WIdening Gyre #6 = a whole lot of WTF

   You know how some times when you buy a comic, and the art is a little weird or the writing is sub-par and you kind of wish you hadn't bought it yet can still read it and be happy anyway? Well, Batman: The Widening Gyre #6 is a little worse than that. 
    When this comic came out I heard a lot of bitching about on different sites, Comics Alliance even went as far to call it "  the worst of the worst  ".  I thought this was an over-exaggeration, comic fans nitpick all the time, just looking for anything out of the norm for a character and then blasting it. And then I bought the book to actually see what everybody was so flustered about: 
Batman had a "BLADDER SPASM

That's right. The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader, peed in his pants. According to Kevin Smith at least.  Here's the proof:    


Yep. He pisses himself and then tells other  vigilantes about it. To be fair, he's telling this guy Baphomet about his first night as Batman (the dinner-fire scene from Batman: Year One) and how he apparently was also suprised when he set a dining room on fire. Oh, but that's not the only thing he tells some new, random person he knows nothing about. He also reveals his identity, introduces him to Silver St.Cloud who is his fiance at the time, and even shows him where the Batcave is. Cause y'know, Batman totally trusts people like that. 
So some more of this issue has Batman and his fiance being all lovey-dovey and stuff:


(for some reason Bruce tthinks she's a robot?) 
After they make up; we learn that Silver refers to Bruce as "DeeDee". You might say "that doesen't make any sense', but luckily Silver explains:


That's right, this classy individual has a nickname for Bruce based on the number of orgasms they had.  
And the gross part is, she's saying this to Alfred. Alfred . Who is like a parent to Bruce. Yeah, ew.
So, getting back to this wonderful story; we again see that Baphomet guy again, but guess what? He's not really a vigilante, he's a villain! Oh Snap! 
Naturally this is a Batman book, so you can't trust anybody. Especially ramdom guys in weird masks.  
But wait, there's more! To add insult to injury, not only is this guy a villain, he's a murderous one. And guess who he kills? Yep, Silver St.Cloud. Now Batman is alone, has his identity compromised, and telling embarassing stories to random guys.

Thank you Kevin Smith, thank you very much.

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