (electrogravitics) account for almost all physical phenomena observable to the unaided human senses, including light and other electromagnetic radiation, all of chemistry, most of mechanics (electrogravitics), and of course magnetism and electricity. The highest level of this power is Light, Microwave, and Molecular Manipulation.

• Magnetophosphenes: This is flashes of light (phosphenes) that are seen when one is subjected to a changing magnetic field such as when in an MRI. This changing field causes current within the retina or visual cortex resulting in the illusion of light. In one series, 8 out of 1023 people having an MRI experienced flashing lights.

• Electrical Propulsion: Asura can propel himself using electromagnetic force to propel himself similar to how solar wind is created.

• Magno-plasmid Dynamic Propulsion: Asura can take moisture in the air (Fog) and through hydrolysis convert the moisture into hydrogen and create a plasmid thrust through making an electromagnetic current through the hydrogen behind him and using his own magnetic field as the ground to cause a tether of sorts.

• Electroreception: Asura can use electroreception to locate objects around him. This has two categories.

o Passive: In passive electrolocation, the user senses the weak bioelectric fields generated by living beings and uses it to locate them. These electric fields are generated by everything living due to the activity of their nerves and muscles. Sensing electricity anywhere near him. This will allow him to detect the path of wiring and when equipment that is powered is nearby. he can charge a battery as well.

o Active: In active electrolocation, the user senses their surrounding environment by generating electric fields and detecting distortions in these fields using his ability to sense these electromagnetic fields. This allows him to detect non-living objects as well as living beings.

• Iron Sand Manipulation: Asura can manipulate Iron Powder, the miniscule particles makes the sand more malleable than other physical elements. Iron sand can be hardened into sturdy constructs. This ability can be used for Create/control hardened weapons, create shields and armor, clot up machine joints, turn iron sand into a chain like sword and vibrate it like a chainsaw, crate a massive sandstorm with iron powder, capture opponent with iron powder and crush them with extreme pressure, if the sand is magnetically charged it can disrupt brain waves.

Electrical Shield: Create a damaging shield around him that does his quick blast damage to anyone within 5ft. He can adjust this to contact only.

Confuse: he can mess with the electricity that runs through a person's brain and confuse them.

• Railgun: By creating multiple opposing forces Asura can create ferrous pressure and shoot a ferrous object at mind bending speeds. This generates kinetic force.

• Microwave Energy: Asura can convert his electromagnetic field into microwave energy, which can disrupt electrical signals. (WiFi, Cell Phones, Cameras, ect) He is limited to the power output of this ability, it is not hard to do, but he can only produce a certain maximum to it.

• EMP: Asura can create an Electro Magnetic Pulse, thus shorting out any electronics in the area.

• Electromagnetic Noise Manipulation: Noise can be an extremely dangerous electromagnetic wave, it can disturb electromagnetic wave based technology or kill electromagnetic wave-based life forms. The key of this power is the ability to harmonize with the noise, control or generate noise, this includes mimicry their proprieties. (Like sending digital or radio conversations) This power can affect computer data, distorting, corrupting or destroying it.

• Molecular Manipulation: Asura can only at his very best accomplish this feat. At this level he can only do it more a very short amount of time, he will suffer nose bleeds and massive headaches as his brain tries to complete the vastly complex calculations.

• Light Manipulation: This is also a very hard feat for Asura, it is not a part of his main ability skill set, but can be achieved through high concentration. With this Asura can:

o Holographic Illusions: Create images that look completely real

o Lasers: Create a laser beam where he can in terms generate the energy through his Fulgurkinesis and produce the light at an even greater focus than otherwise.

Umpundulo is the lightning bird-god of the Bantu tribesmen in Africa. Even today their medicine men go out in storms and bid the lightning to strike far away.

Magnokinesis: Asura can generate, control and manipulate magnetism in all its forms, both natural (planetary, solar, lunar, stellar, magnetosphere, magnetic materials/ferromagnetism, etc.), organic (generated by the electric currents of living beings) or artificial (everything creating/using electricity). User can affect any matter that is magnetic (iron, nickel, cobalt and their alloys, some rare earth metals, naturally-occurring minerals such as lodestone) manipulating and controlling them as they will and indirectly use them to manipulate other things.

