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Hey, hope you can finish catching up with work soon.

The place isn't the same without you, buddy. :/

Thanks for the words but i'm not in my break yet. Dont worry, i'll come back (Well i guess).

Wow! One year, huh? Why Happy Vinerversary, mate! :) Always enjoy speaking with you.

Delicious! Same here, i still remember our first talk in the Cookies Vs Cupcakes thread where there was a proposed alliance to take over the vine (Which prefered cookies) Why didnt it happen? I was ready for a invasion! But you never signed... The G Army was demolished by the mods instead of us... WE THE CUPPIEMPERORS :P.

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*steps out of shadows*


*slowly claps as I step back into the shadows*

I saw you stalker! Evan if you are a mysterious jimmy (One of my first follower and i cant remember your other account but i still vaguely remember your trolly messy face), i still love you! *Harrasment and love*.

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Anarchopanda Pour la gratuité Scolaire version costaud/ Anarchopanda For Free Education (University, etc...)Aggressive Version
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@rouflex: That wasn't specific enough. No cookie until I get specifics! >:P

But my cookie D:<. Ok well i argued with God spawn is that good enought? i want my cookie NOW </3...

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@zeroplus said:

Congratulations for the 10 000th post and Viva France :P !

I dont want to sound nerdy but in french its Vive la France (Unless in english we can say Viva, in this case my bad, i didnt know)! Oh and thanks ^_^...

Why were you banned? I'll give you a cookie if you tell me

.Well for a silly reason.

And there we go! Damn. I've been on this site for as long as you and look at my post count. *sigh* I really need to spend more time here. But something always manages at keep me away.

Btw, do posts on blogs count towards post count? Because if they do, that explains a lot, and if they don't, you are truly a superhuman.

Call me Hyperpilasy :O! The Strongest Champion of them all :D...

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@bumpyboo said:

@rouflex Aw nooooo, I made the Smurfs sad!!! :O

We aint sad you are on the blacklist that's all.

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Smurfies? D:.