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The Beginning and Manticore

Chase was genetically engineered, and carried to term by a previous genetically engineered women named Max Guevara as known as X5-452. He was a second generation created for a secret government super soldiers program called "Manticore", then located in Gillette, Wyoming. His mother was one of the last X5 soldiers that didn't die from a later unknown side affect of that made their DNA unstable aging them rapidly, once her fellow X5 started dying off she rushed to find a cure and ended up getting recaptured by Manticore and was soon experimented on to find out why she wasn't affected like the other. So using her DNA as a new base scientist engineered a new child and implanted him into to her, thus creating the first and only X6 super soldier which in turn lead to Max's death. As with almost all Manticore's soldiers, Chase has a bar code on the back of his neck, with his identifying number sequence (1303338000000012). He is an X-6 model and is thus referred to as X6-012. Chase Guevara is the name that he gave himself after finding out his mother's last name.

the barcode on Chase's neck

all X5's are human/animal- transgenics hybrids, or Chimeras. They were genetically-engineered at Manticore's highly advanced genetics labs by splicing together genetic samples taken from numerous superb human specimens with a sample of feline DNA, most probably taken from a member of the Leopard or Tiger family. After the bio-engineering and in-vitro work was performed the X5 embryos were implanted into surrogate mothers, a group of young women who carried the super soldiers to term in exchange for a considerable sum of money provided by Manticore. After birth the X5s were immediately taken from their mothers and placed into the care of Manticore handlers. As the X5s matured and grew, they endured rigorous and brutal physical, mental, and psychological training intended to supplement their superior abilities with advanced special forces training.

X-5R and only X-6 in class

Although outwardly he appear to be ordinary humans, Chase possess abilities that far surpass the human norm. Though feline DNA isn't the only DNA that is used to enhance the X6 physical combat abilities. Chase also has a fusion of a rachnid DNA which granted him superior strength, speed, stamina, reflexes, agility, and durability as well as exceptional night vision and greatly improved olfactory sensation and auditory perception capabilities. But also it grants him a danger sensory (spider-sense) and ability to cling to almost any surface, and he can also create organic webbing that can be dispense from a gland in Chase's wrists. Combined with two-to-three decades of advanced training in martial arts, close quarter combat. sharpshooting, firearms, stealth maneuvers, infiltration, espionage, communications, languages, electronic-hacking, and computer technology, like the X5s Chase quickly grew into extraordinarily powerful and astute soldiers and fighters. Like his mother Chase is unique among the X5s in that he possesses no junk DNA, every one of his gene sequences was coded the same as hers by Sandeman, the original maker of the transgenics, for a purpose. His unique DNA is somehow related to thwarting the Familiar breeding cult's plans to become the dominant species.

For over 15 years Chase was was verbally, mental, and physically groomed in the walls of Manticore, being an an X6 he showed even more promise of being the ideal soldier even more then the X5R. Among all his peers Chase was far superior for over four years he stood undefeated in unarmed combat, and could hit a bulleye of a target with a sniper riffle from over 350 meters out. Even though he excelled in hand to hand and markmenship, he truly shined in computer technology hacking almost any level of encryption in mere minutes. Around the age of fifteen his hacking skills had become greatly advanced to the point that he had to challenge him by going into the Manticore mainframe and pull up classified documents that not even the president know about or had clearance too. This is were he found the files of the original X5's, one persons file caught his eye the one that belonged to X5-452 the photo on file looked formilar. Unknown to him yet but that was his mothers file, as he read on he learned how twelve X5's banded together and escaped. Living on the run for over a decade, moving from foster home to foster home. The rogue X5's were caught or killed one by one , and among the last ones to be captured was X5-452. As he tried to read more on her, he hold that her file was more secure then most of the other file in the mainframe. It took every trick he know but after twenty minutes he finally cracked the encryption on the file, an d uncovered that X5 -452 was part of an experiment that led to the birth of the only X6 in Manticore to date. Yet after it was a success she was soon terminated with out even getting to hold Chase once, as he continued to read though about his mother Chase came across the name she gave herself.

Manitcore mental training

After reading all of this it took some time to sink in, and to not show any signs of anything be wrong he continued to excel in his training as he tried to come up with a plan to escape Manticore like his mother and the others did. Under the cloak of night during a shipment transport, on the other side of the compound Chase swiftly moved he knew that this would be his only chance for freedom for the next few months. Do to combination of him being a transgenics and the advanced combat training he had been receiving since he was a small child the few guard on duty would have been better off if they were practice dummies there for show. Hindding with the transport truck which had only gotten about halfway to main highway before the alarms were finally set off. Spot lights scrambled along the grounds trying to find the AWOL X-6, with his freedom so close the truck stopped and Chase's heart froze for second. He didn't want to go back he was done with the torture and the brainwashing he knew as soon as he first started planing to escape that he would have to fight from then on out. Right as he perpared to strike the truck started and continued on the main road, letting out a silent sigh of relief he wrapped a blanket around his body and road a few miles to make sure he was away from Manticore. While it was still moving the X-6 Leaped from the back of it, he held the blanket close to his body so it wouldn't flap in the night wind and possibly be seen by the driver. Chase's first taste of freedom wasn't what he expected it to be seeing that in his rush he only left wearing the sweats and sweater that they were issued to sleep in, along with the blanket he stole from from the transport truck. Walking along the road for a few hours the lack of food and the cold weather finally caught up with the transgenics hybrid, and he collapsed on the side of the road, lucky for him a couple in there mid 30's where headed home from their vacation when they discovered the X-6 laying on the side of the road. Not really sure on who he was, where he came from or what to was the right thing to do, the couple knew they couldn't leave him there so they took him with them and after getting him cleaned up and fed they tried to get answers on where he came from, reluctant to speak for the first two weeks Chase just stayed in the room they provided for him. Over time Chase defenses towards the Millers faded and they eventually adopted him still not fully knowing about Chases origin Tod and Samantha over looked for they figured he would tell them when he was ready.