A list of ferromagnetic materials:

Chromium (IV) oxide, Cobalt, Dysprosium, Ferrite (Iron), Ferrite (Magnet), Ferromagnetic Material Properties, Gadolinium, Gallium Manganese Arsenide, Iron, Magnetite, Neodymium Magnet, Nickel, Permalloy, Rare-Earth Magnet, Samarium-Cobalt Magnet, Yttrium Iron Garnet

Convenient Ways To Use His Power?

• Brush Teeth: The same principle as an ionic tooth brush, by giving your plaque and bacteria a negative charge and your teeth a positive charge all he has to do is hold his hand up to his mouth send in the charges and just use the negative charge to extract the bacteria and plaque and throw it out.

(Note that the word "electrokinesis" actually has a scientific meaning that has nothing to do with Psychic Powers, but most who use the term don't seem to know that.)

Subset: Nucleokinesis

The Navajo Indians hold that lightning has great power in their healing rituals. Sand paintings show the lightning bolt as a wink in the Thunderbird's eye. Lightning is associated with wind, rain and crop growth.

rebuild atoms and transmute elements via the manipulation of subatomic particles. It does not affect larger-scale structures, such as molecules, save through the side effects of changing some of the atoms that may be involved.

  • At low levels he can detect and shield against hard radiation, decontaminate food, water, people, and devices, accelerate or decelerate radioactive decay (a knack which isn’t often called on, but can come in very handy if you happen to be near a nuclear reactor which is going to melt down or which you need to power up, if you’re near a nuclear bomb you want to keep from going off, or if you just need some heat).
  • At medium levels he can generate, direct, or eliminate intense fields of radiation, perform small-scale transmutations (allowing, for example, poisoning people in very subtle fashions, creating computer chips with three-dimensional architecture via transmutation doping, or refueling nuclear batteries), treat cancers, and use nuclear imaging to sense the internal structure of anything nearby.
  • At higher levels he can perform nuclear transmutations on a larger scale (perhaps providing oxygen and hydrogen, from rock or strengthening or weakening metal objects), stabilize normally-radioactive elements, induce small-scale nuclear fusion or fission (suitable for a power source), destabilize protons to disintegrate matter (in a blast of intense radiation of course).
  • At the highest levels he can create and stabilize exotic nuclear structures such as high-order transuranics, create massive explosions (ranging from simply breaking atoms down into hydrogen on through destabilizing or fusing nuclei to produce nuclear blasts), generate monopolium, assemble masses of strange matter, and stabilize and manipulate neutronium.


Some marine creatures really excel in this aspect, with specialised cells called electrocytes dedicated entirely to the production of an electric potential, which they use primarily to communicate and sense prey but also to stun other animals (prey or predators). These include the electric rays (Torpediniformes) which can produce a potential of around 200 volts, the electric catfish (Malapteruridae) which are capable of producing 350 volts and, perhaps one the best known (erroneously as the electric eel), the electric knifefish (Electrophorus electricus), capable of a shock of up to 600 volts.

As late as the early 1800s in Russia, when rain was wanted, three men climbed a tree. One would knock two firebrands together; the sparks imitating lightning. Another one would pour water over twigs, imitating rain. A third would bang on a kettle to attract the thunder. And throughout early Europe, church bell ringers would make as much noise as possible, hoping to scare away the storms from these holy dwellings which were struck frequently by lightning.

These animals have a specialised organ, called the electric organ, which is made up of thousands of these electrocytes (sometimes also called electroplaques or electroplaxes) organised in series (with each series stacked in parallel to sum currents), with each cell producing a potential about 150mV (actually, there are two potentials, one 65mV and the other 85mV. That doesn’t seem like much, but stack ten thousand of these in one organ and, if all those cells discharge at one, it will produce a 1500V electric organ discharge (EOD).

Subset: Reconstruction

Even Santa Klaus gets into the act with his reindeer Donner (thunder) and Blitzen (lightning).

revises molecular structures. It does not affect individual atoms except to move them,

  • At low levels he could break down poisons, corrode and weaken materials, temper steel to improve it, temporarily toughen materials, catalyze or inhibit chemical reactions, extract metals from ores, instantly bind surfaces together, fractionate mixtures, distill or extract components of them, refine oil and other substances, and disrupt opponents bodies and metabolisms.
  • At mid levels he could detoxify poisons that are in someone’s body, create moderately complex chemical compounds (simple plastics, explosives, and alloys) from base materials, make flammable materials burn up in seconds, put someone into hibernation, and create crystals out of supplies of their base atoms and – essentially – play around fairly freely with inorganic chemistry.
  • At high levels he could change the state of matter (for example, making iron soft and easily worked with your fingers), make complex biochemicals and compounds, create crystals, prevent water from boiling or solids from melting despite high temperatures, play around freely with all of inorganic chemistry, create various polymers from air, reshape lumps of matter by adjusting the relationships between it’s molecules, and stabilize normally impossible inorganic chemicals.
  • At very high levels he could rewrite DNA, play around freely with the entire field of polymers and organic chemistry, create tailored drugs to produce particular effects, create impossibly active compounds (such as the infamous acid blood from the “Alien” movies), and so on.



Atomic Layer Deposition: Uru, a rare (fictional) metal derived from the Asgard dimension. It resembles stone but it also seems to have metallic properties. It seems able to store most energies, particularly magic. It is bonded to his biological skeleton. Like the real-life mandibles of leaf-cutter ants, his bones become much harder when metal is bonded to the original structure. The metal is made to combine with his bones to create an almost invulnerable warrior.

  • Mystical Link: Uru skeleton obeys Asura’s commands as though it were alive, and if his’s will is strong enough, the bones can pass through nearly any barrier should he so desire; It will even carve its way through the very center of entire planets. The bones has kinetic damage capabilities that rivals majestic class when propelled because the farther it’s shot the more power it builds up. It can also transform Asura into his civilian guises.
  • Weather Control: It grants an ability to command the weather. Although Asura, can command the weather just as well without the Uru, he uses Uru to channel and focus his ability. He uses his powers to control the base elements of a storm, ie. rain, wind, thunder and lightning. While he can do so without Uru, he almost always channels the energy through it, which grants him greater control over the energy. He can create giant raging electrical storms complete with thunder, lightning, hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, tidal waves, exploding volcanoes, earthquakes and torrential rains across entire planets at a moment's notice. He can also create any of these phenomena individually. Another aspect of this power allows him to stop any of these weather conditions instantly as well. Asura can create storms on a planetary wide scale. And is not limited to the normal limits of Mother Nature and can go beyond what natural weather can do. Asura can also channel the storm's fury, and magnify it into extremely powerful energy blasts capable of destroying objects of high durability, such as Adamantium etc.
  • Resurrection: While channeling his power through Uru, Asura was able to resurrect a man and also endow the hero with electric generating powers.
  • Illusion Detection: Uru distinguishes images and holograms, differentiating illusions from reality: Commanding the body to strike meta-physical adversaries, who was hiding amongst false images.
  • Alpha Particles: Asura can harness Alpha Particles from the atmosphere and could use it to atomize any weaponry.
  • Negation of Mystic Energy
  • Energy Sensing: Uru can detect practically all types of energy. It reacts particularly strongly to evil psychic energy.
  • Cosmic Energy: Uru allows Asura to produce and control Cosmic Energy to an unknown limit for a variety of purposes.
  • Matter Manipulation: Uru is able to manipulate matter on a vast scale, allows him to create other configurations and even allows him to transmute the elements themselves. This ability was evident when he transmuted a shapeshifter's wood and iron body to the gas helium.
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Manipulation
  • Invisibility and Intangibility: Its wielder can use Uru to turn themselves or others, completely intangible and/or invisible. An offshoot of this ability is that Asura can use his bones to completely disrupt the phasing abilities of super humans.
  • Barriers: Asura is capable of creating powerful barriers, force fields and vortexes that are impenetrable.
  • Energy Absorption and Redirection: Uru is able to absorb, magnify and return any type of force, directed towards its user. Once the energy is absorbed, its user can redirect it back towards the source and/or use it as a weapon of his own.
  • Flight: He is capable of flying through the air at tremendous speeds. While in an Earth-like atmosphere, generally flies at roughly the Speed of Sound, roughly 770 miles per hour. However, he is capable of achieving speeds far faster than light. Once airborne, Asura can cahange direction, speed and altitude.
  • Teleportation: He can channel energies for the purpose of opening gateways which he and others can pass through. He can open gateways which allow him to travel across locations no matter how great the distance within moments or even across entire dimensions. The hammer can also be used to create portals to travel great distances within the same dimension.
  • Immunity to Other Forces: Even without activating the powers of Uru, Asura's bones, is impervious to nearly all forms of change.