to be continued....

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Powers and Abilities

  • Danger Sensory(Spider sense): This personal radar like unit is felt like strange tingling sensation originates in the back of his skull, warns him of danger. The danger could be something immediate, like a gun being aimed at him. Even point blank no escape and he's already gone. It can also be a punch being thrown at the back of his head or in front of his face. Or it could be something subtle, like a slippery floor or a sandwich that contained tainted meat. While his spider-sense cannot tell Spider-Man the exact nature of a particular threat, it always lets him know when and which way to move in order to avoid the danger.
  • Wall Crawling: he has a form of bio-magnetic power that allows him to increase the attraction between the molecules in his body with those of the surfaces he climbs.
  • Webbing: A set of glans in his forearms generates a sticky fuild the shoots out from a muscle controlled opening in his wrist. By adjusting the nozzle like openings in his wrist Chase can eject his web like fluid in any one of the three different ways:

As a thin, incredibly strong line

As a fine, quick-spreading spray

As a thick, tremendously adhesive liquid.

  • Night Vision: He could see in the dark using his spider-sense to know where to go.
  • Normal X-5 abilities.

X-5 Abilities

  • Enhanced strength:A X5s muscular structure is exceptionally dense and powerful. They are capable of lifting as much as three times their body weight, jumping incredible distances and heights and overpowering virtually any non-transgenic individual they engage in combat. This improved strength not only makes a X5 extremely formidable in hand-to-hand combat, but also allows them to punch and kick through doors, walls, plywood and thin metal, snap a human's spinal column with merely thumb and forefinger, knock a ordinary person unconscious with one solid blow to the head and lift and carry large and heavy objects, weapons, and combat gear with relative ease.
  • Enhanced speed:X5s can run and move at speeds that are far beyond the physical limits of even the finest human athlete. They can maneuver at speeds of at least 30kph, allowing them to easily outrun any human, and are capable of blurring, which makes it nearly impossible for a non-transgenic to perceive their movements when they are sprinting or moving at full speed.
  • Enhanced reflexes:The reflexes of a X5 are similarly enhanced and are far greater than normal. In combination with their speed, their reflexes allow them to dodge almost any attack, or even gunfire. However they have only been shown to be capable of dodging semi-automatic fire and quick bursts and when surrounded by multiple assailants armed with assault rifles or machine guns they most often are forced to either take cover or take out their attackers as quickly as possible.
  • Enhanced stamina:A X5s advanced musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than an ordinary human. This allows them to exert themselves for much longer periods of time before fatigue begins to impair them. At their peak, a healthy, uninjured X5 can exert themselves for several hours before the build-up of fatigue toxins in their blood begins to weaken their muscles.
  • Enhanced agility:A X5s agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are equal to, or in most cases beyond, the natural physical limits of even a Olympic athlete. X5s are extremely limber and their tendons and connective tissues are twice as elastic as the average human being's. They can perform difficult acrobatics such as fliping forward hand-over-hand for ten feet between a floor and shoulder-height laser grid with ease. They can also easily perform any complicated sequence of gymnastics stunts such as flips, rolls, and springs at speeds and angles that would be highly difficult or impossible for a ordinary human.
  • Enhanced durability:A X5s body is physically tougher and more resistant to injury than the body of a normal human. Although they can still be damaged and killed by knives, stabbing weapons, bullets, shrapnel, and kinetic impact, their bodies hold together much better than normal. They can withstand great impacts, such as falling from a height of several stories or being struck by a opponent of similar or greater physical strength, that would severely injure or kill a normal human with little to no discomfort.
  • Enhanced immune system and metabolism:The metabolism and immune system of the X5s is greatly enhanced. They are virtually immune to most poisons and drugs, except in very large doses, and their accelerated metabolism allows them to stay in near perfect shape with only light exercise. This also makes it extremely difficult for them to become intoxicated from alcohol. X5s are also immune to most standard bio-warfare agents and diseases and it is nearly impossible for them to catch a cold or common flu.
  • Enhanced regenerative capabilities:The X5s were engineered with a massive amount of raw stem cells in their blood, giving them and their blood accelerated healing abilities. They have been able to heal and fully recover from injuries such as gunshot wounds, broken bones, damaged organs, and pulled and/or torn muscles at incredible rates.