Lightning plays a role in many mythologies, often as the weapon of a sky and storm god. As such, it is an unsurpassed method of dramatic instantaneous retributive destruction: thunderbolts as divine weapons can be found in most mythologies.

Blue-tooth enabled subcutaneously-implanted, blood powered touch display tattoo.

It's an electronic interface embedded under the skin that looks like a tattoo. He could use it as a phone, computer, or traditional tattoo by downloading a picture of a sigil from the internet. It runs on blood by turning glucose and oxygen into electricity.

When he gets a call, the implant turns on, producing a field that causes microspheres of ink to aggregate, causing the tattoo (in the skin above the implant) to become visible. So, this can happen in real-time, he can watch videos on it. Once the call ends, the field dissipates causing the tattoo ink to become invisible again.


He apparently built the interface she wears, a combination of technology and sorcery. Bulletproof, it also has protective wards and sigils decorating its exterior, shielding him from mystic attacks. It can fire a beam of mystic energy which can disintegrate a person, has heel runes allowing him to fly, and can interface with and control technology. Possessing a level of intelligence, the interface also has a significant mystic database, can detect and identify mystic threats, analysing the best countermeasure for him. It appears to also be able to act independently of Asura, as at one point, detecting a significant threat, it engaged its disintegrator on its own to destroy the source of the threat, to his pleasure.



Nimbus is a "puzzle weapon". It is a winged sphere that can change into several different forms, the last one being unknown. Its primary form has the symbol gold/metal written on it. Nimbus is a "puzzle weapon". It is a winged sphere that can change into several different forms, the last one being unknown. Its primary form has the symbol gold/metal written on it. The Thunderbreed’s signature weapons are his flying “spheres” (also known as “nimbus”) that conceal many weapons inside of them, such as drills, lasers and saws. He himself seems to be somewhat immune to their attacks. They fly around seeking moving targets, and then proceeds to blast them (blaster also used as a blowtorch) or it bores itself inside their brains and bodies using a drill. If it targets the head, it will cling to the forehead using the wings, insert a pump and then spray out all of the liquid of the victim’s body from the sphere’s other side. If it drills inside other body parts it will drill around until the victim is dead and horribly mutilated.


Design based on a famous traditional Japanese weapon, it is a bludgeoning weapon that uses the momentum from a swing to increase the impact. The weapon also requires a good deal of training to be effective in a fight.

He relies on short-range but very fast attacks that will put the opponent in a disadvantage. Because he uses a pair of nunchaku, most of his attacks are short-ranged, often forcing himself to run closer to the opponent, leaving him open for attack. Use of the Nunchaku required the martial artist to be equally proficient with either hand. During it's use the weapons could be switched from one hand to the other as needed. The Nunchaku was originally a tool for thrashing rice, wheat or other grains.


San-Jie-Gun, or the three-sectional staff is a traditional Chinese wushu weapon, designed to defend against spears and other long weapons. It's biggest advatage of the 3 sectional staff was, that with this wushu weapon, one is able to protect themselves with a shield and strike at the same time

The stick is divided into three sections and the power of it depends on the length of the stick and the distance between combatants. The routines are: points, stick, chop stick, cloud stick, Lan Yao Gun (stick down the middle).


Tonfa, Asura's sub weapon; he typically uses two tonfas to fight. It appears as a normal tonfa; however, it can change forms.

He can use a wide range of weapons in combat. Things such as the saber, sword, staff, and spear. Even everyday objects such as abaci, benches, fans, ink brushes, pipes, sewing needles, or various musical instruments which he can use as deadly implements. He can turn nearly any object into a deadly weapon, from a razor-sharp chair leg to a sack of flour.

His blunt arsenal amplifies the applied strength more than a thousandfold. He can poke even heavy objects, such as cars, just as if he were just shooting pool, and the object will go flying with amazing force. In defiance of the laws of physics, this doesn’t produce any recoil. At one point he “shot” a manhole cover that cleft a police car in two, lengthwise. At one point he “shot” various henchmen at an Ogre to distract him, and being propelled with great force would likely have been fatal.

As an Improvised weapon master, he firmly believes that in the right hands, anything can become an ultimate weapon. In a literal sense. Anything from bottles and chairs to tables and ladders to even enemies and allies is a viable and deadly weapon in their hands, and they're not afraid to demonstrate their skill on any unsuspecting fool who picks a fight with them.

Also the deadly Kabuchi, of the Kabumei arts.

Inspired by john aman

Ritual Tools

A focus (pl. foci) is an object through with magic is focused.

Lightning Rods, electrical cables and tools.

The placebo effect, also known as non-specific effects and the subject-expectancy effect, is the phenomenon that a subject's condition can be improved by an otherwise ineffective treatment, since the individual expects or believes that it will work.



thunder and lightning were the elements of the Raijū, or literally “thunder beast,” the mighty servants of the Shinto god of thunder. These creatures were most often described as looking something like a badger, weasel, cat, or fox, although they were sometimes said to look like a wolf or monkey as well. Some accounts speak of the creatures having wings, or having multiple tails. They are quite often depicted as being wreathed in crackling lightning, and their voices were the boom of thunder. Raijū were said to descend to the earth upon lightning bolts, ride atop lighting, or to travel about in hovering balls of lightning. During storms, these creatures would become very agitated, frantically dashing about and leaping from tree to tree, tearing up the bark in the process with their formidable claws. In Japanese folklore, it was said that trees scored by lighting had been the work of Raijū claws.

He behaves like a dervish during thunderstorms, whizzing around in a scratching clawing frenzy. In his quieter moments he can take the form of a badger, cat or weasel, but will still leave scratch marks everywhere as he sharpens his claws on anything within reach.


In England, brewers once blamed lightning for beer going sour in the barrel and farmers blamed it for curdling milk. It was said that swans can only hatch their eggs during thunderstorms, when the hard shells were broken by the sound.

Wine makes superconductors better at their jobs. And apparently, it makes Asura better at his job too. Superconductors behave like most metals; they conduct electricity. They do so, however, with a twist. All metal has some resistance to the flow of electricity.

But when the temperature drops, superconductors get less and less resistant (and therefore more conductive). When they reach very low temperatures, their resistance drops to zero. "Red wine is a popular marinade for meat, but it also may become a popular treatment for creating iron-based superconductors as well ' He could enhance superconductivity in hys body by drinkingit in red wine. Finding out that other alcoholic drinks also worked — white wine, beer, sake and so on — but red wine was by far the best.

About 15 percent of his body becomes boosted for the water mixed with ethanol, and less for the pure water. By comparison, Shochu amplified conductivity by 23 percent and red wine managed to supercharge over 62 percent of the material. He was pleased, if amused with these results results.


Dragon Turtle

A revered figure in the Genbu mythos...



Praetorian Elite

Elite Guard

The main attraction here are the voodoo powers that allow Ja'ghat to do different things to his own body causing death by the same means to any enemies that are close by. The way Ja'ghat fights his foes is unique. Because he is like a voodoo doll, Ja'ghat's superpowers are triggered by inflicting damage on himself. Put Ja'ghat under a falling safe and his enemies get smashed. Although he needs to collect enough beads to recharge his voodoo powers.

Ja'ghat was granted an additional life whenever he took the life of another.

His weapon of choice is the shamshir sword with sturdy and very sharp Damascus steel with curved single edged 33 1/2 inches blade of unusual wavy form with a bifurcated tip.

Arterial plug

A set of valves is installed in the big arteries in the operatives arms, legs, and neck. Upon activation of the device, the valves open leading to ultra-rapid exsanguination.


Auto-garottes are usually fitted around an operative’s neck, but can also be installed along other locations such as the wrists. The device consists of a tight metal band, housing a monorwire noose, motor, and trigger assembly for vocal or remote activation. Once activated, the motor pulls the monowire tight, effortlessly cutting off whatever body part the auto-garotte was attached to.

Bomb harness

This heavy locked vest is packed with the same explosives used in Imperial demolition charges. When the vest is detonated, either via remote command or by the wearer himself, it kills the wearer and deals damage like a 5 kilogram demolition charge.

Execution helmet

This tight fitting helmet is welded shut after donning and so cannot be removed. A single bolt round is mounted on the inside, ready to fire and burst the wearer’s skull (killing him instantly) upon remote activation or coded phrase.


An exhalator consists of a pressurised tank containing a highly toxic and corrosive gas installed in the operative’s chest and further modifications to his airways. Upon activation the gas is vented into the operative’s lungs, killing him, then streaming forth from his mouth and nostrils to poison anyone standing nearby. Due to the integral airway modifications the exhalator doubles as a respirator.

Explosive collar

Due to the vast quantity of manufacture and their simple design explosive collars do not follow the rules for tampering given for other devices (apart from being hunted by his master), but can be disarmed as described in their rulebook entry.

Injector rig

For use by suicide operatives, at least one of the doses in the injector is loaded with a virulent poison, potent enough to kill immediately due to direct systemic exposure.

Murder frame

In this modification, the operative is locked into an external power frame. Upon remote activation or manual code entry the power frame folds up, crushing the operative to death.

Suicide conditioning

This ‘device’ is anchored in the recipients mind instead of being attached to his body. Using arcane technology, a trigger phrase is implanted in the suicide operatives mind. Hearing it will cause the operative to kill himself by swallowing his own tongue, stopping to breathe, or shutting down his circulation.

As a side effect of the extensive psycho-surgery that makes such involuntary feats possible, the operative is also able to consciously exert an almost unnatural control over his bodily functions,


Yogis have known for thousands of years about the special powers that humans can develop with practice. These powers are commonly called the Siddhi powers. Yogi Masters interested in the Spiritual development of their students will caution them to ignore these powers if, by chance, they should acquire them in the course of their training. This is because becoming absorbed in such special powers makes any further Spiritual advancement impossible.

These are the primary Siddhi powers:


Parkaya Pravesh means entering one’s soul in the body of some other person. Through this knowledge even a dead body can be brought to life.


This special power allows a person to neither feel hungry nor thirsty and allows him to remain without eating food or drinking water for several days at a stretch.


This special power allows a person to be unaffected by change of seasons i.e. by summer, winter, rain etc. A person can sit in the snow or sit in fire and feel no effect.


This special power has to do with changing the size of your physical body [shape shifting] from very small to very large.


This special power allows the person to quickly travel from place to place by flying.


This special power concerns the ability to acquire great wealth which is a primary desire of the elite ruling class.


This is the special power of Alchemy, i.e., transforming one substance into another.


This is the special power to bring the dead back to life. It has now been replaced by cloning.


This is the power to overcome physical distances. It is an altered state where space and time have no effect.


This is the ability to get anything you want - rulers love this one.


This is the ability to defy the laws of nature [physics] and do unexplainable and "impossible" things.


This is the ability to put other people under your control [similar to hypnosis].


This is the ability to get anything you want anywhere you want and is sort of a master power including many of the other special powers.

He can "turn on" these special powers by a combination of hyperbaric oxygen and special ultrasonic frequencies. This makes all the years of difficult yoga practice unnecessary.

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